Styling Shona’s and Lorna’s hair

I love Eastenders don’t you? And how exciting were the Eastenders Live shows last week?… I know! I was on the edge of my seat… then I got a dose of reality because obviously we are dealing with soap opera here! Actors and actresses… but really good ones, so it all seems so real… Anyway, back to hair… I got to style the always stunning Shona McGarty’s hair (Shona plays Whitney), and lovely Lorna Fitzgerald’s hair (Lorna plays Abi)… They looked amazing… very sexy sixties – you know I love my retro! And Shona’s hair was inspired by a Cheryl look – see the photos below.

eastenders LornaShona  photo[4]

bun hairstyle

Fab hair style for all seasons: How to…

Models on the catwalk often ooze an elegance and femininity that I certainly admire, and I’m always on the search for new hairstyles to be inspired by, so that my clients know that I’m abreast of trends.. but more importantly that I know what they want from their hairstyle… and often it is to look elegant and feminine, trendy, yet still in touch with their style and traditions of what really makes our hair look good and stand out.. in a positive way!

This hair style is a fab casual look that is so versatile and that will suits all seasons…   This style works best on round face shapes without fringes. The height of the bun will help elongate the face shape, the hair swept off the face looks fresh and focuses on the headband!

How to get the look: This look requires long hair, but you can try using a bun hairpiece to create this look too, if you have short hair.

What you will need: Soft bristle brush, kirby grips and pins, hair band, hairspray and serum.

Here are my ‘Vicki Lord’s’ How-to tips:

  1. Brush hair through with soft bristle brush then tip your head upside down and grab hair into a high ponytail at the crown of your head, now secure with hair band.
  2. Back-comb ponytail slightly by using your soft brush brushing the hair from ends to roots (this gives the bun great texture for a more modern and undone look).
  3. Now wrap the back-combed ponytail around the base if hair band and secure with kirby grips, once hair is in bun shape use pins to secure the bun in more visual areas, the hair pins are less visible than the kirby grips.
  4. Spray hairstyle with hairspray to get rid of any flyaways strands of hair using serum – then put on your headband. For a more daring look try colour blocking and use two different headbands at the same time. You can also make more of a statement by making the bun bigger.
Wedding image

Perfect Vintage Wedding

Louisa came to me asking ” Can you do vintage hair?” –  “I love Vintage” I Replied!

So there we have it, a match made in heaven!
After a fab consultation and Dita Von Teese as our muse, we came up with Louisa’s creation.
Louisa has naturally very fine, short layered hair so this was going to be a challenge!

So……. with a little help from some clip-in extensions, tongs, soft bristle brush and plenty or Elnett hair spray ‘viola’ Louisa was transformed into a vintage goddess!

I achieved Louisa’s look by using the old fashioned technique of creating Marcel waves!

The fantastic photographer Steve Fuller really captured Lou’s and Adam’s special day in a breath taking way!


Beautiful bride - hair by Vicki Lord

Commitment Hair

It is an absolute pleasure being a part of so many beautiful brides’ wedding days – the whole process of me meeting the bride and designing the hair style, to the trial and doing the ‘do’ on the day is all worth the energy and effort once I see them ready to commit to their future husbands.

My lovely client and friend Carly was in this very position on Friday 20th July 2012, here she is in the process of me doing her hair and her becoming a stunning bride.

Carly getting ready for her big day

Having finishing touches!

Carly wanted a soft and full volume updo. Her hair is bob length so being the hairy godmother I am, I yet again worked my magic using lots of extra hair! I also encouraged Carly to purchase a fantastic Jenny Packham head piece. I just love a Jenny Packman creation!  Her pieces are exquisite! These can be purchased online or at Teokath in Canterbury.

After waiting patiently, Carly was transformed into one sexy, hot bride! Ready to strut her stuff down the aisle of commitment…

Ready to say ‘I do!’


Get Hetti Bywater’s Award Hair: Vintage Side Bun

Hetti’s hair was based on a cross between a very sleek look worn by Keira Knightley and a loose curl up-do worn by Taylor Swift.  This look works best on medium to long hair, and a curly bun hairpiece can be used to add more volume.  Bobby Glam reported this as one of their favourite hairstyles from the British Soap Awards 2012, so here’s how you can rock Hetti’s Vinatge bun too…

You will need:

Heat defence spray, a decent hair spray, a soft bristle brush, a strong snag-free hair band, curling tongs or wand, hairgrips and fine hairpins.

1) Make sure hair is pre-washed the night before leaving your hair more pliable and less slippery.

2) Apply a good heat defence spray all over your hair protecting your luscious locks from the heat appliances.

3) Create a side parting, giving it a vintage feel.

4) Curl hair section-by-section, starting from the nape of your neck upwards. You need a full head of curly locks for this look.

5) Section off front of the hair from the crown to the top of each ear in a horseshoe shape section, keep this hair separate from the back.

6) With the remaining hair at the back, dress hair loosely into a ponytail placing behind one ear, creating a side pony.

7) Now take 1-2 inch wide sections of the ponytail and literally tie the hair into a loose knot and pin onto the base of the ponytail, continue to do this until you have pinned all the ponytail hair into a messy bun.

8) Next carefully brush the remaining curled hair at the front of your head to create a soft ‘S’ shaped wave, spray with hairspray to set the wave.

9) Gently dress the set curled hair back into the bun loosely, securing with hairgrips and pins. Be careful not to pull the hair too tight, as you will loose that sexy vintage wave… Viola, now you have a sexy vintage side bun.

See similar looks I’ve created on vickilord.co.uk