gwen stefani

Celebrity Mums – best hair!

Here are my top three of celebrity mums who have gorgeous hair, and reasons why their style suits them! I have no knowledge of what they are like as mums… but I do know they have great hair! (No particular order)…

  1. Kim Kardashian: Whilst she may change her colour slightly, or have her style altered a little – she sticks to a formula that works for her… long, dark luscious locks (even her blonde choices are warm, and keep dark running through). She can go full or sleek, and mostly wears it centre parting and this works for her as it balances out her full, curvy figure. Her hair is ultra feminine just like her overall look. Her layers shape her face, but are kept long, so she can still tie it back, and she suits it pulled back too, but only because she has a nice long ponytail swinging behind her to keep it all very feminine. Whilst she probably has a stylist on speed dial, her style is well cut, so she could wash and dry and style a little then go.
  2. Gwen Stefani: She really is cool… and many have copied her iconic platinum blonde hair including Rita Ora… Gwen is retro but modern if that makes sense and even back during her No Doubt days she rocked it and still does, especially as she includes her poppy red lipstick with her look – bringing that touch of vintage to her makeup too. If you are going for a similar look remember that this one is super high maintenance, but punches an impact in the school playground at your kids’ pick up time.
  3. Emma Willis: Currently presenting The Voice on BBC, this little lady clearly looks after herself – what a figure for being a mum! She looks great! Plus love her hair – she proves that short can be super sexy and versatile… mostly choosing to wear it sleek, but on last weekend’s show she went with a slicked back, wet look with height – it suits her chiselled features and the dark colour makes her blue eyes really sparkle.

Which celeb mums do you love the hair of?

Vicki x


Whose hair for Christmas?

If you could have any hair this Christmas, whose would it be?

Statement Snow Queen: Rita Ora and Gwen Stefani prove that you can go icy blonde, almost white, and look glamorous, rocking, as well as retro. BUT remember bleaching is not just for Christmas – this is a high maintenance do. This colour looks great if styled in rollers, matched with a bright shade of red lippy!

Relaxed Two-tone tousled hair: Alexa Chung does this style in a retro, yet-modern way… she really suits the fringe – but if you do not want to commit to cutting one in, just for the festivities you can get yourself a clip-on bang from Balmain. But that lighter shade at the base of her hair (see above) adds the perfect uplift to the dark days during winter.

Natural long locks: Okay so you can style out some good extensions and still look natural with it – but I am talking about Kim Kardashian’s long do. It is a nice style that frames her face and can be tied back for a day out Christmas shopping, and then left loose and sexy for a party or dinner.

Whatever style you choose for Christmas, make sure you are happy with it for New Year too… lots of photos at this time of year and so make sure you discuss any major changes with your hairdresser or session stylist.

Vicki x