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Collection of the Day

Hairdresser Journal published the Queens’ shoot as the collection of the day… check it out – CLICK.

Vicki x

Hair: Vicki Lord (
Makeup: Jo Freeman (
Nails: Kelli Waldock (
Models: Satu Suominen and Rosie Williams


Inside the Arts

So being a session stylist it is only natural that I will be creative – it is a part of the job, and so I am inspired by everything around, not just by other creative people, but by paintings, by art, by nature, by fashion, even by food – by everything! Because I see it in my mind as hair – not literally! But I think about how I can translate that same message or drama or emotion or coolness in a hairstyle. I absolutely loved working on this shoot featured in Inside Kent Magazine. It was shot by the amazing Kerry Ann Duffy at the Turner Gallery. 

Wear your hair to suit your clothes

I want to share this (“BURBERRY PRORSUM” London Fashion Week Fall Winter 2014 2015 by Fashion Channel), video because it is a great example of how a designer uses hair to compliment their collection. The hair is super simple, almost a little sixties and seventies retro feel – think Alexa Chung… with the purposeful messy look and obvious parting, not worrying so much about revealing roots, falling haphazardly on the shoulders of the models, and merging softly into the flow of the printed fabrics, that equally look haphazardly worn, but are clearly very much styled with the belts and scarves.

So wear your hair loose and parted, adding a tad of dry shampoo or spray at the roots.

hair products Video

I love working on commercials because you get to see the hair you have created in motion – but also because commercials are restricted to a certain time and number of frames, I love the fact that you get to see the impact of different styles in just seconds… there are a few on here, so check out MySalonLooks‘ commercial, and you’ll see what I mean…

Drama Magazine with Tamla Kari

When it comes to the world of fashion there is no shortage of drama, and so working on a shoot with the absolutely stunning actress Tamla Kari for Drama magazine was right up my street. Styled by the amazing Kelvin Barron, and shot my fantastic photographer Andrew Hiles, I knew the day would be filled with drama in a fabulous way!! I adored working with Tamla, her features are so dainty and classic – this vintage hairdo was perfect for her face, the styling and the set. Check out the images below… and other vintage looks on:

You can get your hands on a copy of the mag, by clicking here: Drama Magazine.


tamla karivintage drama fashion

vicki lord pony tail

5 Head Turning Hair Styles

Every year, every runway of every fashion show display an amazing array of striking hairstyles from avant garde and radical creations, to simplistic, clean styles, all of which really turn the heads of crowds… And for a session stylist like myself, well, these shows fill me with excitement at the sheer volume of some of the styles and the sleekness of others – and it solidifies in my mind that it is the hair that adds the flair to any outfit.

At the moment for me, I think the 5 top crowd stopping, head turning styles that will continue to set trends are:

1.   Glossy wet look and swept back from face: leaving the hair naturally trailing down the back. This style gives a bold and empowered look and has been sported on models for designers Balmain, Giambaltista, Gucci, Prada and Missoni.
2.   Deep side partings, which are great for showcasing your best side and giving an edgy look that is very much entrend. This has been a popular choice for designers Rochas, Chloe and Marni. This chic look has also been seen on startlets such as Jessica Chastain, Marion Cotillard, Amanda Seyfried and Kristen Stewart on the red carpet.
3.   Retro glamour waves inspired by a vintage era – but with that modern twist, by keeping the hair sleek on the top. This has been on Bottega Veneta models and is a staple but smart hairstyle that oozes elegance.
4.   The low chignon bun – it  always manages to make its way back on the catwalk, having been an option for Rag and Bone. This makes a refreshing change from the top-knot, and gives a glamorous equestrian look that is tidy, sleek and very polished.
5.   Pony tails: Many designers send their models down the catwalk sporting all kinds of pony tail variations from sleek and straight to messy and curled, edgy wide pony tail at the nape of the neck and tucked under ponytails. The great thing about this trend is that it can be adapted by the wearer to suit their mood – Whether you seek a look that is femme fatale, Bohemian babe or amazing androgyny – there is a pony for everyone!

British Mode Wedding cover

British Mode

I love that British Mode fuses fashion and bridal in one gorgeous magazine… A brides still wants to be fashionable right? And most fashionistas want their wedding day to be the best… almost like the aisle is the catwalk… and why not sweety! I love bridal, and I adore fashion… and when it comes to hair, well, the hair has to be perfect for both!!!Check out my article in the November issue…

british mode regal stylesVicki lord hair stylist

Purple Yogi hair wand

I had an affair on my GHDs with a Yogi …


I’ve been an avid GHD hair straightner fan for years, nothing has compared… until recently, after I was introduced by a friend, and fabulous fellow session stylist, Natalie Shirlaw, to YOGI.

Natalie and I chatted away whilst I restyled her hair into a gorgeous new long bob, part way through our conversations, she mentioned Yogi hair straighteners, asking me if I’d ever used them before.

As already mentioned, that I, Vicki Lord, am a self-admitted stubborn and loyal GHD fan, and so my natural reply was, “Nat, my darling, nothing can compete with my GHDs!

With a little encouragement from Natalie, I betrayed my GHDs, (she’s a persuasive lady), and used her Yogi’s on her hair to finish her look… and to my suprise I LOVED THEM!

You may well be thinking, what’s so great about these straighteners that would make you stray so easily and cheat on your GHDs after years of love and loyalty!?

I’m glad you asked…

  • They were light-weight, so first tick in the box.
  • They rapidly heated up.
  • They are extremely easy to use.
  • They instantly smoothed leaving the hair with extreme shine.
  • Variable heat control from 60- 210 degrees (this is very handy whilst working with extensions, and sorry to say that it is something that GHD does not have! So extra brownie points from me there, as anybody who knows me or has worked with me would be aware that I’m rather partial to using many delicate hairpieces in my creations 🙂
  • They have an extra long lead with a swivel cable, which is very handy.  As a session stylist I’ve been known to create hair ‘art’ in many a strange place where the plug socket is miles away.
  • They have ionic technology.

Oh and let’s not forget all the funky colours you get them in, so they are easy to find amongst your black, black and more black heating appliances in your kit!!!  And they look fabulous sweety!

So I’m sorry for being blinkered Yogi, and sorry for being fickle GHD… but I’m now a big YOGI fan – it’s an amazing tool…  and thank you to Natalie for introducing it to me, I guess a fellow hair stylist would know exactly what would make me tick.


Look Magazine: Shona McGarty and Hetti Bywater



I had a fab time meeting up with Shona McGarty again, in order to create another hair masterpiece for her red carpet look for The British Soap Awards 2012.  Shona is close friends with Hetti Bywater, who plays Lucy Beale in Eastenders, and so I did her hair too on Saturday the 28th April.  Emily Rose was on the makeup, and Nina Sobers was the girls’ stylist for the event, choosing dresses from Tina Lobondi, who actually made each girl a bespoke dress.  The girls had heaps of red carpet coverage, and Look Magazine chose both of their looks in their top-five.  I created a high bun up-do for Shona, to add to her sophisticated Angelina Jolie inspired look, and for Hetti, I went for a 1920’s inspired up-do, with finger-wave detail and delicate curls.

Aunty Vix thinks you rocked the red carpet girls!