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Winter Wonderland Wedding

There are many fantastic perks to being a winter bride, obviously brides are still going to be praying for either snow or sunshine, whichever  you are hoping for.

  • For a start brides can create a wonderful winter ambience for their special day with twinkly winter lights, rich vibrant colours, glowing candles and roaring open fires.
  • They also avoid make-up meltdown, expensive flowers wilting in the summer heat.
  • If they are very lucky they have soft sparkling snow which looks absolutely amazing in photographs.
  • Some of the other main advantages include a wider choice of dates as not everyone is rushing to get married at this time of year – as it is not conventional wedding season, so suppliers have more availability in their winter schedule and guests always welcome a winter party during festive period.
  • Brides will also benefit from lower prices across the board as suppliers will be cheaper during the quieter winter months. It is of no surprise then that brides are increasingly choosing to get married during the colder season, creating their own winter wonderland of love and romance.

It is a given that every single bride wants to look beautiful on her wedding day and whilst some may argue that winter hairstyles do not differ that much from those in other seasons there are some things you really ought to consider for winter wedding hairstyles. Here are my top tips:

  1. Looking radiant in the winter will take some extra work and care, however armed with the right products, preparation and mind-set the bride can look perfect even in the windiest weather.
  2. Winter weather plays havoc with hair and causes it to dry out and become frizzy especially in cold, less humid climates. Moisture is sucked away from your locks causing hair to become static so it is best to use a natural bristle brush or a wide tooth wooden comb. I recommend Bristle Brush.
  3. In the leading months to the wedding I recommend choosing a deep conditioning treatment to keep the hair and scalp moisturised. This needs to be religiously applied to the locks frequently to feed and nourish the lengths and ends. It might seem painstaking to do this but it really doesn’t take much to implement this into a beauty regime and will make all the difference on the day.
  4. For strong and glowing locks on the wedding day instead of a frizzy and flakey finish I recommend using Aveda’s Damage Remed Intensive Restructuring treatment, which deeply penetrates to help repair, seal and smooth even the most damaged hair. Using the power of pure plant oils and quinoa protein, it restores health, silkiness and shine.
  5. Kerastase, Serum Nutri-Sculpt is also an amazing lightweight serum that makes hair soft and shiny without looking oily and helps with split ends.
  6. For fine hair use treatments, but stay away from the hair roots.
  7. Winter brides also need to think about their natural hair texture and type more than summer brides. I strongly recommend that brides let their hair be itself and try and work with the hair’s nature instead of fighting against it. Hair can to a degree be forced into unnatural shapes, but with cold winds and air, along with the steam and heat of building curls will creep up and fine, straight hair will be more prone to drop the curl.
  8. Updos are great for attempting to tame unruly hair and are more likely to withstand climate changes, because the hair will be neatly tucked into a beautiful style that won’t budge throughout the day.
  9.  Use premium products on the hair to avoid hair disasters on the brides’ special day.
  10. Hair products will vary depending on the style but for curls I recommend a good volumiser such as Aveda volumising tonic or Bumble & Bumble – Defrizz as an anti-frizz. I also recommend the hairstyle is set with a good helping of a good quality hairspray such as Loreal Elnett to ensure it doesn’t loose shape.
  11. Most brides at this time of the year will probably wear a lovely faux fur stole or shrug to keep the chill off them whilst walking down the aisle and having their pictures taken outside. Brides considering a shawl consider that if wearing a low bun at the side or back this may mess up the hairstyle. If the bun is too low, the bottom of the bun may rub against the stole making the hair looking windswept and wiry, weakening the hairstyle and causing it to fall out. So hairdressers please ask your bride what they plan to wear and include it in your decision making.
  12. Many brides go for heavy luxurious fabrics when choosing their winter wedding dress and these may have many buttons at the back which you would hate for the hair to get tangled in. I would recommend having your hair up if you are going for this option, so the intricate detailing on the wedding dress can be shown.
  13. Brides choosing a high necked dress should try and wear their hair up as high as possible to create height, this will elongate the neckline and make them feel tall and slender. Or opt for hair to be swept to the side with all the hair up and have a few loose strands to frame the face.
  14. Winter brides can indulge not only in rich colours and fabrics but plenty of sparkle too. As the winter light fades and crisp cold night falls a winter bride will look stunning with a glitzy hair accessory.
  15. Flowers may be a little more limited at this time of the year but brides can experiment with feathers, diamantes and beautifully coloured jewels. These days brides have a wide range of hair accessories from headbands, combs, tiaras, fascinators, skull caps or hair pins… there is something for everyone regardless of whether you want an extravagant statement piece or a more simple accessory.




