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Winterwonderland Part 1…

The Internet and magazines are full of inspirational images for Summer festival brides, and Spring brides and Autumn time brides, but what about Winter wonderland brides? December is a beautiful time to wed, and January is ideal, because it is quiet and whilst February is still very chilly, Valentine’s is sure to add a loving glow to your wedding day.

In the UK we are always worried about the sun not shining for our big day and the outdoor photos not being a wash out, but opting for a Christmas wedding means you have the best of whatever weather comes… If it snows, it is a bonus; if it is bright blue skies with sunshine, then the contrast looks beautiful with bare trees and seasonal flowers.

So with the weather not an issue, you can focus a lot of your attention on what hairstyle to choose.

Most brides this time of the year will probably wear a lovely furry snug or soft shawl, and this is a good idea to keep the chill off them whilst walking down the isle and having their pictures taken.

If you are planning on wearing a shawl you must take into consideration your hairstyle first. For example, if you decide to wear a low side bun or back bun, then the chosen cover-up garment may cause stress on your hairstyle. If the bun is too low, the bottom of the bun may rub against your shawl then your hairstyle may become weak and fall out. So always make sure your hairdresser is aware of everything you plan to wear, as it may be worth opting for an alternative hairstyle, or catering for the extra clothing… So you could still wear a bun to the side or back, but instead of it being a low do, it can be a bun set more central.

For those of brides opting for beautiful lace sleeved dresses. I would recommend having your hair up. Most of the time these types of dresses may have many buttons at the back, which you would hate for your hair to get tangled on! Also you don’t want to hide any intricate detailing of the dress! You could opt for hair to be swept to the side if you feel uncomfortable with all of your hair up!

Brides choosing a high necked dress can try wearing the hair up as high as possible to create height this will elongate the neckline and make you feel tall and slender!

There are some beautiful crystal skull caps, mini top hats and bride cage veils available, so try adding a more elaborate head dress to your hairstyle keeping the jewellery simple, as you may find flowers are more limited this time of the year.

I am getting so festive it is crazy… just on the train to a corporate job, doing the hair of ten clients for their Christmas do at Kingsley Napley. Vicki x 

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Bridal Hair Inspiration

Poppy was a beautiful bride, and it was a pleasure to do her hair… as you can see there is a massive amount of volume… and this my friends was achieved with about two wonderful cans of the fabulous Batiste dry shampoo, and Foxy Locks extensions.

I won award for best bridal hairdresser for London and the South East

I have shouted about this since Monday – I can’t believe it, I am so honoured to be the best bridal hairdresser for London and South East – wow… The Nationals was a fun night, and I wore signature black, my sleek bob and of course my supportive (not to mention gorgeous) husband on my arm… I literally am so grateful for my brides and all of my clients, it is so lovely to be recognised for some thing you do, especially when I love working with hair – this is all the cherry on the cake. Maybe it is this passion that shines through my work, who knows, but I promise that I will keep on learning new and wonderful ways with hair so that I can continue to deliver for all of my brides and clients… I know GUSH GUSH GUSH – but completely blown away – fab week.

Thanks again

Vicki x

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Beautiful Bride Inspiration

Every bride inspires me…. because each time I work with brides, I realise even more so that each woman is different in what they want for their special day… each one very unique in their hair choices too, and often I find that brides want a style that is completely different to the way they usually wear their hair…

Check out one of my beautiful brides photographed above… She combines the stunning structure of the Marcel wave, often worn over one shoulder by brides, we decided on it falling over both of her bare shoulders… this compliments her super sexy, super glam low cur wedding dress, mainly because it is off the shoulder and symmetrical. The slide in her hair is subtle and picks up on the intricate beading and detail of her dress… And because her dress is so detailed, the simple but perfect hair really sets it off. Her dark hair matches her defined dark eyes and eyebrows and as her hair lightens towards the dress, the softens the whole look.

This is an ultra glam, sexy bridal look, that really combines the modern woman with the vintage vibe.

Be inspired by other brides!

Vicki x

Behind the Scenes of Beauty Bridal Shoot

Okay so not all of my work is glam… there is a lot of juggling and project management and planning involved and training others, plus staying in touch with what’s going on in the hair and beauty industry myself… and a part of this is working with great professionals including wedding suppliers, and photographers. I am always ding photo shoots too – many I am booked for, others involve collaborative creation between my team and others. Here are some behind the scenes images from a shoot I did a couple of days ago at my home based studio with two lovely models, a great makeup artist, Nicola, and a fab photographer, Darren Brade.

The models are wearing Gillian Million hair accessories, which are absolutely stunning… can’t wait to show you all the final photos.

