Jocelyn Brown’s Latest Track Cover

It is one of my favourite creations… The Vicki Lord Mohawk, and it looks fabulous on Jocelyn Brown…

Loved doing this shoot…

Don’t Quit (Be A Believer) by Diephuis & EASTAR featuring Jocelyn Brown Music is the 100th release on Quantize Recordings, and launched on March 18th 2016 via

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eighties hair

Eighties Hair inspired by The Wedding Singer

There are lots of aspects of your wedding to consider when planning, including what type of music you are going to choose – will you go for a band? A DJ? Karaoke? Or why not a wedding singer? Maybe you can decide by watching Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore in the romantic comedy set in the eighties called The Wedding Singer – you may have seen it, but it is a fun one to watch on  a girls’ night in – so get your bridesmaids over and be inspired…

Now, I’m all about hair, as you know, so when I watch any movie or TV, I am still always looking at the hair and thinking about the hair… and this particular movie made me think of the style above. It is perfect for anyone who still loves the eighties vibe, the attire and the hair and makeup – but it is not overkill, because going for any retro look, particularly eighties, it has to be done the right way – with subtly or it can look dated… This rocky retro up-do is slightly Madonna-circa-nineteen-eighties edge; it shows off the elegant neck and shoulders area if worn with a strapless dress, and paired with a bit of lace and diamante, the look is perfected. I’d recommend makeup that is in-keeping with the look, but again don’t go over the top – maybe add a bit of sheen, high cheek bones, glitter, or colour. This is a great style for anybody who loved the eighties the first time round, or loves the injection of eighties styles in the noughties… it adds a funky edge to the bride and is perfect if you have a groovy reception planned.


copperhead lucy

The life of a session stylist

I am a mum and wife as well as a session stylist – and balancing all my loves is challenging – but a challenge I welcome… Why? Well, because I love my family naturally – AND I just love hair baby! So after a short family break – in which for the record it rained for two of the days! I came back to a zillion emails, and a full-on schedule. And already this week I have beautified brides aplenty – wedding season! And I have worked with the gorgeous and super talented band Copperhead Lucy. I reckon this young band are going to be super successful… and I love working with clients that are on the brink of achieving their dream… You’ve gotta love what you do right? And with a few other fun things in my super busy schedule this week – I am working on a gorgeous TV actress’ hair for the Soap Awards this weekend – It is easy making her look red carpet stunning…. more on that next week. Until then…  enjoy my posts, enjoy the sunshine… and play with your hair ;o)

Vicki Lord

Newsroom’s Got Talent at the O2!

The Newsroom’s Got Talent show took place at the O2 on the 10th October, showcasing the talents of our best loved news readers and more importantly, raising money for charity – and I was lucky enough to be there!

I worked for Seventa Image alongside a fantastic team of make-up artists and hairstylists, and I performed my magic on newsreaders, journalists and of course my highlight of the evening, the boys from Blue! I created all sorts of looks, from victory curls to soft waves, and was there from 3pm ’til late getting the performers stage ready.

The Producer & Creator of the show, Erin O’Toole, was amazing, and the show was a great success! Money was raised for charities including Leonard Cheshire Disability and Unicef, which is really what the night was all about, and I was proud to be a part of it.

To view more information about the show, visit the Newsroom’s Got Talent website, or follow them on Twitter @newsroomtalent!

Vicki Lord

Macy Gray singer, hair by Vicki Lord


Macy Gray on stage at Koko in Camden during the final night of a world tour performing tracks from Stevie Wonder’s ‘Talking Book’ album along with her own hits.

Happy New Year Everyone!!

I hope you all had a fab time throughout the festive season.

I Certainly did! Thanks to my amazing PR – Bee, I managed to get my hands on the one and only fabulous Macy Gray and her awesome afro!!!

The wonderful and very good looking Chris (Macy’s assistant), contacted me asking if I would work my magic on Macy’s hair for her Gig in London at Camdem’s KOKO.

So Bee and I rocked up at KOKO’s on the 20th December to meet with Macy, Chris and her band.

Having run some of my wacky ideas past Chris, We struck gold on my Mohawk look dressed with flowers on the side. I set to work and I hope you all agree that she looked stunning and it totally suited her!!!!

I also created a lovely sleek chignon on the percussionist!

Bee and I were lucky enough to stay for the gig (which blew my mind) and had a sneaky drink back at Macy’s hotel after!

Macy is one of the nicest celebs I’ve ever worked with and she is not only extremely talented lady but is kind, warm and full of loveliness!!!

Bee and I had an amazing time and would love to thank Macy, Chris and Ben for making us feel so welcome!!

Macy and her team rocked and I’m so looking forward to working with them again.

LOL Vicki x

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