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Loving Batiste Dry Shampoo!

I love working with dry shampoo! It helps create so much volume and thickness to the hair! Batiste is a fab brand, because it doesn’t just do dry shampoo, but it really does dry shampoo – and for different needs: brunette hair, blonde hair, dark hair, light hair, for refreshing hair and for extra volume – so you can go serious bouffant.

The bottles are funky, somehow a futuristic mixed with retro feel – and easy to hold and apply too!

Much of my work involves styling hair into up dos… and I do tend to spray dry shampoo at the root area to give the hair extra height and staying power! And as mentioned above, I so love the fact that the Batiste range is available in different colours, so I can really cater for all of my clients.

Recently, one of my clients was considering buying and regularly wearing a wig as her hair is so fine and limp, but now that I’ve introduced her to Batiste dry shampoo, the wig is just a distant memory!

Batiste is a permanent part of my hair kit ;o)

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Hair Sculptures

Wigs, hair pieces, clip-ins… I love them all, they add so many possibilities to what a session stylist can do with hair. One of my favourite things to do is hair sculptures… these are a great challenge, but so dramatic and effective and well, the final pieces, I do feel is like a work of art, just like any other type of sculpture.

This is a funny clip from the film Mousetrap with Lee Evans in it… But I just get distracted by the hair sculptures… I’d love to work on a big movie like this. Above is one of my sculptures and you can see more from my recent avant garde shoot.. on a previous blog post.



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To grey or not to grey? THAT is the question!

As a hairdresser of over 20 years I’ve had many clients ask me this big question ‘to grey or not to grey’!?

It’s seems in general that most women go grey at 30yrs plus although stress is making more women under thirty reveal those silvery strands slightly earlier!

Many women including myself who came across their very first grey hairs simply plucked out those wiry little so and sos hoping that the myth ‘if you pluck out one grey hair, two or three will sprout in its place’ is not true… While this isn’t true, Phew! But plucking out hair strands is a bad habit. Even though I know that the pop and pluck feels so damn good!

When reality kicks in and you know that no amount of plucking is going to help it is time to hit the colour bottle! The chemist is calling you, looking at all the boxes of promised looks of au natural blonde, vibrant red, fiery copper, chocolate brunette the list is endless! Where do you start?!! Once you’ve made that decision and purchased your ideal dream colour to regain your youth, it’s application time!

Sometimes you can hit the jackpot and achieve your desired look but for some it can be a complete disaster!

The amount of my lovely ladies that have been creative with the home boxes that I’ve had to rescue is no end! Either they have turned up in my chair with canary yellow, rainbow bands of colour or even over processed and broken hair.

My advice to all those box ladies please leave this to the professionals. We work on % grey, It maybe that you only have 10% grey so therefore just a few high light or low light foils may take the edge off the grey for you. Therefore not committing to a full head colour. If you have more that 50% grey you maybe better with full head foils. Although any more that 50% grey I would suggest a full head tint with maybe one foils in the parting to break up the full colour and help those naughty grey hairs showing as the colour grows out.

I’ve had lots of clients that over the years have had these types colour treatments and eventually pop the question ‘Vicki.…. To grey or not to grey’ that is the question! Well to be honest if Dame Helen Mirren can rock grey hair then why can we! If you dare to bear then my advice is to go for an Elfine sexy crop, make sure you funk it up with good products and stand proud!

Read my other post on colour, and my post on trending colours.


Emily Rose’s ‘How to Look Beautiful Forever’

Recently, make-up artist Emily Rose launched her second ‘how to’ book… ‘How to Look Beautiful Forever.’ And I got to work with her on some of the images… Here is a little video of me adding my magic to Lucy’s hair on a shoot day.

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Back to School HAIR for Mums

I am a mum! And I know how as soon as my daughters are back to school that I have to factor in a million more tasks each morning… I am talking getting them ready as well as myself… They both take after me, they want to look nice, they need their hair done too. And as a session hair stylist, I really can’t afford to have a bad hair day! As a mum, you may be thinking that you do not have time to do your hair each morning, that it isn’t the most important thing of the day… and it probably isn’t! But it does make you feel ready for anything, and great about yourself if you’ve had your hair done right? So here are some tips for mums doing their hair each morning:

