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The glamour of getting the right photo…

I almost forgot about this video from two years ago – when we were nearing the end of a shoot – and I came up with an idea – it can sometimes lead to nearly falling on your arse – luckily it wasn’t me! This is from the cover shoot with Anna Williamson  for Holistic Therapist Magazine… proving that this industry isn’t always glamourous and sometimes you have to stand on chairs – and fall off them too!

I will be sharing how I achieved Anna’s gorgeous hair look on a future blog post – but until then – here is a giggle for you!

holistic therapist magazine

Cover Girl for Holistic Therapist Magazine

I have written for this great industry magazine before, and done previous shoots for covers – which I will blog about the looks soon… but I just had to share their latest cover. It is stunning and so pretty for the Summer Issue. The image was taken by fantastic photographer Paul Archer, and the makeup was by the lovely Anne-Marie Simak, and of course I did the hair!

They wanted a fresh, summery image, which shows vibrancy and inner confidence from the model. I love the colours of this image.

To find out more about the magazine and what is in this issue go to their website.

avo hair conditioning

Avocado Hair Conditioner

I have shared another super quick and super easy natural hair treatment with the readers of Holistic Therapist Magazine, and so if you would like to find out how super duper easy peasy it is to condition your hair with a creamy fruit then click here: It’s Easy and Creamy with Avo

Vicki Lord

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Happy Easter…

Okay so it is not quite easter yet… but I was asked by the fabulous Holistic Therapist Magazine to provide a quick hair mask recipe… and to celebrate Easter – I decided to give them a raw egg hair mask recipe – for the hair only and not for consumption obviously! It’s all about using eggs for the hair sweety, so you can eat the gorgeous chocolate ones delivered by the Easter Bunny… ;o)

Check out the post on their website

And for more on hair head to my website.