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Batiste styling box

Congratulations to the Batiste Styling Box Winner

katrina richardsCongratulations to Katrina Richards who has won the giveaway I shared on social media last month. Katrina was randomly selected and will be sent an amazing Batiste Styling box full of loads of goodies – CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT MORE…

Happy styling Katrina!

Vicki x


Red on your Wedding Day

When you have been doing bridal hair as long as I have, you get to know about weddings, and one of the things that comes up over and again with my brides is how they can include colour into their day… Red is a fav colour of lots of ladies, but it can be over done, but carefully integrated soft reds paired with deeper shades can add the perfect colour injection to your modern wedding, without making it look too garish with red of course!

  1. Roses: Sprinkle petals on the tables, use petals as confetti, and have edible rose petals as part of your romantic menu.
  2. Ribbons: Tie ribbon in bows to add love and excitement to your invites and favours. Carry the ribbon theme through to chair covers, bouquets, and decor. Using a contrasting shade to the main accent colour avoids the theme looking dated.
  3. Flowers: Deep pink coloured bouquets may work better than full-on red with some themes… carry the colour through to the groom pins, hair accessories, and centrepieces – they will lift classic ivories and creams. Have deeper shades complimenting lighter hues to create depth.
  4. Make-up: Brides can opt for a flawless finish, with high beam shimmer; make the look pop with bright fuchsia kissable lips or a ruby red Hollywood pout to create contrast with softer eye-shadows.
  5. Attire: It is a statement to wear a coloured wedding dress, and many brides still opt for more traditional shades, preferring the theme colour to be worn by bridesmaids, often matching the groom’s cumberband or cravat… but red embroidered detail is popular, or wear a pair of nude Louboutins’ shoes with red soles for a luxury choice that you can wear again.


hair tips for festivals

Festival Hair and Return to School Hair

Okay – so these two things don’t go hand in hand – festivals and mums taking their kids to school… but it is festival season, and it is also fast approaching the return for children going to school… and I just wanted to make a point that when it comes to festival hair that whilst latest trends and fashions are important – it is actually all about the practicality of the hair… and there you have it! The link between festival goers’ hair and mums’ hair… keep it practical.

So here are my tips on doing just that… CLICK ON Tips for Festival Hair if you are going to an outdoor music or arts event this summer 2015, and for all of you mums out there planning the back to school morning routines in a couple of weeks then CLICK ON Back to School Hair for Mums

Marc Jacob’s choice of Hair for his Spring/Summer 2015 Collection NYFW

Marc Jacobs went for some strong, boxy cuts and some muted colours, big collars, big pockets, big buttons, and a strong of military… I think a lot of it looked purposely oversized and almost like young girls were wearing their dad’s uniforms… very cool! The other really cool thing about the Marc Jacob’s Spring Summer 2015 collection was the choice of hair.

At a glance the models look like clones… but this is all an illusion perfectly achieved through strong, but simple identical hair… as all the models have a variety of skin tones and features. This just proves how important the whole image is for a style to be carried off, and for a designer to always consider the hair for his/her shows.

This blunt fringed black bob can look a little harsh, but I think this was Marc Jacob’s intention, almost like they are haphazardly cut too, a little jagged and blocked dyed. I think it was a very powerful choice – because not only does it add to the whole theme, but it also really makes you concentrate on the clothes. The fringe is super long, even going over some of the model’s eyes, almost like they don’t have an identity at all! One thing is for sure if you were to sport a bold cut like the one chosen by Marc Jacobs for his models of the Spring/Summer collection 2015 New York Fashion Week, then you will certainly be noticed.


  • If you already have a bob cut, then you may opt for a black colour – but remember this can wash you out – so get advice from your colourist. You can still enjoy this cut without the colour.
  • If you have bob, and want the long, striking fringe that covers the eyes a little, but don’t want to commit to having one cut in, try a clip in one from Balmain – I use them for shoots and brides and swear by the brand!
  • Keep it a little messy by adding a tiny bit of wax, and scrunching the top layer, leaving the rest smooth, or you can just not brush the top layer properly in the morning after sleeping on it and just go over the fringe and under layer with the GHDs.
  • The cut looks roughly done, and a little bit Lego hair’ish, but I wouldn’t recommend you do this at home, often the messiest or roughest dos are the hardest to achieve, so ask your hairstylist and they will find it super easy, because it is what they are good at. Leave the scissors out of arm’s and harm’s reach and concentrate on getting a cool Marc Jacob-esque outfit to rock with it.
vicki lord hair stylist to the stars

Well ahead of NYFW with my black bob ;o)

I’m all for the strong looking bob myself, and here is me celebrating my 40th late last month with my gorgeous hubby, who spoilt me with a holiday away.

