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The Old Kent Barn

As a bridal hairstylist I spend hours prior to the day of the wedding discussing the bride’s perfect look, trialing out a few options, as well as ordering the necessary accessories and hairpieces… And then it is all about ensuring the bride is happy on the actual wedding day, and it is always a pleasure to arrive at a venue that offers everything I need to make my job easier… The Old Kent Barn is stunning and quaint, and offers a specially design room for the bride to get ready in. This is a lovely environment and almost feels like the set of a movie – with a dressing table, plenty of electrical sockets, and seating. There is also plenty of tea and coffee for everybody, including my favourite, Earl Grey. The staff members are so obliging, not just to the bride herself, but also to the bridal party, and to the suppliers too… So if I need extra lighting, or to have access to the room early to set-up, or any other assistance, somebody is on-hand… Even after I have done my job of creating the bridal hairstyle, I can pack up and a member of staff is on-hand to help carry my heavy equipment to my car. And it is very cool that they have walkie-talkies just to ensure they can communicate with everybody including with me… All of this makes working at this venue a pleasure.

beautiful bride

Beautiful Bride Inspiration

Every bride inspires me…. because each time I work with brides, I realise even more so that each woman is different in what they want for their special day… each one very unique in their hair choices too, and often I find that brides want a style that is completely different to the way they usually wear their hair…

Check out one of my beautiful brides photographed above… She combines the stunning structure of the Marcel wave, often worn over one shoulder by brides, we decided on it falling over both of her bare shoulders… this compliments her super sexy, super glam low cur wedding dress, mainly because it is off the shoulder and symmetrical. The slide in her hair is subtle and picks up on the intricate beading and detail of her dress… And because her dress is so detailed, the simple but perfect hair really sets it off. Her dark hair matches her defined dark eyes and eyebrows and as her hair lightens towards the dress, the softens the whole look.

This is an ultra glam, sexy bridal look, that really combines the modern woman with the vintage vibe.

Be inspired by other brides!

Vicki x