Fashion flowers for brides

Looking back at Paris Haute Couture Week earlier this year, I can see that flowers dominated the catwalks… flowers create a light and fairy, almost fantasy feel to a look, and when they are doing it on the high fashion runway, it isn’t long before it filters down to fashion, then high street, and of course to brides too! But if you have read one of my previous posts or seen any of my previous images on my bridal site, you’ll know that I am a fan of using fresh flowers in the hair I style for shoots and for my brides – and it just looks lovely when they are seasonal… so if it is good enough for Naomi Campbell wearing Jean Paul Gaultier on the wedding parade, then my brides-to-be let’s talk about what flowers are seasonal for your wedding this year – and walking down the aisle will be more like walking down the runway!

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Happy Chinese New Year Hair

Not everybody celebrates Chinese New Year… I don’t really, but I have seen a lot of posts on social media since last week and thought I’d jump on the horse too… or the Goat in this case… as it is the year of the Goat/Sheep/Ram… Bah Bah… that was my impression of a sheep – good eh? Anyway here are some nice hair ideas for Chinese New Year…

  • Put a simple bun in your hair, and cross a pair of chopsticks through it to add an oriental touch to your look. It is also a great way of holding the bun in place. Wear it with a simple line of black kohl under your eyes or a little bit of red lippy. Keep it subtle though, you don’t want to go over the top geisha girl. Also choose pretty chopsticks not the plain brown or wooden ones you eat your sushi with ( yes, I know sushi is Japanese! but you know what I mean). I quite love the red Star Wars chopsticks available at Amazon. May the force be with you!
  • Oriental hair is great to work with, often very straight and very shiny, so to achieve this look, use a good shampoo and conditioner for your hair type, apply protective heat spray, and use a good straightener like GHD or Yogi all over, and give your hair a sleek finish with a shine serum.
  • Red is a lucky colour at Chinese New Year, so you may want to head to your salon for some highlights, lowlights or a full crimson look for extra luck!
  • Considering it is still chilly weather, you could go with the whole year of the Sheep thing, and wear a really cute woolly hat… They have a great selection at HatsandCaps.co..uk . Wear your hair loose beneath the hat, to create a feminine look, or with a side braid like the Disney characters in Frozen.
  • Chinese New Year traditionally is a time to get rid of the old and bring in the new… so any fun, funky hair style you have always fancied having – now is the time to try it.
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Inject a new lease of life into your hair…

I love the New Year… who doesn’t? A fresh start and time to look ahead at all the exciting things to come… obviously a lot of my excitement is revolved around hair… of course it is!

Here are your hair tips from your Hairy Godmother Vicki Lord… that’s me ;o) on how to freshen your hair up for the new year…

  1. Go for a chop… even if it is a little trim.
  2. Inject colour… even if it is a wash-in, wash-out.
  3. Use a leave-in treatment, like a conditioner or hair oil.
  4. Get an Indian head massage, release the stress and stimulate the hair follicles.

If you have a good hair day then you have an amazing day ;o)

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What would you like to know?

Okay so it is nearly Christmas and New Year – a time when you’ve got lots to celebrate and lots of reasons to dress up and make your hair stand out – in a good way… so what is it you want tips and advice on? Maybe you are thinking ahead for the New Year – not long until 2015 now!  So anything you wish for me to answer you can email me directly: vicki@vickilord.co.uk or my PR, Jordan, access@portalpr.net – OR… you can connect with me via Facebook or Twitter… and we’ll get a blog post up answering your questions and providing you with more hair tutorials and general hair-inspiration… CHAT SOON and looking forward to hearing from you!