Anne-Marie Simak


It’s all in the planning…

So when it comes to hair, it isn’t just about a model or client rocking up and having a snip here or a clip there… there is a lot of planning that goes into working with brides so that they get their perfect style on their wedding day, working with briefs for photo shoots so that the whole creative team are happy and working with my regular clients… because a lot of people come to me wanting a change… there are chats and consultations involved… and for me planning everything down on paper too… And this is the case today – as I have a fab creative editorial shoot on the 7th September and it’s all about pastels and wigs and layering… and I am prepping some hair that I got from Balmain and some wigs I bought online…. but I am also going to actually be cutting some of these on the models at the day of the shoot… and this has its challenges, as I have opted for synthetic wigs not real hair wigs, and also If I cut away to close the scalp the wig can just fall apart… so I need to really concentrate and I’m hopeful the model sits nice and still too ;o)

I’m really looking forward to working with photographer Dawn at Bow Bunker studios again – she is amazing, and the lovely Anne Marie Simak is on makeup, and the fab Dawnn Lee Mitchell… What a team… watch this space for images!

holistic therapist magazine

Cover Girl for Holistic Therapist Magazine

I have written for this great industry magazine before, and done previous shoots for covers – which I will blog about the looks soon… but I just had to share their latest cover. It is stunning and so pretty for the Summer Issue. The image was taken by fantastic photographer Paul Archer, and the makeup was by the lovely Anne-Marie Simak, and of course I did the hair!

They wanted a fresh, summery image, which shows vibrancy and inner confidence from the model. I love the colours of this image.

To find out more about the magazine and what is in this issue go to their website.