The Great Gatsby

Who doesn’t like The Great Gatsby?  The book takes you to a place of decadence and sexiness… and that movie with Leo DiCaprio just oozes 1920s fashion… the hair is gorgeous… you can check out some images on the Warner Bros website: CLICK.

And I just love doing vintage hair dos… So when I got to work with the absolutely stunning Mandy Capristo for a Gatsby event, naturally I was super excited… and here are a couple of snaps…

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mandy capristo

The Great Gatsby


BIrthday Celebration Gatsby style

bluecoat launch

Launch of the Bluecoat store, Victoria

At the end of last month, I got invited to an Ian Stuart event – another reason why I love my job. I really love Ian Stuart’s designs, and was excited about attending the launch of the Bluecoat store in Victoria, London. 

ian stuart launch

Me and Tilly

What can I say, I grabbed a buddy, we dressed effortlessly cool, and we enjoyed the night of networking and socializing. When I attend events like these, I know the importance of giving my card to other creative people, as well as taking theirs too. It has happened in the past, when I have been at a shoot or a wedding and the make-up artist has not turned up or the photographer is stuck in traffic and has had to turn back… these things happen and the show must go on… so to have the contact details of other industry people, is super important. It is also fun to be able to chat to like-minded people, and work with them on future planned projects. I particularly hit it off with a fabulous wedding planner, and a choreographer who does Ian Stuart’s shows. And I found out that he is possibly doing a job that I am pencilled for, working with a great sports brand – so it is a small world, and an even smaller industry. After a couple of hours of sipping champers, and some very strong, pretty blue coloured cocktails, myself and my friend Tilly decided to leave the stunning people chatting to even more stunning, very tall models dressed beautifully in Ian Stuart’s flamboyant pieces, and head off home. We had a fab time, and I am looking forward to hopefully using some of Ian Stuart’s pieces in future shoots, so that I can design amazing hairstyles to compliment his amazing dresses.

Look Magazine: Shona McGarty and Hetti Bywater



I had a fab time meeting up with Shona McGarty again, in order to create another hair masterpiece for her red carpet look for The British Soap Awards 2012.  Shona is close friends with Hetti Bywater, who plays Lucy Beale in Eastenders, and so I did her hair too on Saturday the 28th April.  Emily Rose was on the makeup, and Nina Sobers was the girls’ stylist for the event, choosing dresses from Tina Lobondi, who actually made each girl a bespoke dress.  The girls had heaps of red carpet coverage, and Look Magazine chose both of their looks in their top-five.  I created a high bun up-do for Shona, to add to her sophisticated Angelina Jolie inspired look, and for Hetti, I went for a 1920’s inspired up-do, with finger-wave detail and delicate curls.

Aunty Vix thinks you rocked the red carpet girls!