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Inside KENT wedding special out now!

I was asked by the editorial team at insideKENT to write a piece for their wedding special, out now. As a continual trend from last year, I opted for vintage looks… so if you are a bride that would like to add a touch of vintage or a particular decade to the theme of your wedding then grab your copy for my hair tips.

Thanks! Loved working with InsideKENT!

Vicki Lord: Winner of Kent Wedding Awards for best bridal hairstylist.

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Eighties Hair inspired by The Wedding Singer

There are lots of aspects of your wedding to consider when planning, including what type of music you are going to choose – will you go for a band? A DJ? Karaoke? Or why not a wedding singer? Maybe you can decide by watching Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore in the romantic comedy set in the eighties called The Wedding Singer – you may have seen it, but it is a fun one to watch on  a girls’ night in – so get your bridesmaids over and be inspired…

Now, I’m all about hair, as you know, so when I watch any movie or TV, I am still always looking at the hair and thinking about the hair… and this particular movie made me think of the style above. It is perfect for anyone who still loves the eighties vibe, the attire and the hair and makeup – but it is not overkill, because going for any retro look, particularly eighties, it has to be done the right way – with subtly or it can look dated… This rocky retro up-do is slightly Madonna-circa-nineteen-eighties edge; it shows off the elegant neck and shoulders area if worn with a strapless dress, and paired with a bit of lace and diamante, the look is perfected. I’d recommend makeup that is in-keeping with the look, but again don’t go over the top – maybe add a bit of sheen, high cheek bones, glitter, or colour. This is a great style for anybody who loved the eighties the first time round, or loves the injection of eighties styles in the noughties… it adds a funky edge to the bride and is perfect if you have a groovy reception planned.


I won… again… Thank You!

I am thrilled to have won The Kent Wedding Awards again this year for Wedding Hair Styling! And not only is it such an honour, it proves that I am doing exactly what I set out to do when working with my brides… oh and they do throw a rather good party… here are some photos… For my bridal work head to

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Ohh LaLa – Love the French style

French women have an amazing sense of style when it comes to fashion, makeup and hair, don’t they? If you fancy looking as stylish, chic and sophisticated, then why not try out these stunning French hair up dos for that extra wow factor?

 The Chignon Bun: A simple classic chic bun hairstyle which oozes demure elegance. The chignon is best suited to long or medium length hair. The chignon bun can be worn at the crown, nape or the side, so therefore complementing most face shapes. For those of you with shorter hair, you need not be disappointed as there are so any fabulous bun clip-ins available. Try Balmain’s ready to wear collection they have a selection of fabulous bun pieces in many colours.

sophisticated up doThe French Pleat: This lovely hairstyle is also known as a French roll. It is a classic look that goes back to the 1940s. The French pleat is a vertical roll of hair, worn at the back of the head. It is suitable for long hair but can be achieved with mid-length hair. The French pleat suits ladies of all ages. The wonderful fold of hair is so neat and sophisticated, and this fabulous hairstyle can be worn with height at the top, messy and textured for a more fashion forward look or simply clean and tidy with high shine for a more structured formal style.

The French Braid: The French braid has always been a favourite hairstyle for many of us ladies. It’s such a versatile hairstyle that can be worn day and night! This three-stranded braid can be very practical and dressy. Whether you’re going to work, playing sports or going out for the evening. The French braid can be worn in so many ways. You can adapt long curls into a girl next door look by adding a French braid at the hairline. If you care for a more sophisticated look, try introducing a French braid into a loose curly bun. For a romantic evening style try a braid encircling the head known as a milkmaid braid or a crown braid.

For more images head to: or

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Exciting news: New Academy

It’s no news to you all, I’m sure, that I absolutely love what I do… and working with like-minded people makes my job even more wonderful. One of those very professionals is Vale, a fantastic make-up artist… we have worked together on many projects, including weddings… and after much discussion, and planning we have compiled a course for other bridal hair and make-up professionals…

By combining our skills and years of experience (lots of years… but no need to mention ages), we can offer other hair stylists and makeup artists tips of the trade and teach them what we know, so that they can do what we love… adding a sparkle to the wedding day of every single bride they work with.

The continuing professional development course at the V & V Academy is an exciting development for me as a session hair stylist and for Vale as a makeup artist… so I just had to share it – and I’ll keep you posted with more information super soon!

Winner kent weddings award

Can’t believe a year has passed since I won!

So last year has whizzed by hasn’t it? – and it was around about this time I entered the Kent Awards… And I’ve gone and done it again! I really want to win again, not because I’m competitive – because I’m not really  – But I am a perfectionist when it comes to hair… and for my brides especially, because I know how important it is that feel and look great on the most wonderful day of their lives. So wish me luck! And of course I’ll keep you updated with the competition.

