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12 Hair Tips for 12 Days of Christmas

Here are twelve hair care tips for you on the lead up to Christmas:

  1. It is coming up to party time and indulgent festive food eating, but try and ensure you have vitamin C and E to keep your hair in good condition from the inside out.
  2. It is the magic stuff – water of course, stay hydrated for great skin and hair.
  3. Use a protective spray on your hair before styling it with any heated appliances like straighteners or tongs.
  4. Use good quality combs and brushes and avoid yanking your hair, especially after back combing it.
  5. Try and allow your hair some breathing space from products and heat – so if you are not heading out to see friends or to socialise then wash your locks, but let them air dry.
  6. Avoid washing your hair every day, every two-three days is good, and then you are not stripping natural nutrients and oils.
  7. When you do wash your hair, use a really nourishing shampoo and massage it through thoroughly, and rinse well too in warm, not hot water.
  8. Try a home made hair mask, like this one: CLICK.
  9. Try a home made conditioner, like this one: CLICK.
  10. Use no-snag hair ties to avoid ripping at your hair.
  11. When going out in the winter sun, or even on holiday, protect your hair from the heat by wearing a stylish hat.
  12. Avoid stress, some studies suggest that certain hair loss conditions are caused by high levels of stress – so RE-LAX!