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Ultimate Wedding Mag is a super duper interactive wedding magazine and they have featured some of my work see above, as well as a tutorial…

I am thrilled to have worked with such a great team on this, as it is the UK’s only fully interactive wedding magazine and it means that you can dowmload their latest issue and read my articles via the APP store or check out their website: CLICK HERE.

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How do I achieve Amy Adams’ vintage hairstyle?

I love Amy Adams’ up-do that she wore at the Golden Globes in 2013…. combining an elegant side bun with a vintage Marcel wave.

There are many ways of achieving the Marcel wave, also called Finger wave i.e. wet/dry sets, clamps, tongs, two prong tongs, GHD’s to name a few. And there are all sorts of different interpretations of ths look! I’ve tried them all, and I would always opt for the original set method with clamping clips, although this does take time and patience, in my professional opinion it certainly gives the best results.

BUT the simplest  way to re create this look would be to get your hair stylist to use a waving tong recommend as this will achieve a nice wave quickly and without all the mess of gel and complications…

Equipment needed: soft brittle hair brush,  1 strong hair band, hair pins, Kirby grips, hair spray, sectioning clips, heat protector spray, tail comb, waving tongs

Recommended brands: Denman soft bristle brush , Elnett hairspray, Babyliss Wave Envy Styler, Aveda Brilliant Damage.

1) Make a nice clean straight parting in your hair to the side of your choice using your tail comb.
2) Section off both sides of your hair from the top of your crown area to the top of each ear.
3) With your remaining hair at the back just tie into a ponytail for the moment to keep it out of the way, whilst you work on the front of your hair.
5) Spray heat protector on the front of your hair to protect your hair from the heat of the tongs
4) Now using your waving tongs work on the front sections taking 2cm sliced horizontal sections of your hair clamping your tongs down from root to tips of your hair creating a stunning  wave.
5) Using your sectioning clips place a sectioning clip in each deepest point of the wave through the front section of hair (this will keep the Marcel wave in place whilst you work on the back of your hair, plus also helps create a deeper wave) spray with hairspray once secured in place.
6) Now you are going to work on your side bun, remove the hair and from the back of your hair.
7) Bring all of your hair over to the side making sure you leave some the front section of hair out (the side where your bun will sit).
8) Secure hair into a ponytail behind your ear with hairband.
9) Back brush the ponytail slightly to create texture (to back brush hair just use your soft brush and gently push your hair up from tip to root direction)
10) Now wrap the ponytail around and around the base in a clockwise direction and secure with hair pins as you go and then spray with hairspray to secure bun.
11) Now take out your sectioning clips and voila you have an Amy Adams Golden Globe hairstyle!

 Vicki Lord

Shona Mcgarty and Vicki Lord

Shona McGarty’s Award Bun

Here is the hair I created for Shona McGarty, who plays Whitney Dean in BBC1’s Eastenders, for the British Soap Awards 2012.  This hairstyle works best with long hair, but if you do not have long hair you can still achieve this look by using a ponytail hairpiece to create the bun. To give Shona’s long hair that extra wow-factor I used a hairpiece as well.  Denman website liked the up-do, I did for Shona, and briefly explain how you can simply create the same look… here is how I did it:

How to rock the look!

You will need:

Heat defence spray, a decent hair spray, a soft bristle brush, a strong snag-free hair band, straightners, hairgrips and fine hairpins.

1)   Make sure hair is pre-washed the night before leaving your hair more pliable and less slippery.

2)   Apply a good heat defence spray all over your hair protecting your luscious locks from the heat appliances.

3)   Straighten hair section-by-section, starting from the nape of your neck upwards, giving the hair a nice polished look.

… backcomb the ponytail

4)   Create a ponytail at the crown of your head. For best results tip your head upside-down and then brush into a tight sleek ponytail tying with a strong snag-free hair band.

5)   If using a hairpiece, secure at the base of the ponytail.

6)   Wrap the ponytail around and around in a clockwise direction gripping the hair to secure in place as you go along.

7)   Use the fine pins in more visual areas like at the front of bun to give more security.

8)   Spray with a good hairspray to secure the look, and voila one sexy show-stopping bun.

Hot Tip: To add a rock chick edge to the bun-style, backcomb the ponytail before you wrap it around.

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