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Bridal chop prior to the big day…

The amount of brides that spend months, years even trying to grow their hair for their big day is very common indeed… but actually it is becoming more a thing of the past… not because brides are opting for short styles… because actually most women want long or glam hair for their big day, but the main reason is that their are some awesome hair extension and wigs available nowadays.

It is so easy now to add long luscious hair to create an intricate updo or a loose princess look.

One of my recent brides came to me to have her hair cut and here are the before and after images, plus a gorg image above of her on her wedding day.

This style is perfect for Holly’s face. Unlike the longer do, that drags her face down, this crop frames her features, making her eyes look bigger and it shows of her elegant neck too… I love it!


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Blog on Hitched Website

As featured on hitched.ieLoved working with to create these funky vintage looks…

Retro is cool, and sassy, and if that matches your personality, it is likely you are going to want to add a splash of vintage to your wedding day… And what better way than to go for a hairstyle inspired by a past era! Here are three classic vintage looks with a modern edge…. Plus a tutorial for the most popular vintage style among modern brides – The marvelous Marcel wave:

eighties hairRocky Retro up-do: This adds a rocky, slightly Madonna-circa-nineteen-eighties edge; it shows off the elegant neck and shoulders area if worn with a strapless dress, and paired with a bit of lace and diamante, the look is perfected. You can add shimmer and sparkle to the makeup – but keep it subtle so the look remains elegant.

Marvelous Marcel Wave: An era that is very popular, probably because of television series such as Downton Abbey, is the thirties and forties, and this is an overall style that celebrities have been emulating on the red carpet for years, because it is super feminine, glamorous and elegant. Image above.

Retro beehive

Sructured Beehive: A sophisticated sixties style that adds height to the bride, and looks stunning with a vintage net hair accessory, or you could embellish this beehive with a sparkly band for a dramatic effect.


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Collection of the Day

Hairdresser Journal published the Queens’ shoot as the collection of the day… check it out – CLICK.

Vicki x

Hair: Vicki Lord (
Makeup: Jo Freeman (
Nails: Kelli Waldock (
Models: Satu Suominen and Rosie Williams

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Ascot hats v Ascot Hair

One of the biggest dilemmas that ladies attending Ascot face is thinking what hat they should wear and how they will wear their hair on the day. Hat hair is not a sought-after look, it fills us all with dread. Choosing a hat to suit your features is quite an art but choosing a hairstyle to work perfectly with your hat is just as tricky… Whether you are looking for a big hat that really makes a statement or a funky fascinator that makes you stand out from the crowd remember that your hairstyle is just as important. So to help you choose, here are some style tips on how to wear your hair to perfectly compliment your hat choice so that you can be left enjoying the races and not worrying about bad hat hair.

Wide brimmed hats can compliment longer length hairstyles beautifully. Try wearing your hair down with loose waves or alternatively straight but with lots of volume and the ends tucked under. Use Aveda Purescription Volumising Tonic to give your hair that extra bounce and then finish off with L’oreals Elnett hairspray to secure in place.

The ‘Cloche Hat’ is a fashionable throwback of the 1920’s style and is very much in vogue with Great Gatsby having returned to our cinema screens not so long ago. This stunning hat suits shorter bobbed hairstyles. Dress your hair forward, with a finger wave for that real vintage look. Alternatively blow-dry your bob nice and sleek with high shine to really compliment this style of hat.

You can choose a hat that gives you more freedom in showing off the hairstyle you want. Percher hats are brilliant as they show off more of your hair and can be worn at a dramatic angle above the eyebrow. Concentrate on volume and body – try a low side bun to really compliment this hat. Alternatively fascinators look amazing and give that wow factor without hiding your hairstyle. Pearls and Swine make beautifully distinctive fascinators that will really make heads turn.

Racing ahead… to some general tips for perfect Ascot hairstyles

Remember to add some extra care and attention to your hair on the day so your look is immaculate and polished otherwise your hat will look as it has been placed with little thought.

Prepare your hair before the day and use a high quality shampoo and conditioner to ensure optimum styling condition at the start. Depending on which hairstyle you are going for try Aveda’s Pure Abundance Shampoo and Volumizing Clay Conditioner as these will give your hair extra bounce at the roots or if you hair is quite thin try Bumble and Bumble’s thickening Shampoo and Conditioner.

Hats will flatten hair so give your style plenty of volume to begin with and finish it off with a hairspray that will keep it in place. I recommend Aveda Pure-Abundance-Volumizing-Hair-Spray or L’Oreal Elnett hairspray to finish off the look.

Vicki x