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QUICK MESSAGE: Change of NEXT Academy Dates

Hi all hair lovers, and hairstylists… Just to let you all know that the June dates for my 3-Day Classic Bridal Hair Course in Kent… BUT not to worry, as if you would like to book dates in October, there are spaces!  Head to the Academy page of my website for more information.  The October dates have changed slightly to 13th, 14th and 15th October 2015.

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Inspiring Videos on ALOPECIA

I came across these two inspiration videos of young girls who suffer from alopecia… One who lives with it, and another who has overcome it… and I wanted to share these, as I have worked with sufferers of this condition. This is why I love what I do, as I can create styles for people with and without hair, with the help of wigs. Watching these videos also makes me feel grateful, and commend these young girls for their bravery.

My alopecia story

I had alopecia and I got my hair back!

vicki lord studio

Vicki Lord Studio

Yee Pee, after much time, blood, sweat and tears the Vicki Lord Studio is complete… it is in the lovely setting of my garden and it is the perfect place  for my brides to come for consultations and trails, as well as my regular clients. 

I live and breathe all things hair, so I’m super excited about having these space for creativity like creating my sculptures.

For fellow hair stylists here are five benefits of having a home based studio:

  1. If the studio is in a cabin, the garage or a separate building to your living space then it is easy to switch off from work.
  2. There is always the perfect environment for your clients, with equipment and that important lighting.
  3.  You can claim on your tax for everything you use for this space, which is important to remember too.
  4. You are looked at as professional, and serious about what you do, and offering that bit more for your clients.
  5. You can include enough room for more than one client, so in my case my trainee can be working with somebody at the same time as me.


Vicki Lord Cheeky Photo

Oh Spicy!

You all know how much I love a sprinkle of spice in life! I have experimented with my hair colour in the past.. and I love the spicy shade of my modern bob. More than a few people have compared me to the lovely Katy Perry – and I get flattered every time – and just like my so-called doppelganger, I love to change my hair colour… but it has to be the right colour right? And once you find it, you can stick to it… because it is a commitment changing your hair colour, and it can change your whole image! So here are a few things to think about before opting for a new hue.

Consult a great hair stylist/colourist… and consider the following:

  • Consider your skin tone – does this change with seasons? If your choice of colour is likely to wash you out, but you still love it, then consider looking at your foundation and other makeup choices too… maybe a whole makeover would be worthwhile.
  • Does your colour choice suit your style? Or do you want or need a re-style too?
  • Are you covering some grey, lots of grey – or no grey? Think of what it is that you want to change.
  • Are you going for a natural colour or something more experimental like sapphire, chilli red, or even pink? If you are going for something more drastic, maybe consider a transitional colour to avoid a brassy finish, before going the whole way.
  • Have you thought about whether you want block colour or highlights, or low-lights? Maybe try on a few wigs first!
  • Consider all options: home dye kits or heading to the salon… (if you are doing a home kit, ensure you do the dye test and follow the instructions properly – or get a friend to help you that has done it before). Oh and if you are going for home kits – you may need more than one box if you have very long or thick hair. Sometimes the shades on the boxes are not fully accurate and the colour can be darker on your hair, so maybe choose a lighter shade.
  • Think about how often you may have to re-do the colour, or the roots too… a good colour and your ideal look needs to be maintained.
  • Depending on your current hair colour or natural colour, there may be certain shades that will not take on your hair, or that will vary slightly in the final colour effect.
  • Do you have hair extensions… have you thought of matching that colour? Or getting them dyed in the same colour before having them fitted/clipped/attached/glued-in.
  • What type of dye are you going to pick? If it is a home kit – then do you want a foam or liquid application? Foam is less likely to drip on to your face, so if you are a bit clumsy or have sensitive skin on your face or neck this maybe a good option.
  • Another note on home kits – which I do think are fab, by the way, as long as you apply carefully for your needs… apply in the day when you have good natural daylight, and also apply to dirty hair… because it is easier to manage and also the ‘dirt/grease’ – or natural oils are like a protective layer too. Remember you can get some dyes that are more natural in content – which you may prefer.

You see! Lots to think about! And there is still probably more too… the main thing is you are happy with your choice and safe with application… enjoy bringing lots of colour into your life and hair.. ;o)

Vicki Lord

Loreal sarah Harding Blonde Quiff Look

Loreal Commercial

Have you seen me in the Loreal Adverts?

Well, just in case you haven’t, I thought I’d show you this one… A quirky bombshell up-do… a bit Sarah Harding, it was lots of fun, and for those of you who know me… well, you know how much I love the camera!

Vicki Lord