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Balmain hair for Nicole Kidman look

A Hairy Advent Calendar

Okay, so I don’t want an advent calendar that is covered in hair – as much as I love hair, that would be a bit weird… And of course I love the chocolate calendars too… But I was thinking how cool would it be to get a hair-related item for every day… very hairy useful… Here are my suggestions… and a hint to my husband hehehe ;o) With this list though, not sure what I could ask for when it comes to actual Chrissy gifts…

Dec 1st:  No-snag hand bands, perfect for ponytails.

Dec 2nd: Kirby grips, a hair essential.

Dec 3rd: Clip-in pony, to add some length to short styles.

Dec 4th: Dry Shampoo, hair kit must-have.

Dec 5th: A sparkly hair band, to add some glamour.

Dec 6th: Clip-on fringe, for style variation.

Dec 7th: A super-duper shampoo.

Dec 8th: A nourishing conditioner.

Dec 9th: A sparkly hairspray, to keep in your handbag for unexpected parties.

Dec 10th: Comb to keep those locks looking lovely.

Dec 11th: Hairbrush.

Dec 12th: Mirror.

Dec 13th: Shine spray.

Dec 14th: Protective spray.

Dec 15h: Hair mask to give your hair some tender love and care.

Dec 16th: Vitamin C, it’s good for hair.

Dec 17th: Bun ring, for a quick top-knot

Dec 18th: Butterfly clips.

Dec 19th: Turban with a broach.

Dec 20th: Hair slides.

Dec 21st: Floral Garland.

Dec 22nd: Tiara.

Dec 23rd: Hair gems.

Dec 24th: A selfie stick so you can take lots of photos of your fabulous hair.

ENJOY! ;o) Vicki x


screen grab of holistic therapist magazine

Happy Easter…

Okay so it is not quite easter yet… but I was asked by the fabulous Holistic Therapist Magazine to provide a quick hair mask recipe… and to celebrate Easter – I decided to give them a raw egg hair mask recipe – for the hair only and not for consumption obviously! It’s all about using eggs for the hair sweety, so you can eat the gorgeous chocolate ones delivered by the Easter Bunny… ;o)

Check out the post on their website

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