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Festival Hair and Return to School Hair

Okay – so these two things don’t go hand in hand – festivals and mums taking their kids to school… but it is festival season, and it is also fast approaching the return for children going to school… and I just wanted to make a point that when it comes to festival hair that whilst latest trends and fashions are important – it is actually all about the practicality of the hair… and there you have it! The link between festival goers’ hair and mums’ hair… keep it practical.

So here are my tips on doing just that… CLICK ON Tips for Festival Hair if you are going to an outdoor music or arts event this summer 2015, and for all of you mums out there planning the back to school morning routines in a couple of weeks then CLICK ON Back to School Hair for Mums

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Setting up your own Studio

Hairdresser’s Journal published my tips for setting up a home salon… Read them here: CLICK, or below…

Ten Top Tips on Launching a Home Studio

Vicki Lord has nearly thirty years of experience as a session and bridal hairstylist and this year she has set up her own home-based studio…. Here are ten tips on how you could do the same:

  1. Plan

Just like you book in trials for your clients, or sketch out ideas before a VIP session booking, your home studio needs this same type of TLC… because planning is everything! Planning can include writing the pros and cons for having a home studio, as well as listing the equipment you think you will need, and how you want the studio to look. What is it that you need the studio for? Who will visit? Existing clients? Brides? I use my studio for bridal trials, session styling, shoots, training my staff, and providing small group Habia-approved courses via my academy. Discuss your plans with your family and partner, because remember it is their home too, so you all need to be happy.

  1. Funds

A big part of the planning is budgeting. Ensure that you can allocate some funds to setting it up – yes, there will be some outlay, but with your home studio you can offer your clients more and it will cut down your travel and hire costs too, plus as it is work related, much of what you do and set up for operating your business will be tax deductable. Your accountant will be able to tell you more about that part. Try to be realistic with your budget, making it clear what is essential to your home studio, and what can hold back on until you look at your numbers at the end of the project.

  1. Place

My home studio is based in my garden, which is perfect – because it gives me that physical separation from my home life and work life. It did mean that my husband and I had to change our outdoor space to accommodate the studio. The other benefit is that there is a separate entrance for my clients. You need to think carefully about where in your home is best suited to a studio space, a place that is big enough, and that is ventilated… (Especially if you use a lot of hairspray!) Maybe you have a garage that you can convert, or an outbuilding that can be converted. You may need to apply for some conversion or planning permission, and whilst this all may feel a little daunting initial, if you plan properly you will have your home studio up and running before you can say ‘snip.’

  1. Warm

As soon as you decide where your studio will be, before you get to the fun part of decorating and kitting it out with all of your equipment, you have to think about the shell of it! Is it going to be warm enough for you to work in and for your clients to feel comfortable? Ensure that your studio is well insulated and double-glazed – you want your clients to have the best experience under your care and with your services as possible.

  1. Brand

Is your studio going to reflect you, or are you going to re-brand? Think about your business as a whole, if you have new business cards and a new website, then make sure that your potential clients and existing customers know that it is still the same ‘you’. The brand needs to also show in the décor of the studio – whilst this is at your home, it is important that the taste is neutral, so that it caters for all clients’ tastes. You will need to ensure that you have the necessary equipment i.e. the big mirrors, bright and mood light options, swivel chairs, comfortable waiting chairs and plenty of plug sockets.