  1. Get up before the kids: I know it is hard… Sometimes I don’t get home from a shoot or job until really later and so sleep is on the top of my list – but if you get up just before the kids in the morning you will have a good twenty – forty minutes to make yourself feel good… grab a shower, do a natural make-up application, then style your hair. If you need more time each morning, either avoid doing lunches altogether by paying for school dinners, or pack the kids lunches the night before, and pop them in the fridge ready for the morning.
  2. Get a good style and cut: Your hair type will depend on how easy it is to restyle each morning – so when you go to your stylist or hairdresser – make sure you tell them that you need something that you can either wash and go with, or style super easily… but do not compromise on the image that you are after!
  3. Easy ups: If you do not have time to wash your hair, scoop it up in a ponytail, side bun, or top knot and add a nice hair accessory. I would actually advise against a hat, because it is sod’s law that your will have to go in the classroom, or something that will involve taking it off and revealing your messy mop.
  4. Loose and sleek: It is pretty easy to wash, dry and brush your hair at night, and run the straightening irons over it in the morning. Make sure you add some protective heat spray too.
  5. Braid it: Braids are always a winner, as you can feasible do them really tight an neatly the day before and then wear them for a day or two, depending on your hair type… It means you get another day of your hair being wavy – just add a little shine spray or holding spray to keep the waves looking pretty all day.

You may not have heaps of time each morning, but you can still give the impression that you have made more than a little effort to have gorgeous hair!



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I’m No Alan Sugar

Well, you know it’s time to take the plunge in employing a trainee when you are having to turn away business left right and centre! And this is a great thing – it shows growth and it is exciting too…

Even though the client wants you, if you cannot possibly do the job, then offering her someone whom has been trained by you is the next best thing!! Bridal season can be full on, and I would hate to disappoint a bride on her wedding day!

So whilst I am no Alan Sugar by any means, (mainly ‘cos I’m much sweeter) there are certain things that I need to look for as a hair stylist or employer taking on an apprentice: Here are my top tips…

Number one and top of my list has to be: Personality! (Yes with a capital ‘P’). Your apprentice needs to be able to communicate with your clients and make them feel special, because they special! The key in hairdressing is learning to listen! We need to get from a client what it is they want, before we give our expert advice… to find out exactly what they expect from your hair service that you provide.

Many clients talk to you about their personal life, and even private problems, and so it is vital that you are understanding, that you can empathize – but most importantly, you must be discreet, non-judgmental, understanding, and treat everything they say as confidential!

So having a apprentice who can communicate and be discreet and professional at all times is a must!

I look for bubbly, confident and friendly people to work with, and most of all somebody who is reliable! Remember their reputation is your reputation and you cannot afford to have all of your hard work compromised. YOu want your apprentice to have an eagerness to learn and put themselves out there… so lots of enthusiasm.

Sometimes as creative people climbing the ladder to success, you have to select your work, as well as sometimes do some things for free, and so I would expect the same effort from my apprentice, and it wont be long before she too is an expert in her field, perhaps taking on a trainee of her own.

Thanks, Vicki x

Carousel wedding couple

Article in Wedding Ideas

Check my article

Picture 2One of my favourite bridal magazine Wedding Ideas Magazine caught up with me to ask the importance of selecting the right hairdresser for your big day!

Feel free to have a sneaky peek!

The wonderful and very talented MUA Lucy Jayne created the stunning make up on the images attached to the article.

Lol from Vicki x

Tess Daly

Hi guys! Well I’ve had a busy time this month and the highlight of January has to be styling Tess Daly’s hair last week for the NTA’s.

My brief from Tess was to create a subtle and slightly undone wave. This look was created by using a Yogi large wand and Aveda products. The hairstyle and lush red lipstick complimented her dress beautifully. Although it wasn’t hard to work my wonders on Tess as she is naturally stunning and has great hair! I had a fab time working with her, she is just like she appears on the telly a bundle of joy and delight to be around! Thanks again to my amazing PR BeesBuzz! X

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Vicki Lord

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Perfect Vintage Wedding

Louisa came to me asking ” Can you do vintage hair?” –  “I love Vintage” I Replied!

So there we have it, a match made in heaven!
After a fab consultation and Dita Von Teese as our muse, we came up with Louisa’s creation.
Louisa has naturally very fine, short layered hair so this was going to be a challenge!

So……. with a little help from some clip-in extensions, tongs, soft bristle brush and plenty or Elnett hair spray ‘viola’ Louisa was transformed into a vintage goddess!

I achieved Louisa’s look by using the old fashioned technique of creating Marcel waves!

The fantastic photographer Steve Fuller really captured Lou’s and Adam’s special day in a breath taking way!