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Summer Loving Hair

I love the summer – yes I know we don’t always get the best weather – and well unexpected rain is  a big NO NO for keeping your hair lovely and in its style, and the sunlight can cause damage – but rain or shine you can still have lovely hair this summer with these tips:

  1. Carry a cute hat just in case it rains. Or a think on-trend Alice band so that you can sleek you hair back neatly.
  2. Use a heat protector product on your hair so that it does not get sun damaged or look dry.
  3. Try a braided look, as this is tidy perfect for the pool on holiday and lasts well.
  4. Go a shade lighter if you are into colouring your hair – but get it done professionally or use a decent product – bleach and sunlight are not friends.
  5. If you find that your hair is very damaged this summer from the sea, wind, sun, swimming pool etc, and you don’t want to dry dreadlocks then ensure you brush gently and gradually, whilst holding the hair above the brush, and brushing from tips to scalp, not yanking from roots. Use a conditioning product – but also wash any sea or sand or chlorine out of your hair with a gentle shampoo. If you do end up staying in the shade or inside for a day or two then don’t wash, allow your hair some breathing space.
  6. To keep the hair looking as great as possible and in good condition get it trimmed regularly through the summer weeks.
  7. As it will be getting lots of sunlight avoid too much heat equipment unless you are heading off to a party or special occasion. Instead towel dry and comb through gently.
  8. Top knots and buns, as well as braids (as mentioned above – check out this Post on how to create an on-trend braid,) are great for keeping cool during the sunny days, and looking neat during the summer rain… make sure you tuck those tips in to avoid exposure to the sun – the tips of the hair get dry and damaged so easily.
  9. If your long hair is getting annoying and hot, then consider having a re-style – maybe shorter, or thinned out so the hair is lighter. I love how Katy Perry is always changing her hair and is not afraid to go short or dye it a colour colour… but don’t wear a wig unless you have to as these can be very hot and uncomfortable. Wig-wearers may instead opt for a very nice, floral or on-trend head scarf.
  10. Check out my Festival Hair Tips from last year!

Most Popular Hair 2014

It all depends what you are into hair wise, what you think is the best hair of 2014…

The most popular Hollywood hair style asked for from my clients in 2014 has to be the side wave, for curly looks. It is stunning and has been seen on the red carpet on stars including Jessica Alba again this year, after the Golden Globes 2013. It is such a sexy and glamorous look, and I’m not surprised it is up there with the most popular.

Somehow, even if it is not festival season, this year has encouraged festival hair styles, including braids, paired with accessories – to add a touch of glam, or precision to the natural, effortless look. It is a very feminine image which is modern, and can have a retro flower power feel – but in a subtle way… lots of brides have even opted for this hairstyle.

And taking this same festival look but adding an ethereal edge – with the hair up and in a low bun, with braids and beautiful, almost fairy-princess detail is the most requested from brides this year. It is so soft, yet elegant, and adds to a fairy-tale image that many brides opt for weddings. It works with all seasons, and can be adapted to face shapes too. The flowers are lovely as fresh season choices and I am betting this will also be a popular choice next year, for 2015 brides too.

Vicki Lord Marcel waveWhen it comes to my personal favourite hairstyle of 2014, well, it is a tough one, but it has to be hands down the Marcel wave? Why? Well, it is gorgeous, elegant, retro, sophisticated and sexy. i have given tutorials on this style, styled it for shoots, red carpet and for brides… so not only is it popular for me, but a favourite full stop. Check out how you can achieve this same look on my previous post: CLICK.


Ohh LaLa – Love the French style

French women have an amazing sense of style when it comes to fashion, makeup and hair, don’t they? If you fancy looking as stylish, chic and sophisticated, then why not try out these stunning French hair up dos for that extra wow factor?

 The Chignon Bun: A simple classic chic bun hairstyle which oozes demure elegance. The chignon is best suited to long or medium length hair. The chignon bun can be worn at the crown, nape or the side, so therefore complementing most face shapes. For those of you with shorter hair, you need not be disappointed as there are so any fabulous bun clip-ins available. Try Balmain’s ready to wear collection they have a selection of fabulous bun pieces in many colours.

sophisticated up doThe French Pleat: This lovely hairstyle is also known as a French roll. It is a classic look that goes back to the 1940s. The French pleat is a vertical roll of hair, worn at the back of the head. It is suitable for long hair but can be achieved with mid-length hair. The French pleat suits ladies of all ages. The wonderful fold of hair is so neat and sophisticated, and this fabulous hairstyle can be worn with height at the top, messy and textured for a more fashion forward look or simply clean and tidy with high shine for a more structured formal style.

The French Braid: The French braid has always been a favourite hairstyle for many of us ladies. It’s such a versatile hairstyle that can be worn day and night! This three-stranded braid can be very practical and dressy. Whether you’re going to work, playing sports or going out for the evening. The French braid can be worn in so many ways. You can adapt long curls into a girl next door look by adding a French braid at the hairline. If you care for a more sophisticated look, try introducing a French braid into a loose curly bun. For a romantic evening style try a braid encircling the head known as a milkmaid braid or a crown braid.