  1. Share

Okay so now that you have a fabulous home studio, what comes next? Well, you have to tell people about it. Share the news on social networks, and ask your friends to share it too. You can get some discount or offer leaflets printed and post them in the letterboxes of your neighborhood to encourage new bookings.

  1. Safe

Is your new studio secure? Even if it is attached to the house, you want to make sure that you have either a security camera or automatic sensor light, and definitely adequate locks on your doors and equipment and data. Treat it as you would if it were a high-street salon. Make sure that your insurance gives you the correct cover; both for the contents, the building and the fact you are working with people from your home.

  1. Clean

Word of mouth is the biggest form of publicity for small local businesses, and you want people to say nice things about you and your new studio… so hygiene is a must, for obvious reasons, as well as wanting to maintain a good reputation. Always have cleaning products, as well as a floor brush and regularly clean dustbins and keep the windows and mirrors polished too. It is vital that at the planning stages that you get good, reliable plumbing installed by a registered plumber, for washing hands as well as hair. You may also opt for toilet facilities or clients can use a downstairs cloakroom in your home.

  1. Chill

It is a big decision and business move, and a great one too, but there were times that I felt stressed when setting everything up, and juggling it with bookings, photo-shoots and mumhood… so I would advise taking a breather if you need to, try not to let it get you down, and try to remain positive and patient. Remember if you set out a thorough plan and try your hardest to stick to that, as well as to the budget then even the more challenging times won’t be that bad!

  1. Launch

Don’t get so caught up in all the business side of things that you forget to celebrate your achievement. Make sure you take photos, invite a few friends and family over for nibbles and drinks and even cut the ribbon before you let anyone get a glimpse of your brand new studio.

Congratulations and good luck with your new venture of working from home!

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Summer Loving Hair

I love the summer – yes I know we don’t always get the best weather – and well unexpected rain is  a big NO NO for keeping your hair lovely and in its style, and the sunlight can cause damage – but rain or shine you can still have lovely hair this summer with these tips:

  1. Carry a cute hat just in case it rains. Or a think on-trend Alice band so that you can sleek you hair back neatly.
  2. Use a heat protector product on your hair so that it does not get sun damaged or look dry.
  3. Try a braided look, as this is tidy perfect for the pool on holiday and lasts well.
  4. Go a shade lighter if you are into colouring your hair – but get it done professionally or use a decent product – bleach and sunlight are not friends.
  5. If you find that your hair is very damaged this summer from the sea, wind, sun, swimming pool etc, and you don’t want to dry dreadlocks then ensure you brush gently and gradually, whilst holding the hair above the brush, and brushing from tips to scalp, not yanking from roots. Use a conditioning product – but also wash any sea or sand or chlorine out of your hair with a gentle shampoo. If you do end up staying in the shade or inside for a day or two then don’t wash, allow your hair some breathing space.
  6. To keep the hair looking as great as possible and in good condition get it trimmed regularly through the summer weeks.
  7. As it will be getting lots of sunlight avoid too much heat equipment unless you are heading off to a party or special occasion. Instead towel dry and comb through gently.
  8. Top knots and buns, as well as braids (as mentioned above – check out this Post on how to create an on-trend braid,) are great for keeping cool during the sunny days, and looking neat during the summer rain… make sure you tuck those tips in to avoid exposure to the sun – the tips of the hair get dry and damaged so easily.
  9. If your long hair is getting annoying and hot, then consider having a re-style – maybe shorter, or thinned out so the hair is lighter. I love how Katy Perry is always changing her hair and is not afraid to go short or dye it a colour colour… but don’t wear a wig unless you have to as these can be very hot and uncomfortable. Wig-wearers may instead opt for a very nice, floral or on-trend head scarf.
  10. Check out my Festival Hair Tips from last year!
insidekent wedding special

Inside KENT wedding special out now!

I was asked by the editorial team at insideKENT to write a piece for their wedding special, out now. As a continual trend from last year, I opted for vintage looks… so if you are a bride that would like to add a touch of vintage or a particular decade to the theme of your wedding then grab your copy for my hair tips.

Thanks! Loved working with InsideKENT!

