Cody’s hair raising performance on #TheVoice

mohawkIt was pretty obvious that Cody would go all of the way to the finals on the BBC’s talent show, The Voice… she has a fab singing voice and a unique style, not to mention a connection with her mentor Boy George.

All of this aside, for me, I just want to get my hands on that girl’s hair… And the style I would do is my style of the moment… my iconic, show-stopping mohawk… I would adapt it for her, as the style is super versatile.

It would be fab to either have a striking black mohawk, complimenting the young singer’s trademark rainbow fringe, or I would maybe flip it up a little with a multi-coloured mohawk, with a block colour fringe. Although she would also look great with a blonde Gladiator Queen Mohawk… the possibilities are endless, and I’d create the hairstyle with the help of Balmain extensions.

… But what will Boy George’s team of stylists do this week with Cody’s hairstyle? I’m pretty excited to see, and of course to hear her sing too!

Find out more from Cody on Twitter @codyfrostmusic.

Here is a reminder of her blind audience…

Vicki x

coloured hair

To grey or not to grey? THAT is the question!

As a hairdresser of over 20 years I’ve had many clients ask me this big question ‘to grey or not to grey’!?

It’s seems in general that most women go grey at 30yrs plus although stress is making more women under thirty reveal those silvery strands slightly earlier!

Many women including myself who came across their very first grey hairs simply plucked out those wiry little so and sos hoping that the myth ‘if you pluck out one grey hair, two or three will sprout in its place’ is not true… While this isn’t true, Phew! But plucking out hair strands is a bad habit. Even though I know that the pop and pluck feels so damn good!

When reality kicks in and you know that no amount of plucking is going to help it is time to hit the colour bottle! The chemist is calling you, looking at all the boxes of promised looks of au natural blonde, vibrant red, fiery copper, chocolate brunette the list is endless! Where do you start?!! Once you’ve made that decision and purchased your ideal dream colour to regain your youth, it’s application time!

Sometimes you can hit the jackpot and achieve your desired look but for some it can be a complete disaster!

The amount of my lovely ladies that have been creative with the home boxes that I’ve had to rescue is no end! Either they have turned up in my chair with canary yellow, rainbow bands of colour or even over processed and broken hair.

My advice to all those box ladies please leave this to the professionals. We work on % grey, It maybe that you only have 10% grey so therefore just a few high light or low light foils may take the edge off the grey for you. Therefore not committing to a full head colour. If you have more that 50% grey you maybe better with full head foils. Although any more that 50% grey I would suggest a full head tint with maybe one foils in the parting to break up the full colour and help those naughty grey hairs showing as the colour grows out.

I’ve had lots of clients that over the years have had these types colour treatments and eventually pop the question ‘Vicki.…. To grey or not to grey’ that is the question! Well to be honest if Dame Helen Mirren can rock grey hair then why can we! If you dare to bear then my advice is to go for an Elfine sexy crop, make sure you funk it up with good products and stand proud!

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beautiful bride

Multi-Colour Wedding Hair

Long gone are the days when weddings are all-white! If you have always dreamed of an ivory or white dress then go for it – but why not try adding more than just one theme colour to your big day? Do this with your hair accessories, just like my bride photographed here.

TIPS: Go for seasonal, vibrant hues that suit your character. You really do not have to go overboard with colour to enjoy a rainbow wedding – so be brave with the shades. The bride photographed opted for a simple, but spectacular ivory dress, a neutral bouquet and natural make-up, but look how those fluttery lashes match the vibrancy of the flowers and butterflies in her hair – Stunning and unique! If you want to opt for multi-colours, speak with your dress designer, hair stylist or make-up artist, as these are professionals who know exactly how colours work, which shades suit your complexion and do not clash with each other. Go on go for a splash of colour and add extra vibrancy to your big day!