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More Bridal Trends

Current trends range from chic buns, low-slung ponies, rock ‘n’ roll waves and sixties beehives.

The 1960’s messy beehive has always been a favourite of mine and many of my brides have opted for this fabulous look. Beehives ooze style and elegance that creates extra volume on top giving the illusion of height. Beehives can be adapted to suit lots of different hair textures and face shapes.

Points to watch when choosing your beehive bridal hairstyle;

  1. A round face may better suit more height with foreheads showing to elongate the face.
  2. An oval face may better suit a slightly lower beehive but be sure to wear a fringe whether its a full one or sweeping.
  3. A square face may better suit a more undone beehive with strands of hair gently falling out to soften features.
  4. A heart shaped face would suit most heights and textured beehives but is best suited with a sweeping fringe.

If beehives aren’t your thing then try wearing a low bun adorned with a intricately jewelled skull cap that sits asymmetrically on the side of the head. Check out the amazing Gillion Millions collection.

High shine low slung ponytails with deep side partings look great for a simple but fresh bridal look too. Add a lace or pearl forehead wrap to compliment the look.

If you feel more comfortable with your hair down, try rock and roll waves with a centre parting this look is effortless and soft, try adding a romantic Juliet cap veil to really set this hairstyle off.

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How can I make sure my hair keeps its volume?

Question: I have just been for my hair trial and had my hair curled, but it dropped out within a few hours. I can’t afford another trial so I’m worried that the same thing will happen on the wedding day. How can I make sure they stay in?

It is imperative that you use the best hair products and use the correct styling technique to achieve curls. Here are some top tips for curls that will look great and will retain their beautiful shape on your special day:

It is always best to curl freshly washed hair. Use a volumising shampoo and conditioner to ensure optimum styling condition at the start. Try Aveda’s Pure Abundance Shampoo and Volumizing Clay Conditioner as this will give your hair extra bounce at the roots.

Ask your stylist to dry your hair upside down as this will add plenty of volume at the roots then apply a protective heat spray. Try Reken’s 15 Spray Starch Heat Memory Styler on each section of hair before your hair is tonged. This product will really help hold the curl.

Ask your stylist to separate your hair into small sections and use a smaller barrelled tong for a longer lasting curl. The curls will be tighter at first but will drop after approximately one hour, so therefore you should have your desired curls when your special day commences. Your stylist should then pin each curl. The hair will still be warm once the curl is styled and pinning the hair after each section is tonged will set the curl in place as your hair cools.

To finish your stylist should be careful not to use firm-hold hairsprays as these may be too heavy on your hair and weigh it down. I recommend a lightweight and flexible hairspray such as Loreal Elnett.

You may not need another full hair trial but you should definitely ask your hairdresser if they could test sections of your hair curled using the different products and techniques mentioned above. If you are still worried after testing your hair you may decide to style your curls into a half up half down hairstyle, updo or a side-style so that if your curls do fall a bit flat your hairstyle will still look great throughout your special day.

On the wedding day remember to avoid touching your hairstyle as excessive fiddling causes curls to drop faster. Also ask your bridesmaid to carry a travel size bottle of hairspray in her handbag so that you can touch up your curls if need be.

Remember I recommend Aveda Pure Abundance Volumizing Shampoo and Aveda Pure Abundance Conditioner to be used regularly before your wedding day and also Aerate 08 bodifying cream mousse to give maximum volume.

Make sure you wash your hair the morning of your wedding day using a good volumizing shampoo and conditioner such as Aveda Pure Abundance Volumizing Shampoo and Aveda Pure Abundance Conditioner.

Always give your hair two good shampoos and rinse well then apply a small amount of conditioner to mid lengths and ends only.

Make sure your hairdresser chooses a good volumising product in your hair prior to blow drying.

The trick is make sure your hair is squeaky clean and not overloaded with products. This way you should find that your hair will keep its bounce all day.

beautiful bride

Multi-Colour Wedding Hair

Long gone are the days when weddings are all-white! If you have always dreamed of an ivory or white dress then go for it – but why not try adding more than just one theme colour to your big day? Do this with your hair accessories, just like my bride photographed here.

TIPS: Go for seasonal, vibrant hues that suit your character. You really do not have to go overboard with colour to enjoy a rainbow wedding – so be brave with the shades. The bride photographed opted for a simple, but spectacular ivory dress, a neutral bouquet and natural make-up, but look how those fluttery lashes match the vibrancy of the flowers and butterflies in her hair – Stunning and unique! If you want to opt for multi-colours, speak with your dress designer, hair stylist or make-up artist, as these are professionals who know exactly how colours work, which shades suit your complexion and do not clash with each other. Go on go for a splash of colour and add extra vibrancy to your big day!

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