Vicki Lord: Winner of Kent Wedding Awards for best bridal hairstylist.

Happy Chinese New Year Hair

Not everybody celebrates Chinese New Year… I don’t really, but I have seen a lot of posts on social media since last week and thought I’d jump on the horse too… or the Goat in this case… as it is the year of the Goat/Sheep/Ram… Bah Bah… that was my impression of a sheep – good eh? Anyway here are some nice hair ideas for Chinese New Year…

  • Put a simple bun in your hair, and cross a pair of chopsticks through it to add an oriental touch to your look. It is also a great way of holding the bun in place. Wear it with a simple line of black kohl under your eyes or a little bit of red lippy. Keep it subtle though, you don’t want to go over the top geisha girl. Also choose pretty chopsticks not the plain brown or wooden ones you eat your sushi with ( yes, I know sushi is Japanese! but you know what I mean). I quite love the red Star Wars chopsticks available at Amazon. May the force be with you!
  • Oriental hair is great to work with, often very straight and very shiny, so to achieve this look, use a good shampoo and conditioner for your hair type, apply protective heat spray, and use a good straightener like GHD or Yogi all over, and give your hair a sleek finish with a shine serum.
  • Red is a lucky colour at Chinese New Year, so you may want to head to your salon for some highlights, lowlights or a full crimson look for extra luck!
  • Considering it is still chilly weather, you could go with the whole year of the Sheep thing, and wear a really cute woolly hat… They have a great selection at . Wear your hair loose beneath the hat, to create a feminine look, or with a side braid like the Disney characters in Frozen.
  • Chinese New Year traditionally is a time to get rid of the old and bring in the new… so any fun, funky hair style you have always fancied having – now is the time to try it.

Marc Jacob’s choice of Hair for his Spring/Summer 2015 Collection NYFW

Marc Jacobs went for some strong, boxy cuts and some muted colours, big collars, big pockets, big buttons, and a strong of military… I think a lot of it looked purposely oversized and almost like young girls were wearing their dad’s uniforms… very cool! The other really cool thing about the Marc Jacob’s Spring Summer 2015 collection was the choice of hair.

At a glance the models look like clones… but this is all an illusion perfectly achieved through strong, but simple identical hair… as all the models have a variety of skin tones and features. This just proves how important the whole image is for a style to be carried off, and for a designer to always consider the hair for his/her shows.

This blunt fringed black bob can look a little harsh, but I think this was Marc Jacob’s intention, almost like they are haphazardly cut too, a little jagged and blocked dyed. I think it was a very powerful choice – because not only does it add to the whole theme, but it also really makes you concentrate on the clothes. The fringe is super long, even going over some of the model’s eyes, almost like they don’t have an identity at all! One thing is for sure if you were to sport a bold cut like the one chosen by Marc Jacobs for his models of the Spring/Summer collection 2015 New York Fashion Week, then you will certainly be noticed.


  • If you already have a bob cut, then you may opt for a black colour – but remember this can wash you out – so get advice from your colourist. You can still enjoy this cut without the colour.
  • If you have bob, and want the long, striking fringe that covers the eyes a little, but don’t want to commit to having one cut in, try a clip in one from Balmain – I use them for shoots and brides and swear by the brand!
  • Keep it a little messy by adding a tiny bit of wax, and scrunching the top layer, leaving the rest smooth, or you can just not brush the top layer properly in the morning after sleeping on it and just go over the fringe and under layer with the GHDs.
  • The cut looks roughly done, and a little bit Lego hair’ish, but I wouldn’t recommend you do this at home, often the messiest or roughest dos are the hardest to achieve, so ask your hairstylist and they will find it super easy, because it is what they are good at. Leave the scissors out of arm’s and harm’s reach and concentrate on getting a cool Marc Jacob-esque outfit to rock with it.
vicki lord hair stylist to the stars

Well ahead of NYFW with my black bob ;o)

I’m all for the strong looking bob myself, and here is me celebrating my 40th late last month with my gorgeous hubby, who spoilt me with a holiday away.

