Jocelyn Brown’s Latest Track Cover

It is one of my favourite creations… The Vicki Lord Mohawk, and it looks fabulous on Jocelyn Brown…

Loved doing this shoot…

Don’t Quit (Be A Believer) by Diephuis & EASTAR featuring Jocelyn Brown Music is the 100th release on Quantize Recordings, and launched on March 18th 2016 via

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Hair Can Flourish After a Crisis – so Can YOU!

I was asked to go on the Chrissy B Show again… to talk about hair of course… but hair in a way that can help people after a break-up.

Jeanette has suffered some difficult times, and is a survivor of Cancer… she is a wonderful women, and she shares her story after we do the make-up reveal.

There was a time when Jeanette had to wear wigs dud to her chemotherapy and we talk a little more about that too…

Chemo targets cancer cells, and healthy cells… and it also destroys hair cells. Within a few weeks of having chemo hair can occur – in patches or completely. The extent of hair loss depends on your treatment.

It is no surprise that when people lose hair that they can be shocked, or depressed… and this can worsen recover. It is a time when a lot of family and friend, as well as professional support is needed. Here are so tips for this sensitive time:

  1. Many ladies will want to cover their baldness by wearing a turban, scarf, or wig. There are so many fantastic wigs out there to try, some are synthetic, which are very light to wear or there are more natural looking human hair wigs.
  2. Try on different styles and lengths of wigs to see which one feels comfortable.
  3. Opt for a slightly lighter colour wig than natural hair colour as the treatment may make  skin tone a little paler.
  4. Ask a hairstylist for advice and whether they would be able to cut and shape the wig. Cutting wigs is an art in itself as one snip wrong then the whole wig is ruined! And that’s an expensive mistake to make!
  5. Hair normally starts to grow back after Chemo within a few months, but with very fluffy hair for the first week or two then it will start to grow back at its normal rate. The new hair may differ from before, some hair will grow back, curly, thinner, or even thicker. I’ve had some clients come back to me after treatment and their hair is a completely different colour too.

Jeanettes hair has grown back beautiful and shiny, but is a little finer than before. Jeanette has a round face shape and I wanted to create lots of volume and height at the crown to lengthen and flatter her face shape.

Watch below,

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Kent Wedding Awards for Best Bridal Hairdresser – third year running

kent wedding awardsI am so honoured to have won this prestigious award for the third year running… And I want to thank everybody that supported me. I had the best evening at the ceremony and was truly overwhelmed to receive the award for the best bridal hairdresser in Kent… Again! There was some great competition, and this makes it even more of an honour. Thanks again to all of my brides too that enable me to do the job I love day in day out.

Vicki x 


The Great Gatsby

Who doesn’t like The Great Gatsby?  The book takes you to a place of decadence and sexiness… and that movie with Leo DiCaprio just oozes 1920s fashion… the hair is gorgeous… you can check out some images on the Warner Bros website: CLICK.

And I just love doing vintage hair dos… So when I got to work with the absolutely stunning Mandy Capristo for a Gatsby event, naturally I was super excited… and here are a couple of snaps…

And check out my previous posts on creating the Marcel wave: CLICK.

mandy capristo

The Great Gatsby


BIrthday Celebration Gatsby style

curly updo

Exciting news: New Academy

It’s no news to you all, I’m sure, that I absolutely love what I do… and working with like-minded people makes my job even more wonderful. One of those very professionals is Vale, a fantastic make-up artist… we have worked together on many projects, including weddings… and after much discussion, and planning we have compiled a course for other bridal hair and make-up professionals…

By combining our skills and years of experience (lots of years… but no need to mention ages), we can offer other hair stylists and makeup artists tips of the trade and teach them what we know, so that they can do what we love… adding a sparkle to the wedding day of every single bride they work with.

