Practical Hair for Mums: tutorial!

Not only am I your Hairy Godmother, but I am also a real mother of two gorgeous girls, and up until recently I had my lovely Nana around (she sadly passed away on my birthday in January of this year), and so there was four generations of us… My mother always experiments with her hair, and I love the fact that I get to play with my daughters’ hair – they are like my own little dolls to practice on. I wanted to post this up for Mother’s Day last month… but I was super busy sorting my academy, and doing shoots and brides, but I think Mum’s should be celebrated every day!!!

It is important that all mums feel special, and well, you may have heard me say it, or you may have read me write it (you know what I mean), a million times (maybe not that many), but if your hair looks good then you feel great! It is one of the secrets of the universe… It may seem surface, but try it – it’s like magic. Being a busy working mum, it is not always easy to keep your hair looking like you have just stepped out of a salon, but here is a look that any mum can achieve super quick each morning before the school run or a day of grocery shopping… so give it a go… But make sure you also treat yourself to a pamper and re-style in a salon every so often – because you are worth it!

So the easiest most effective do for busy mums would have to be the pony with a quiff! This is a practical hairstyle that can be done so quickly and has instant impact! It’s great to be able to tie your hair up whilst you’re running about being super mum!!

How to:

  1. Section a triangle section from your temple area and take it back about 2-3 inches towards the crown area.
  2. Isolate this hair away from the back of hair.
  3. Secure the rest of the hair back into a ponytail at the back of head towards your crown area.
  4. Gently back brush the triangle section at the front  to create the quiff, use dry shampoo at root area to help create height and texture whilst back brushing, smooth the top layer of quiff tail using the back brush.
  5. Dress the quiff back towards the base of the ponytail creating as much height as you’d like and then secure with grips.
  6. Now with the ponytail down take a small section of the ponytail from underneath and wrap around to disguise grips and band.
  7. Secure with grips underneath base of ponytail.
  8. Spray with hairspray to secure in place.

Tip: For an extra sparkle try curling the ponytail! Or if your hair is not quite long enough try adding a clip-in pointy tail… Balmain have a great range!

Love from your Hairy God Mother x
Equipment needed:

Soft bridle brush, hair band and grips
Dry shampoo Batiste, hairspray Elnett loreal


coloured hair

Silver Linings: More on grey hair…

We dread getting grey hair (check out my other posts: tips for colouring hair, and grey or not to grey), often believing that it makes us look older, unrefined, or like we have let ourselves go, but the grey-hair stigma is really just in our own minds. After all, look at Kate Moss, Nicole Kidman, George Clooney and Helen Mirren, to name a few… they are growing grey with pride. Yes, they may have heaps of cash, and a hair stylist on speed dial… but even with vanity at the forefront of their decisions, allowing your hair to take the natural course of transparency is more convenient and much healthier than reaching for the bottle of dye.

I can understand why some people would rather not use hair products containing chemicals, including para-Phenylenediamine and hydrogen peroxide – these two used together can be carcinogenic – It is personal choice… Grey creeps through in different ways, it may be that you just get the odd silver strand, or it could be a case of growing grey from the roots, or even random clumps of the non-colour… whatever shade of grey you are, try these five tips to help you go grow it naturally if that’s what you choose to do:

  1. Have a re-style so that you feel well presented. Having slightly shorter hair will also mean your normal colour will grow out quicker, allowing the grey to takeover more naturally.
  2. If you have your hair dyed, you can go from block colour to highlights, allowing some of the grey to shine through subtly, so the process is more gradual. Grey hair has a different textured to ‘normal’ or coloured hair, and so it is a great idea to use a hair serum to avoid wire-locks.
  3. If you just cannot resist re-colour than opt maybe use Henna. You can also get some shampoos that reduce the yellow tinge that sometimes shows through during the growing out period.
  4. If you really struggle with the several tones of hair growing through, then you can invest in some stylish headscarves, and cute hats. You can also experiment with up-dos, like French pleats and fishtail plaits.
  5. The single most important tip when opting to grow grey is to be confident… this is your choice and you will be all the more naturally beautiful for it.
Beachy waves video still

Create your 1960’s Beachy Waves by L’Oréal Préférence Platinum’s

I loved working on the L’oreal commercials, creating different styles with the platinum hair… here is another I did for creating a 1960’s Beachy Waves  – it is fab easy look for everyday – or paired with a glam accessory – you could rock this hairstyle on a night out at a party, club or concert.

Here is the quick and easy tutorial by myself, Vicki Lord:


vicki lord

Back to School HAIR for kids

I am so glad you loved my tips on Back to School Hair for Mums, and I am writing this post, for those mums that have asked me to give them tips for their kids’ hair in the morning too! So now that the holidays are over – here are tips for mums and dads who need to do their children’s hair.

