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Back in time with style

When you look at certain eras it is no surprise that even today that the world of fashion, hair and make-up are constantly inspired by these past decades. This is so true too, with many brides’ choice of image for their big day. The idea of transforming into a glamorous bride with the hair and fashion of another era is really exciting because it is something that most of us do not have the opportunity to do, unlike the Hollywood actresses such as Angelina Jolie or Julia Roberts, Sarah Jessica Parker and the likes of Judi Dench – all have the regular pleasure to dress up in acting roles and on the red carpet. So when it comes to your wedding day, you can literally be as glamorous as you want.

I love the photo attached to this post – of a recent bride of mine… as soon as I saw her Downton Abbey crossed with 1930’s show style dress, I instantly knew the best hair style to top her special look on her special day – creating a very glamourous, aristocratic image. So one of my top tips for your wedding theme or style – make sure if you choose a vintage dress that you match your hair style to that same era – you don’t have to go over the top with a theme – but it is really nice to have some continuity. 

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Why get professional hair done on your wedding day?

I know many women who have done their own hair on their special day – and make-up too. And more often than not they achieve a nice look – mostly simple and natural. AND natural is achievable – but remember it actually takes skill and time to get a natural image that looks effortless and that lasts an entire day – and often for the reception too.

I am all for people loving hair and experimenting with looks, but I would suggest keeping this for parties, clubbing nights, or even other people’s weddings… BUT when it is your day, the day that you have longed for, often since you were a little girl – well, it is so worth stashing an allocation of cash for hair and make-up.

Obviously I speak for the hair only, but I am sure my make-up artist friends would agree… that it is not worth compromising your look on your special day.

Here are few things to think about when deciding whether to get your hair done professionally:

  • Even if you are extremely good at hair and make-up yourself – are you going to be doing your mum’s, the bridesmaids etc too? – All on your big day? It is the one day for you to feel and look absolutely out of this world – like a princess, or a queen, or a Hollywood star – so you need to feel like one too – this is no way going to happen if you are messing around doing tasks that should be done for you on this day.
  • When I am booked for bridal, I arrive with everything my bride will need and more, including spare everything – extensions, pins etc. And I work with the latest equipment. You may not have all you need – and if you have to buy it – you may as well have allocated for the whole stylist treatment.
  • I do consultations and rehearsals too, so there is plenty of time to make adjustments prior to your big day!
  • Unique look: A session stylist can help you choose the perfect style for you and may encourage you to look at things you have never thought of… If you do your own hair, it may be a case of wearing it safe just in case! And even if you do know exactly what you want, a pro will defo do it just so.
  • It doesn’t matter how good you or your friend are at doing up-dos, when it comes to achieving certain looks, a professional experienced session stylist will always nail it and will have you feeling outstanding, leaving your friends and family wowed… and all without you sweating it! PHEW!
  • I am a perfectionist when it comes to hair and I always want the bride to be stunned and amazed with her hair – giving her a style that suits her face, make-up, theme, personality and of course her dress – so that she really can have a dream wedding. What more could you want on your special day!?

So when it comes to your wedding day you just want to concentrate on the ‘I do’ and leave the up-do to a session stylist!