The continuing professional development course at the V & V Academy is an exciting development for me as a session hair stylist and for Vale as a makeup artist… so I just had to share it – and I’ll keep you posted with more information super soon!

award winning spa

Vicki Lord news: October 2014

Lots of updates in my world… here they are:

  • Bought my dress for The Kent Wedding Awards – as you may or may not be aware I won last year – and I would be honoured to win again… and honoured actually just to be there again.
  • I have been nominated for The National Wedding Industry Awards… so if I did you hair in 2014 please vote for me! HERE!
  • The Vicki Lord team has expanded for my bridal services and so my web designer is in the process of updating my bridal site – so keep checking it out:
  • Had the loveliest testimonials recently including from Balmain.
  • I have been working with a makeup artist on a fantastic education project… so keep your eyes peeled for more on that.
  • My studio is up and running – find out more here.
  • Chewton Glen in Bournemouth want me on their extended team… which is great, because they are highly acclaimed: The Best UK Hotel Condé Nast Traveller Awards
    Most Romantic Hotel in the UK – Conde Naste Johnsen’s
  • Lots more to share so please follow by blog, or me on Twitter, or one of my Facebook pages: Session or Bridal.

Chat soon! Vicki x



dotty vintage weddings

My Marcel Wave in Dotty Vintage Weddings

Everybody knows how much I love the marcel wave, particularly for brides – it oozes elegance, and glamour – and it always looks pretty perfect…. So I was delighted when Dotty Vintage Wedding wanted a tutorial from me. This beautiful online and print magazine is a great place to head for all things weddings, so have a look around the site – after of course you have read my article ;o) CLICK.


bbc article

Hair news this week

Even though I have an immense busy schedule and a family life to balance, I do sometimes get the opportunity to check out the news – (I always have time for fashion and beauty – obviously), but sometimes the more serious articles catch my attention too!

And an article posted on the BBC website about reversing the effects of alopecia areata in suffers, caught my eye this week.

The article describes the hair loss condition and how scientists have managed to reverse these effects in three sufferers, which is amazing. I have work with ladies with alopecia, and it can really have bigger effects on their characters and confidence, and on their whole life.

The article reveals that ‘Alopecia areata affects around two in every 1,000 people in the UK and is thought to be caused by the immune system attacking hair follicles.’ And after just five months of these three patients taking the drug, saw significant re-growth.

Medication and breakthrough are just amazing, but also it can make you worry a little about the safety – the ‘Lead researcher Dr Raphael Clynes said: “We’ve only begun testing the drug in patients, but if the drug continues to be successful and safe, it will have a dramatic positive impact on the lives of people with the disease.”‘

You can get some fantastic hair pieces and wigs now, but of course most people would like the option of having a healthy head of hair! If you want to read this whole article go to the BBC website:

vicki lord pony tail

5 Head Turning Hair Styles

Every year, every runway of every fashion show display an amazing array of striking hairstyles from avant garde and radical creations, to simplistic, clean styles, all of which really turn the heads of crowds… And for a session stylist like myself, well, these shows fill me with excitement at the sheer volume of some of the styles and the sleekness of others – and it solidifies in my mind that it is the hair that adds the flair to any outfit.

At the moment for me, I think the 5 top crowd stopping, head turning styles that will continue to set trends are:

1.   Glossy wet look and swept back from face: leaving the hair naturally trailing down the back. This style gives a bold and empowered look and has been sported on models for designers Balmain, Giambaltista, Gucci, Prada and Missoni.
2.   Deep side partings, which are great for showcasing your best side and giving an edgy look that is very much entrend. This has been a popular choice for designers Rochas, Chloe and Marni. This chic look has also been seen on startlets such as Jessica Chastain, Marion Cotillard, Amanda Seyfried and Kristen Stewart on the red carpet.
3.   Retro glamour waves inspired by a vintage era – but with that modern twist, by keeping the hair sleek on the top. This has been on Bottega Veneta models and is a staple but smart hairstyle that oozes elegance.
4.   The low chignon bun – it  always manages to make its way back on the catwalk, having been an option for Rag and Bone. This makes a refreshing change from the top-knot, and gives a glamorous equestrian look that is tidy, sleek and very polished.
5.   Pony tails: Many designers send their models down the catwalk sporting all kinds of pony tail variations from sleek and straight to messy and curled, edgy wide pony tail at the nape of the neck and tucked under ponytails. The great thing about this trend is that it can be adapted by the wearer to suit their mood – Whether you seek a look that is femme fatale, Bohemian babe or amazing androgyny – there is a pony for everyone!