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Hairstyles I love for February

Okay, so you sussed me out – I pretty much love every hairstyle in some way or another…

Here are my favs for the month of love February:

  • The sleek bob – which I regularly have – it is sophisticated, effortlessly gorgeous. Uma Thurman does the bob perfectly.
  • The natural looking wave – particularly in long hair, because long hair can drag your face down, but a subtle wave adds texture, a little volume and can frame facial features. Kim Kardashian does this well, as does Jennifer Aniston.
  • The Marcel wave – is so glam, and gorgeous. I have styled this look on many brides and celebrities, and it has featured in my academy, teaching other hairdressers the style, plus I’ve done tutorials on this style in a number of magazines. I loved styling the Marcel wave on my client and friend Shona McGarty.

Vicki Lord

vicki lord marcel wave

Blog on Hitched Website

As featured on hitched.ieLoved working with to create these funky vintage looks…

Retro is cool, and sassy, and if that matches your personality, it is likely you are going to want to add a splash of vintage to your wedding day… And what better way than to go for a hairstyle inspired by a past era! Here are three classic vintage looks with a modern edge…. Plus a tutorial for the most popular vintage style among modern brides – The marvelous Marcel wave:

eighties hairRocky Retro up-do: This adds a rocky, slightly Madonna-circa-nineteen-eighties edge; it shows off the elegant neck and shoulders area if worn with a strapless dress, and paired with a bit of lace and diamante, the look is perfected. You can add shimmer and sparkle to the makeup – but keep it subtle so the look remains elegant.

Marvelous Marcel Wave: An era that is very popular, probably because of television series such as Downton Abbey, is the thirties and forties, and this is an overall style that celebrities have been emulating on the red carpet for years, because it is super feminine, glamorous and elegant. Image above.

Retro beehive

Sructured Beehive: A sophisticated sixties style that adds height to the bride, and looks stunning with a vintage net hair accessory, or you could embellish this beehive with a sparkly band for a dramatic effect.


Funky photographers

1930s Period Wedding: Featured in Love My Dress

vicki lord bridal hairOne of my brides Danyel recently got married at a Grade 2 listed mansion in Richmond Surrey,.. And it was right up my street.. well, not literally I don’t live there… the style of the wedding was up my street so to speak… it was retro – 1930’s vibe, and so subtly and elegantly done, and we chose the apt Marcel Wave for the hairstyle, which complimented the bride’s dress perfectly… well, I don’t have to go on and on, because you can see for yourself, as the wedding and all the info is published on Love My Dress… ENJOY!

Photographer – Funky Photographers

Most Popular Hair 2014

It all depends what you are into hair wise, what you think is the best hair of 2014…

The most popular Hollywood hair style asked for from my clients in 2014 has to be the side wave, for curly looks. It is stunning and has been seen on the red carpet on stars including Jessica Alba again this year, after the Golden Globes 2013. It is such a sexy and glamorous look, and I’m not surprised it is up there with the most popular.

Somehow, even if it is not festival season, this year has encouraged festival hair styles, including braids, paired with accessories – to add a touch of glam, or precision to the natural, effortless look. It is a very feminine image which is modern, and can have a retro flower power feel – but in a subtle way… lots of brides have even opted for this hairstyle.

And taking this same festival look but adding an ethereal edge – with the hair up and in a low bun, with braids and beautiful, almost fairy-princess detail is the most requested from brides this year. It is so soft, yet elegant, and adds to a fairy-tale image that many brides opt for weddings. It works with all seasons, and can be adapted to face shapes too. The flowers are lovely as fresh season choices and I am betting this will also be a popular choice next year, for 2015 brides too.

Vicki Lord Marcel waveWhen it comes to my personal favourite hairstyle of 2014, well, it is a tough one, but it has to be hands down the Marcel wave? Why? Well, it is gorgeous, elegant, retro, sophisticated and sexy. i have given tutorials on this style, styled it for shoots, red carpet and for brides… so not only is it popular for me, but a favourite full stop. Check out how you can achieve this same look on my previous post: CLICK.

vicki lord

Carla and Ed

I get blown away when I see the beautiful brides I work with ready to walk down the aisle. It is magical, and sometimes sharing the images of other brides’  weddings can inspire brides-to-be… and so here are some beautiful photos from Carla’s and Ed’s special day…

vicki lord

Spraying the finishing touches

vicki lord

Final check for Carla before she puts on her dress

vicki lord

Looking stunning down the aisle

vicki lord

A beautiful smile to the guests

vicki lord

I do, with a perfect hair do

vicki lord

New Signature

vicki lord

New Mr and Mrs

screengrab from dotty vintage

A Touch of Vintage Class – Achieve that perfect vintage look

I love working with the wedding publications and websites – sharing more of my experiences and knowledge, so that more and more brides can make their special day even more magical.

I’ve had another article published on the fabulous Dotty Vintage Wedding website: check it out by clicking here.

And if you would like to view more of my vintage bridal looks, head to my bridal site.

dotty vintage weddings

My Marcel Wave in Dotty Vintage Weddings

Everybody knows how much I love the marcel wave, particularly for brides – it oozes elegance, and glamour – and it always looks pretty perfect…. So I was delighted when Dotty Vintage Wedding wanted a tutorial from me. This beautiful online and print magazine is a great place to head for all things weddings, so have a look around the site – after of course you have read my article ;o) CLICK.