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Challenges of Underwater Shoots

So all shoots are different and that is why my job is so much fun, one second I am working with beautiful brides and the next with celebrities… and sometimes for underwater shoots…luckily I don’t have take the plunge to do the styling.

A while back I did the hair for celebs including Linda Lusardi and Matthew Letley, for a photo-shoot with Candice for Fresh2O, plus a shoot I did with Elen Rivas for a front cover with a London based photographer Robin Conway… also underwater…

It involves real skill to fashion style, hairstyle, do makeup, model and obviously photograph an underwater shoot. Photographers have to dive, and then there is all of that insurance and safety to consider, and as for the makeup, well that has to be stronger than if the shoot were to be out of water, and water resistant too – or there would be a right old mess! And as far as the models well, like the photographers they have to be patient, good at swimming, and be able to take direction well. But I only really know about the hair…

Robin Conway

Elen Rivas by Robin Conway


Matthew Letley by Candice

And so when it comes to styling hair for underwater images here are some tips.

– Create hairstyles that will be noticed, but not overpower the image.
– Use bright accessories, and they don’t always have to be hair accessories… for drummer Matthew Letley I attached drumsticks to give the illusion that they were floating in the images.
– Keep hair away from the face, braids work very well as they keep a style in place allowing the hair to flow natural away.
– Be careful of the products you use, obviously they have to be super firm holding and water resistant, but ensure they dry or if they do run that they will not sting the models’ eyes. So keeping as much of the main styling away from the eyes can help.
– Still maintain as much of your creativity as possible, don’t be scared to still give it your all, and to have fun.

Vicki x

Linda Lusardi and Vicki Lord

Candice Photography

Yes, they are drum sticks in his hair!

I came across these images from a shoot I did with Candice – photographer extraordinaire – a while ago… and yesterday I found out that I may be working with them again in September on a great project and cover story – I cannot wait and I’m already thinking of lots of creative hair ideas… I’ll keep you posted! Oh more photos on

Linda looking lush before taking plunge

Shooting went on until late!