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It’s Summer & Bridal Fever!

It is that time of year again – WEDDING SEASON. Depending on the bride, the desired date for the wedding will vary – But many brides do love a Summer wedding, especially if they want to hold some of their special day outside, even though the British weather is well, unpredictable to say the least.

So what is the right season for you?

Spring: Spring symbolizes new beginnings and it is a time of hope. It is also Easter, so those people that have a religious connection to the Christian/Church of England/Catholic faith, well this is a lovely time to tie the knot in a church or as part of a religious ceremony. Why not add a touch of theme with Spring flowers, because all white is alright, but a splash of multi-colour to your wedding hairstyle and rainbow or seasonal flowers in your hair add extra unique flair on your big day. Check out my Multi-Colour post. Maybe this is the season you both fell in love?

Summer: Summer is a vibrant, fresh time of year and a popular time for weddings, so this may be the reason why, or the reason why not to book during this time. It is a great choose if you are thinking of having a UK honeymoon too, as you are likely to have the weather. If you are certain you want an outdoor wedding then maybe this is the right season for you. Maybe you love the summer months, and you know your friends and family will all be able to have time off work or school to attend your big day, and have a significant date to your and your husbands-to-be. So strapless dresses, pale shades, bronzed skin and sandals are all possible for a Summer wedding.

Autumn: Autumn is a beautiful time of year, when the colours are amazing and perfect to help you choose wedding shades. This is a lovely time of year for photos too – and you may be lucky with the weather. It is a nice season to look forward, as Winter offers Christmas, and Spring give us new beginnings and Summer – well everyone loves Summer… so by having Autumn as your wedding season, you can add excitement to your year.

Winter: Winter is wonderful… maybe you want a winter wonderland wedding. Maybe you have always dreamt of a horse and carriage riding you to your reception, with a crispness in the air, through the streets lined with bare trees? Some people find Winter depressing and boring, so it is a great way to brighten up this season with a wedding and a great festive party. If you want ultra glam at your wedding then this is the season for you – with sparkles, elaborate hair dos, and deep, passionate colours. Everyone loves celebrations near Christmas.

Also check out my blog from earlier this week on tips on choosing your perfect wedding date.

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Erm, What Date?

So he has got down on one knee, or maybe you proposed to your beloved?  –  You have shared the news with all of your friends and family, on Facebook, and even got a megaphone and written it on a sandwich board to share your happy news through the streets of your local town… Okay, so that may be a little over-the-top, but don’t say you’re not excited! Because I totally know you are! And before you choose the dress, the cake and sort the guest list – you have to choose the best date. Here are some tips on choosing the perfect wedding date for your wedding day:

  1. Decide what season you want your wedding… if you want to wear a thick lace long sleeve dress, is a summer or warm wedding going to be comfortable? If you are planning a marquee or outdoor wedding you may want to consider a Spring or Summer date.
  2. Decide what year you want your wedding – think carefully about the pressures, time and efforts it takes to plan a wedding, especially if it is a big family affair – so bear this in mind – perhaps you want to leave a year or two, or if you are super organised then six months may be fine, or if it is a small wedding three months even. The more time you have to plan, the more relaxed you will feel on the lead up to your wedding day.
  3. Where are you thinking of getting wed? Is it a popular venue? Do they have availability? Is it on home-ground, or abroad? It is worth checking the price of travel or flights around the time of year you are planning your wedding, not to mention whether or not your guests are around to take holiday time from work, or studying to attend your ceremony. Is there a specific religious building you want to exchange vows in? Because you will defo have to call and book in advance.
  4. It may not be something you wish to think about… but DON’T book a date near your expected ‘lady’ cycle. The PMS is no fun at the best of time, neither is the greasy hair, increased appetite, pimples, bloating, stashing Tampax in your wedding clutch or having to make excuses to your new husband on your wedding night. So this is actually very important, because as a woman, I know that at that time of the month I don’t feel my best, and feeling your best is the single most important thing on your special day. So best to try and avoid it by checking your dates. It is another reason to try and remain calm on the lead up to your day to avoid irregular periods due to stress.
  5. Check in with your most important members of your guest list – because if your best friend or one of your bride’s maids is unable to make your date, then you may want to reconsider.
  6. Choose a date that is significant to you and to your husband-to-be, but that is still unique. So avoid birthdays for example, because in future when you want to celebrate your anniversaries you don’t want an event clash. So maybe the first day you met, or the day of your first kiss.
  7. Avoid any very busy holiday times too, as it is likely that the date will clash with booked vacations of guest-list members.
  8. Do you have a theme in mind? Well, think about what date may suit this theme nicely. obviously a subtle Christmas touch would not suit a July date in the UK.

If you have experience as a bride how has chosen the ‘wrong’ or the ‘right’ date and want to share some advice please email me and i’ll share your tips too!