  1. Mostly boys are easy – I don’t have sons – but if I did I would probably keep a nice neat short hair cut that just needs a quick comb each morning. By the time boys get older – mainly into their teens – they will want to take more time on their hair – but when they are younger it is often left to the parents to make sure the child looks tidy. So simply keep to a nice short cut. If your son does want to be a little cooler, or on trend, then you could have the style slightly longer on top and use a mild mouse, or wax to style it. Short hair with a little product can also avoid the dreaded head-lice/nits that are common at school.
  2. With girls, again it will depend on hair type, I would choose a ponytail, bun or braids with long hair that can easily tangle throughout the day. French plaits and braiding across the front of the hair are a great way to keep hair away from the eyes. With buns, secure with a net or cage. The ponytails are probably best placed at the back, centre of the head, this way they don’t get in the way. Ponytails can fall out if they are lower on the neck, unless really secured, and they can hurt on the top of the head, especially if worn for a whole day. Also hair worn loose, can be a problem if they have sports as it can get in the way, and lots of girls have accidents with scissors or chewing gum too…. (well such don’t give them scissors or gum right?)
  3. Afro caribbean hair is best braided – obviously this takes a long time, so do it at a weekend, and it will last a while. Most children’s hair does not need product, but if your child’s hair is really curly, you may want to add a smoothing spray or product when the hair is wet.
  4. You probably only need to wash your child’s hair a couple of times a week too – and keep in mind that head lice is common at school, and so ensure you check your child’s hair regularly. YOu can get preventive spray too – your chemist can help with options.
  5. Avoid putting lots of clips and accessories in your daughter’s hair – whilst this looks pretty – it is likely they will get lost, broken or fall out – and the hair will come loose from its up-do. A good hand tie and a few plain bobby clips – ones crossed over the other will secure the hair. If you child has a fringe that gets in their eyes – think about cutting it shorter, or giving them a band to wear. Choose the hair band according to their hair type, as some can slide off sleek hair.
blackboard hair

Back to School HAIR for Mums

I am a mum! And I know how as soon as my daughters are back to school that I have to factor in a million more tasks each morning… I am talking getting them ready as well as myself… They both take after me, they want to look nice, they need their hair done too. And as a session hair stylist, I really can’t afford to have a bad hair day! As a mum, you may be thinking that you do not have time to do your hair each morning, that it isn’t the most important thing of the day… and it probably isn’t! But it does make you feel ready for anything, and great about yourself if you’ve had your hair done right? So here are some tips for mums doing their hair each morning:

  1. Get up before the kids: I know it is hard… Sometimes I don’t get home from a shoot or job until really later and so sleep is on the top of my list – but if you get up just before the kids in the morning you will have a good twenty – forty minutes to make yourself feel good… grab a shower, do a natural make-up application, then style your hair. If you need more time each morning, either avoid doing lunches altogether by paying for school dinners, or pack the kids lunches the night before, and pop them in the fridge ready for the morning.
  2. Get a good style and cut: Your hair type will depend on how easy it is to restyle each morning – so when you go to your stylist or hairdresser – make sure you tell them that you need something that you can either wash and go with, or style super easily… but do not compromise on the image that you are after!
  3. Easy ups: If you do not have time to wash your hair, scoop it up in a ponytail, side bun, or top knot and add a nice hair accessory. I would actually advise against a hat, because it is sod’s law that your will have to go in the classroom, or something that will involve taking it off and revealing your messy mop.
  4. Loose and sleek: It is pretty easy to wash, dry and brush your hair at night, and run the straightening irons over it in the morning. Make sure you add some protective heat spray too.
  5. Braid it: Braids are always a winner, as you can feasible do them really tight an neatly the day before and then wear them for a day or two, depending on your hair type… It means you get another day of your hair being wavy – just add a little shine spray or holding spray to keep the waves looking pretty all day.

You may not have heaps of time each morning, but you can still give the impression that you have made more than a little effort to have gorgeous hair!



British Soap Awards 2014: Get Shona’s Marcel Wave

Around this time last week I was preparing to work with Shona McGarty again for her night with the other UK TV stars at the BRITISH SOAP AWARDS 2014. Her make-up (by Emily Rose) was elegant and sexy, which added even more glamour to that berry-red dress (styled by Kelvin Barron) – the backless number was stunning, and the block colour elongated her curvy frame. When it came to the hair, Shona and I opted for one of my all-time fav styles… The Marcel Wave. This classic, feminine and elegant vintage wave oozes Hollywood glamour. Why not try opting for this stunning look for your wedding day? Or even for a special date or event?

How to create this hair look by me Vicki Lord:

Tools needed: Hair wand or tong, soft bristle brush, sectioning clips, heat protector spray and hair spray.

Hair length required: Medium to Long

  1. Spray blow-dried hair with heat Protector spray evenly throughout.
  2. Create a deep side parting best suited to your face shape. 
  3. Starting from the nape of your neck, work in horseshoe sections around the head, take large sections of hair and wrap hair around wand/curling tong, keeping the wand vertical as you go. Start by curling hair in one direction, then curl hair in the opposite direction at the next horse shoe section. This will help create an ‘S’-shape wave. TOP TIP Make sure you pin the curls in place with sectioning clips and allow to cool, this will create a stronger and lasting curl.
  4. Once you have curled all of your hair, remove pins then gently brush hair through to create a soft wave.
  5. Keep brushing through the hair to sculpt the wave. Once you have created your desired wave apply sectioning clips in the deepest part of the wave closest to your scalp. This helps create a nice deep Marcel wave. 
  6. Spray with hair spray to secure wave, leave clips in as long as you can to set the look.
  7. Remove clips and there you have a stunning Marcel wave! 

Try adorning your stunning vintage hairstyle with a bridal head dress to add that bridal sparkle, or for other events keep simple and pair with dazzling earrings like Shona’s.