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Blushing Bride

It is my wedding anniversary today – fourteen years married to my very lovely, sexy hubby, and it got me thinking all romantically about what is trending in the world of weddings… So many brides are opting away from white, and are looking for a little colour… and just a hint of pink on a wedding day adds lots of romance… Just a shade glowing with radiance, emulating that flush of subtle crimson that shone across your cheeks when you first fell in love – That same blush that you felt tingle through your body during your first kiss… just that perfect amount of pink… You see, I said I was in a slushy mood ;o)

Some ladies just don’t do pink, but you can embrace a palette of paler shades… it is an ultra romantic choice of theme; with lightweight fabrics, birdcages, candelabras, and soft tones paired with traditional ivories or contrasting dusky blues or muted minks. The whole day will have a floaty, magical vibe, almost as though the event is happening in soft focus.

It is important to get the choice of ‘blush’ accurate otherwise you may end up clashing reds with pinks and corals with purples. To avoid your colours looking wish-washy, ensure you pop some silver, rose gold or crystal into your overall theme; these will lift the paleness, adding depth and glamour. If ‘glitz and glam’ is not your thing, then opt for wild flowers and lots of deep green foliage to balance out the softness of the day. Wild flowers look amazing in the hair, as do sparkly hair accessories, so make sure you bring some thing extra to your hairstyle.

Above is an image of Anna Williamson, a TV presenter… we did this shoot for a cover of a magazine, and this gives inspiration for how colour can be worn subtly on your wedding day, as well as tonal shades of silk flowers in the hair.

This look was created with extra Balmain hair extensions added to Anna’s already lovely locks. Check out more on my bridal website on

Photo by Darren Brade and makeup by Emily Rose