You can see my hair is not as messy and my fringe isn’t as long, but I’m well ahead of New York Fashion Week with my black bob, even at forty ;o).

behind scenes bow bunker

Avant Garde Shoot Behind Scenes

ornate hair pieceLoved working with a fabulous team last week on an amazing Avant Garde shoot with photographers Dawn and Stan, at Bow Bunker Studios, Makeup by Jo Freeman, Nails by Kelli Waldock, Dresses by Korlekie, and the models, Satu Suominen & Rosie Williams, were great and carried my sculptured masterpieces with elegance and sass… emulating the strong queens that I had based my designs on… these behind the scenes shots show hair, makeup, and clothes on the gorge models, but hold out for the final actual images – as they will be A-MAZE-BALLS! I’ll get some on soon… until then, check out these: (A special thank you to my lovely team Amy and Jacey, who both assisted me on the day too).



vicki lordvicki lord avant garde hair


viking hairamazing hair

model with mohawk sculpture

vicki lord hair stylist

spring wedding

Another amazing wedding!

I was lucky enough to have free reign with this lovely bride Sarah!

Sarah wanted me to be as creative as I wanted! Yippeee! That is a hair stylist’s dream.

I decided that a boho theme would work well with lots of flowers and butterflies, seeing as she was getting married at a zoo!! Pretty Cool right? www.aspinallfoundation.orgI love this place!

With the help of some clip-ins, a few coloured dreadlocks and extra padding I was able to create this master piece!

Sarah unfortunately was let down by her makeup artist the day before her big day – nightmare, I know! But luckily I work with some amazing professionals, and managed to get my partner in crime Lucy Jayne to work her magic instead – And she sure did! Lucy’s make up looked amazing and totally complimented my hairstyle of course.

Sarah looked truly stunning and her beauty was captured by one of my most favourite bridal photographers ever – the one and only Kerry Ann Duffy.

You know I love being part of brides’ weddings because it is amazing to share their special day – amazing – and I also love working with other creative people, like lucy and Kerry… It makes my job even more fun!

Check out my other blog about Sarah’s wedding on this post and my bridal site.

curls vicki lord

Enjoy being a woman

I love creating amazing hair on every type of woman… As I gradually build on their style, I watch them grow in confidence. It is such an amazing feeling when I see the expression on my clients’ and brides’ faces when I reveal their final look in the mirror. I was reminded of how wonderful it is to be a woman when I saw this quote by icon Marilyn Monroe…

“I’m very definitely a woman and I enjoy it.”
Marilyn Monroe

Read more at Quotes

Alice Christen


I just love the Hollywood stars of this era – and I actually got to re-create some of these looks a few years back for a Breast Cancer Calendar shot by Marcello Pozzetti… I love working on worthwhile projects like these… here is a glimpse of one of the transformations of model Alice Christen as Sophia Loren (make-up Emily-Rose), hair by me.

Marcello Pozzetti



Amazing hair on Hofit Golan

Bejeweled with Hofit Golan

Hofit Golan

I had the pleasure of working with the lovely Hofit Golan again a few weeks ago.  She looks as fab as ever in these amazing jewels.

As you can see I have styled the hair to one side, leaving the neck and ears exposed, so that the earrings, and necklace can be showed off.

This is a super elegant style that suits the exquisite jewellery, and overall feel of the shoot.

More images on my website at

Purple Yogi hair wand

I had an affair on my GHDs with a Yogi …


I’ve been an avid GHD hair straightner fan for years, nothing has compared… until recently, after I was introduced by a friend, and fabulous fellow session stylist, Natalie Shirlaw, to YOGI.

Natalie and I chatted away whilst I restyled her hair into a gorgeous new long bob, part way through our conversations, she mentioned Yogi hair straighteners, asking me if I’d ever used them before.

As already mentioned, that I, Vicki Lord, am a self-admitted stubborn and loyal GHD fan, and so my natural reply was, “Nat, my darling, nothing can compete with my GHDs!

With a little encouragement from Natalie, I betrayed my GHDs, (she’s a persuasive lady), and used her Yogi’s on her hair to finish her look… and to my suprise I LOVED THEM!

You may well be thinking, what’s so great about these straighteners that would make you stray so easily and cheat on your GHDs after years of love and loyalty!?

I’m glad you asked…

  • They were light-weight, so first tick in the box.
  • They rapidly heated up.
  • They are extremely easy to use.
  • They instantly smoothed leaving the hair with extreme shine.
  • Variable heat control from 60- 210 degrees (this is very handy whilst working with extensions, and sorry to say that it is something that GHD does not have! So extra brownie points from me there, as anybody who knows me or has worked with me would be aware that I’m rather partial to using many delicate hairpieces in my creations 🙂
  • They have an extra long lead with a swivel cable, which is very handy.  As a session stylist I’ve been known to create hair ‘art’ in many a strange place where the plug socket is miles away.
  • They have ionic technology.

Oh and let’s not forget all the funky colours you get them in, so they are easy to find amongst your black, black and more black heating appliances in your kit!!!  And they look fabulous sweety!

So I’m sorry for being blinkered Yogi, and sorry for being fickle GHD… but I’m now a big YOGI fan – it’s an amazing tool…  and thank you to Natalie for introducing it to me, I guess a fellow hair stylist would know exactly what would make me tick.