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Back to School HAIR for Mums

I am a mum! And I know how as soon as my daughters are back to school that I have to factor in a million more tasks each morning… I am talking getting them ready as well as myself… They both take after me, they want to look nice, they need their hair done too. And as a session hair stylist, I really can’t afford to have a bad hair day! As a mum, you may be thinking that you do not have time to do your hair each morning, that it isn’t the most important thing of the day… and it probably isn’t! But it does make you feel ready for anything, and great about yourself if you’ve had your hair done right? So here are some tips for mums doing their hair each morning:

  1. Get up before the kids: I know it is hard… Sometimes I don’t get home from a shoot or job until really later and so sleep is on the top of my list – but if you get up just before the kids in the morning you will have a good twenty – forty minutes to make yourself feel good… grab a shower, do a natural make-up application, then style your hair. If you need more time each morning, either avoid doing lunches altogether by paying for school dinners, or pack the kids lunches the night before, and pop them in the fridge ready for the morning.
  2. Get a good style and cut: Your hair type will depend on how easy it is to restyle each morning – so when you go to your stylist or hairdresser – make sure you tell them that you need something that you can either wash and go with, or style super easily… but do not compromise on the image that you are after!
  3. Easy ups: If you do not have time to wash your hair, scoop it up in a ponytail, side bun, or top knot and add a nice hair accessory. I would actually advise against a hat, because it is sod’s law that your will have to go in the classroom, or something that will involve taking it off and revealing your messy mop.
  4. Loose and sleek: It is pretty easy to wash, dry and brush your hair at night, and run the straightening irons over it in the morning. Make sure you add some protective heat spray too.
  5. Braid it: Braids are always a winner, as you can feasible do them really tight an neatly the day before and then wear them for a day or two, depending on your hair type… It means you get another day of your hair being wavy – just add a little shine spray or holding spray to keep the waves looking pretty all day.

You may not have heaps of time each morning, but you can still give the impression that you have made more than a little effort to have gorgeous hair!



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Create on-trend Plaits

What are your top tips for creating plaits or braids that are also on-trend?

When creating a sleek braid it’s best to work with the hair slightly damp and throughly combed through. Once braided you then need to spray with a shine enhancing spray for a beautiful and elegant look.

To create a messier braid, backcomb hair lightly before braiding the hair. Once you have finished and secured the braid, gently pull at the sides to create a messy undone texture for a different edgier look.

Braids are extremely versatile and easy to do. For a quick hair style changeover that takes you from a casual day look of having a pony braid to a glamourous evening look try wrapping the braid round the base of the pony tail then secure with pins and voila, a stylish side bun that will be sure to turn heads.

Remember braids are a great option for festivals or holidays, and they look gorgeous for an event or party if done neater. I also love the wave that is created in the hair, once the braid is undone… you may just need to tame it with some serum or spray.

Thanks, Vicki Lord x

Image: Photographer – Paul Archer

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Tips for Festival Hair

Are you heading to a festival this weekend? Or maybe in August, perhaps September… these months in this country are supposed to be lovely and sunny right? But, you know as well as I do that relying on the British weather is not always the best option… and when it comes to hair sweety, well, I would say be super prepared for any eventuality… afterall you want to look hot at the festivals even if the weather is not!

So here are some tips:

  1. GOOD HAIR NO MATTER THE WEATHER: Depending on your hair type and of course the weather, whatever you do may just end in a bad hair day… I am talking frizz if it gets wet, or humid, and dry if it is really hot. And if it is windy your hair may go flyway or tangled. For those of you with thick or afro hair you may just want to opt for braids… get them done a week before the festival, so they are more comfortable, you can even get funky beads as part of the hairdo for a touch of festival fashion. Hats, headscarves and hair bands can help a little with windy weather, but keeping your hair back is a better option to avoid having to de-tangle your hair. Try a braided look, a neat bun, or ponytail. Also, remember that you can add cute hair accessories or even fresh flowers to your hair. And if you opt for a neat bun, then it will gradually get messy over the time you are at the festival, which can look on-trend – OR you can easily use a hair smoother to neaten it up, and maybe even add a clip-on hair extension to add variety to your look, I love Balmain’s selection. If you use Aveda smooth infusion style prep smoother before you head to the festival its organic tapioca defends against humidity for up to 12 hours.
  2. DIRTY LOCKS: No showers, potential mass of mud? What to do with your locks? Well, you could try dry shampoo – These brands are topped as some of the best: Dove, Garnier Ultimate Blends, and Mark Hill – Beach to Bar. If you have the type of hair that gets really greasy at the roots, then you can just take a cool cap, hairband or headscarf. If your hair goes greasy all over just have hair bands and bobby pins at the ready and scoop the lot up into a sleek ponytail or a cute side bun. You can get a friend to help you, or use a digital camera or your phone as a mirror if you don’t have one packed… Another good opportunity for a selfy. If you do happen to get in a muddy situation, then use some bottled water (if this is all you have) to wash out most of the dirt and then opt for a low side braid with a cute cap, and groovy sunglasses – a winning festival look.
  3. MESSY MOP: Depending on your hair type, you may actually look really cool with that messy look – you know sexy and festival chick… if you can hack having a wild mop for a few days – you could add some flower accessories to add to the festival look, perhaps braid the front, and leave the rest to go crazy away from your face. You may want to spray the messy look into place, and go deliberate with it, but remember whatever mess your hair is in at the festival, it will need some serious care when you get home… So when you get back to the comforts of your own bathroom, brush your hair gently from the tips and gradually work your way up, do not yank it from the roots, you may find this easier if you apply conditioner even before washing it. And then use a really nourishing shampoo and conditioner that is perfect for your hair type.

Must have check list:

  • Mirror or camera phone
  • Dry shampoo
  • Leave-in de-tangler or smoothing serum
  • Bobby pins, or grips, plus hand bands
  • Flower hair accessories
  • Hat or cap or headscarf
  • Brush or comb
  • Clip-on or clip-in extensions