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Festival Hair and Return to School Hair

Okay – so these two things don’t go hand in hand – festivals and mums taking their kids to school… but it is festival season, and it is also fast approaching the return for children going to school… and I just wanted to make a point that when it comes to festival hair that whilst latest trends and fashions are important – it is actually all about the practicality of the hair… and there you have it! The link between festival goers’ hair and mums’ hair… keep it practical.

So here are my tips on doing just that… CLICK ON Tips for Festival Hair if you are going to an outdoor music or arts event this summer 2015, and for all of you mums out there planning the back to school morning routines in a couple of weeks then CLICK ON Back to School Hair for Mums

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What to do with leftover Hair Conditioner

Christmas is done, as is New Year – and when it comes to early January you may be thinking of all of that food you ate… YUM! Including those leftovers?

So the whole leftover thing got me thinking… you know when you have that bit of conditioner left in the base of the tube or bottle? And whilst I do all I can to use it up, I am just as guilty as the next person of moving on to a fresh bottle – maybe a new conditioner of my fav brand, or a Chrissy pressy that someone has given me… Sometimes there are two or three bottles lurking around… if you are often guilty of the same conditioner abandonment then you may want to use it for other stuff…  here are some ideas:

  1. Mix it with some raw, coarse sugar and use it as a body scrub.
  2. You can use on your legs as a shaving cream, but this can clog up the razor, so keep rinsing – leaves the legs smooth though, especially if you are not a waxing fan.
  3. It can be used to condition your nails, just dap on a little bit, and massage into the cuticles.
  4. Use small amounts on a leather handbag or shoes to add shine and nourishment to your accessories.
  5. After all of those parties over Christmas you may have a touch of hard skin on your heels, so use the conditioner to rub into these areas on your feet, and leave on with socks for a few hours before rinsing.

I love all stuff to do with hair – so no wasting those hair products – if you don’t want to use for any of the above, then you can opt to use your leftover conditioner as a leave-in conditioner, especially if you have had a wild party up-do, with lots of products and back-combing – this will give your hair the TLC it needs.

Thanks, Vicki x

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Step by step guide on how to achieve a vintage faux bob…

The Vintage waved bob is one of my most favourite looks of all times… it looks amazing for a wedding or a special occasion, and can be dressed down without accessories for day-to-day. This classic retro hairstyle look is romantic, elegant, and oozes femininity. Hollywood beauty legends Veronica Lake, Rita Hayworth, Grace Kelly, and Wanda Hendrix all sported this amazing look effortlessly. It’s even adopted by current Hollywood stars like Dita Von Teese, Charlize Theron and Drew Barrymore.

The side parting paired with short elegant face-framing curled vintage hair is extremely flattering and can be styled to suit various face shapes and hair textures.

Tools needed: fat barrelled wand, comb,, soft bristle brush, hair band, hair grips, hair pins, heat protector spray and hairspray.

Hair length required; shoulder length hair.

  • On clean blow dried hair, spray a good heat protector spray evenly throughout to protect the hair from the heat of wand.
  • Create a deep side parting best suited to your face shape.
  • Starting from the nape of the neck take large sections of hair and wrap around the curling wand, keeping the wand vertical as you go. Top Tip: Make sure you pin the curls in place with sectioning clips and allow to cool, this will create a stronger and lasting curl.
  • Once all the hair is curled and cooled, remove pins then gently brush hair through to create a soft wave.
  • Secure a band towards the end of your hair. Now tuck the band up and under your hair at the nape of your neck and secure with hair grips or pins to create a faux curly bob.
  • Smooth out the crown area of your hair and then gently tease out hair at the mid lengths of hairstyle to create fullness around the back and behind the ears.
  • Tuck one side of hair behind the ear then spray with hair spray to secure in place.
  • Try adorning your hair with a pretty slide for that extra special vintage dazzle!
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What would you like to know?

Okay so it is nearly Christmas and New Year – a time when you’ve got lots to celebrate and lots of reasons to dress up and make your hair stand out – in a good way… so what is it you want tips and advice on? Maybe you are thinking ahead for the New Year – not long until 2015 now!  So anything you wish for me to answer you can email me directly: or my PR, Jordan, – OR… you can connect with me via Facebook or Twitter… and we’ll get a blog post up answering your questions and providing you with more hair tutorials and general hair-inspiration… CHAT SOON and looking forward to hearing from you!

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Back to School HAIR for kids

I am so glad you loved my tips on Back to School Hair for Mums, and I am writing this post, for those mums that have asked me to give them tips for their kids’ hair in the morning too! So now that the holidays are over – here are tips for mums and dads who need to do their children’s hair.

  1. Mostly boys are easy – I don’t have sons – but if I did I would probably keep a nice neat short hair cut that just needs a quick comb each morning. By the time boys get older – mainly into their teens – they will want to take more time on their hair – but when they are younger it is often left to the parents to make sure the child looks tidy. So simply keep to a nice short cut. If your son does want to be a little cooler, or on trend, then you could have the style slightly longer on top and use a mild mouse, or wax to style it. Short hair with a little product can also avoid the dreaded head-lice/nits that are common at school.
  2. With girls, again it will depend on hair type, I would choose a ponytail, bun or braids with long hair that can easily tangle throughout the day. French plaits and braiding across the front of the hair are a great way to keep hair away from the eyes. With buns, secure with a net or cage. The ponytails are probably best placed at the back, centre of the head, this way they don’t get in the way. Ponytails can fall out if they are lower on the neck, unless really secured, and they can hurt on the top of the head, especially if worn for a whole day. Also hair worn loose, can be a problem if they have sports as it can get in the way, and lots of girls have accidents with scissors or chewing gum too…. (well such don’t give them scissors or gum right?)
  3. Afro caribbean hair is best braided – obviously this takes a long time, so do it at a weekend, and it will last a while. Most children’s hair does not need product, but if your child’s hair is really curly, you may want to add a smoothing spray or product when the hair is wet.
  4. You probably only need to wash your child’s hair a couple of times a week too – and keep in mind that head lice is common at school, and so ensure you check your child’s hair regularly. YOu can get preventive spray too – your chemist can help with options.
  5. Avoid putting lots of clips and accessories in your daughter’s hair – whilst this looks pretty – it is likely they will get lost, broken or fall out – and the hair will come loose from its up-do. A good hand tie and a few plain bobby clips – ones crossed over the other will secure the hair. If you child has a fringe that gets in their eyes – think about cutting it shorter, or giving them a band to wear. Choose the hair band according to their hair type, as some can slide off sleek hair.