You can see my hair is not as messy and my fringe isn’t as long, but I’m well ahead of New York Fashion Week with my black bob, even at forty ;o).

hair website

Pro Hair Column

For those of you that like my blogs... firstly thank you for always checking out what I am up to and the tips I have to share, secondly, I am also offering some advice on Next Root Style as a professional hair stylist… it is great to work with a fresh site that is all about hair… here is my profile page: CLICK.


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What to do with leftover Hair Conditioner

Christmas is done, as is New Year – and when it comes to early January you may be thinking of all of that food you ate… YUM! Including those leftovers?

So the whole leftover thing got me thinking… you know when you have that bit of conditioner left in the base of the tube or bottle? And whilst I do all I can to use it up, I am just as guilty as the next person of moving on to a fresh bottle – maybe a new conditioner of my fav brand, or a Chrissy pressy that someone has given me… Sometimes there are two or three bottles lurking around… if you are often guilty of the same conditioner abandonment then you may want to use it for other stuff…  here are some ideas:

  1. Mix it with some raw, coarse sugar and use it as a body scrub.
  2. You can use on your legs as a shaving cream, but this can clog up the razor, so keep rinsing – leaves the legs smooth though, especially if you are not a waxing fan.
  3. It can be used to condition your nails, just dap on a little bit, and massage into the cuticles.
  4. Use small amounts on a leather handbag or shoes to add shine and nourishment to your accessories.
  5. After all of those parties over Christmas you may have a touch of hard skin on your heels, so use the conditioner to rub into these areas on your feet, and leave on with socks for a few hours before rinsing.

I love all stuff to do with hair – so no wasting those hair products – if you don’t want to use for any of the above, then you can opt to use your leftover conditioner as a leave-in conditioner, especially if you have had a wild party up-do, with lots of products and back-combing – this will give your hair the TLC it needs.

Thanks, Vicki x

You Bleach

I have had a great year of working with celebs, VIPs, gorgeous brides, great brands, as well as writing for bridal and fashion mags, one including British Mode… And an article I had published in the summer for them seems relevant now… bleaching is a bold look, but still very much on trend, especially with the likes of Gwen Stefani having rocked it for years, and now Rita Ora, not to mention the connection with icon stunners such as Marilyn Monrow and Bridget Bardot… I reckon that a striking snow queen look is great for the festive season… so can you carry it off?

Firstly, remember that bleaching hair for that lighter look can be quite damaging if not applied correctly – Here are my tips on bleaching:

Be realistic to your expectations. NOT every one can go blonde!

– Your hair colourist will advise you on the best way to go lighter. It may mean that if you have dark hair and want to go peroxide blonde, this is likely not to be achievable in one go. You will most probably have to do this gradually to achieve your target shade and be kinder to your hair.

– The level of damage done also depends on the amount of the colour change. For instance, going from a dark to a light shade is the most hazardous, as the bleach maybe stronger and possibly left on for longer.

– Adding a few ‘lighter’ extension hair pieces, is a great way to add colour but without the commitment or damage to your hair. Balmain offer a great range of ‘fill-in extensions’ so check out their new Ombré range!

How to care for your bleached hair!

– Bleached hair is very porous – And just like a sponge, it soaks up water quickly and then rapidly loses it.

– Once your hair has been bleached, it becomes weaker and the cuticles are very open. It’s important that you use products that will help close the cuticles whilst retaining the moisture.

– Be sure to regularly give your hair some TLC- Yes tender, love and care for your hair works a treat, and deep conditioning treatments are a must once a week. There are plenty of good conditioning masks out there on the market. Everyone’s hair is different so it is a case of trial and error to find the right one for you.

– Protect hair from heat by using a good heat protection product. We constantly put our hair through rigorous daily routines of blow drying, straightening, and curling – to name but a few, to create our day and evening hairstyles!

I absolutely swear by ‘Khiels straightening cream’ it is my favourite heat protection product. This product does what it says on the pot literally! It protects, smoothes, straightens hair and smells wonderful. I use it on every client of mine and the results are amazing – I just can’t get enough of it!