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Bridal chop prior to the big day…

The amount of brides that spend months, years even trying to grow their hair for their big day is very common indeed… but actually it is becoming more a thing of the past… not because brides are opting for short styles… because actually most women want long or glam hair for their big day, but the main reason is that their are some awesome hair extension and wigs available nowadays.

It is so easy now to add long luscious hair to create an intricate updo or a loose princess look.

One of my recent brides came to me to have her hair cut and here are the before and after images, plus a gorg image above of her on her wedding day.

This style is perfect for Holly’s face. Unlike the longer do, that drags her face down, this crop frames her features, making her eyes look bigger and it shows of her elegant neck too… I love it!