Why is fab hair needed after a break-up?

Listen… Good, I have your attention. Fab hair is needed all the time – not just after a break-up… But here are three reasons why having a restyle can make you feel better when you are nursing a broken heart or fractured ego:

  1. If you look good, you feel good – it may seem shallow – but true! And sometimes you need to re-find yourself after a break-up. re-connect with yourself and your own identity, not that of one half of a pair.
  2. Going to the hairdresser can make you feel relaxed and the hairdresser chat, we are so commonly known for, can make you feel as though you have a friend… and that you are not alone. The hair washing and styling is so relaxing, and this can be stress relieving.
  3. Beware not to do anything drastic with your hair – as going for the chop maybe something you regret – so watch me on the Chrissy B show to see what alternatives there are, so you don’t regret your impulsive hair choices.

Three Brands I Love in the month of LOVE

I love these brands always… but here are the reasons I use Balmain, Wahl and Batiste…

  • Wahl are a great brand, with years of experience and a fabulous team of people ensuring that the services and products they offer are at a high standard. They fabulous for male grooming.
  • Balmain are a brand I have worked with for years, and so of course they make my love list… One of my fav pieces is the Complete extension 60cm, because it gives be so much hair to work with, and the mixture of colours available mean I literally can match any hair to it… #hairheaven #hairobsessed.
  • Batsiste is a fabulous dry shampoo… it is not the first time I’ve raved about this, but I can go through so much working with bridal up-dos, and red carpet clients… so that I can create added shine and volume.

Happy Valentine’s Day this month to these lovely, brilliant brands.

bridal hairstyles

Bridal Hair Inspiration

Poppy was a beautiful bride, and it was a pleasure to do her hair… as you can see there is a massive amount of volume… and this my friends was achieved with about two wonderful cans of the fabulous Batiste dry shampoo, and Foxy Locks extensions.

Vicki lord

Zen Hair extensions

A few days prior to going to The Kent Wedding awards with a friend of mine and a finalist in the beauty category, Kelli Waldock, I applied extensions to her hair.

I used Zen Hair extensions… which are very lovely quality and the hair is silky smooth… As you can see from the image Kelli looks fab – her hair is longer, thicker and has more volume.

zen luxury hair extensionsThe bonds are easily applied and easily disguised too – ensuring a comfortable fit and authentic finish… which clearly shows in this pic, as Kelli has natural hair to her chin in a graduated bob, and this looks long.

Vicki x

Batiste styling box

Congratulations to the Batiste Styling Box Winner

katrina richardsCongratulations to Katrina Richards who has won the giveaway I shared on social media last month. Katrina was randomly selected and will be sent an amazing Batiste Styling box full of loads of goodies – CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT MORE…

Happy styling Katrina!

Vicki x

The Old Kent Barn

As a bridal hairstylist I spend hours prior to the day of the wedding discussing the bride’s perfect look, trialing out a few options, as well as ordering the necessary accessories and hairpieces… And then it is all about ensuring the bride is happy on the actual wedding day, and it is always a pleasure to arrive at a venue that offers everything I need to make my job easier… The Old Kent Barn is stunning and quaint, and offers a specially design room for the bride to get ready in. This is a lovely environment and almost feels like the set of a movie – with a dressing table, plenty of electrical sockets, and seating. There is also plenty of tea and coffee for everybody, including my favourite, Earl Grey. The staff members are so obliging, not just to the bride herself, but also to the bridal party, and to the suppliers too… So if I need extra lighting, or to have access to the room early to set-up, or any other assistance, somebody is on-hand… Even after I have done my job of creating the bridal hairstyle, I can pack up and a member of staff is on-hand to help carry my heavy equipment to my car. And it is very cool that they have walkie-talkies just to ensure they can communicate with everybody including with me… All of this makes working at this venue a pleasure.

Batiste styling box

Win a Batiste Stylist Box

I am thrilled to have teamed up with the amazing Batiste brand… Look I use the Batiste dry shampoo all of the time on celebrities and on my brides, because it works so well at adding extra volume, and workability to the hair! And so when I found out about the new styling box, I must admit I got a tad excited… okay, I got a lot excited!

So I have a Styling Box to give away… Here’s more about the fab prize you can win…

The New Batiste Stylist range gives you the style you want whenever you want it. Batiste is the UK’s no.1 dry shampoo brand and my NUMBER ONE too for dry shampoo (ohh that rhymes)! Now they have an exciting new styling range. “Batiste Stylist brings you professional authority with leading results.”

It isn’t just for the professionals, it is really easy to use and fun to work with too… And looks great on the studio…

Each product is infused with the special blend of strengthening Keratin and nourishing Inca Inchi oil to help care for your hair every time you style.

It is exclusive at BOOTs and of course, via my FB page, because if you Like, Share and pop your name in the comment box you could be the lucky winner of this amazing prize…

READ below to see what’s in the box:

Hold Me Hairspray Hold your style with our 24 hour max strength invisible hairspray. A few sprays will help shield your hair against style busting humidity whilst the special blend of Keratin & Inca Inchi oil will add a boost of moisture for a touch of shine. Need to switch your style? With the stroke of a brush the non-sticky formula means you can restyle again and again. HOW TO USE Shake the can before use and spray lightly and evenly, approximately 30cm from hair. To transform your style, simply brush out and rework. RRP – £4.49

Shield My Locks Heat & Shine Spray Keep your locks looking hot without the heat damage with our 2in1 heat protection and shine spray. Shielding against heat up to 230°c your locks will stay protected against even the hot styling tools. Our formula has been specially developed for use on dry, not damp hair, so that you can heat style in a hurry. This multi-functional spray can also be used to add the the perfect mirror shine finish to any style for super sleek glossy locks. HOW TO USE Shake the can before use and spray lightly and evenly though the entire length of the hair, approximately 30cm from hair. To help ensure product is distributed throughout, split hair into sections. Massage through hair using fingertips and then leave for a moment before using your styling tools. RRP – £4.49

Texture Me Texturizing Spray Want effortlessly textured, tousled hair? Look no further. Our irresistible texturizing spray transforms flat hair into super-sexy tousled tresses. Adding just the right amount of texture, the lightweight and non-sticky formula makes styling so much easier with natural body and movement. HOW TO USE Shake the can before use and spray lightly and evenly from root to mid lengths to create a tousled texture, approximately 30cm from hair. Massage through hair using fingertips and then leave for a moment. Shake again between sprays then brush out fully and style. RRP – £4.49

Smooth It Frizz Tamer Tame frizz and control flyaways for up to 12 hours with our instant lightweight frizz spray. It helps defend hair against hellish humidity to keep it sleek and smooth whatever the weather. Infused with our blend of Keratin & Inca Inchi oil known to help strengthen and care for frizzfrazzled locks. HOW TO USE Shake the can before use and spray lightly and evenly throughout, approximately 30cm from hair. Smooth and brush through with a soft bristle brush for a sleek finish. To keep flyaways at bay, lightly coat your brush with a gentle mist of Smooth It Frizz Tamer. RRP – £4.49

Oomph My Locks XXL Volumising Spray Take your hair to new heights with this instant backcomb in a bottle. If you’re looking for an extreme volume boost for sky-high styles then look no further. Infused with Keratin and Inca Inchi oil known to help strengthen and care for your so your big do stays healthy too. HOW TO USE Shake the can before use and spray lightly and evenly, approximately 30cm from hair. Massage through hair using fingertips and then leave for a moment. Shake again between sprays then brush out fully and style. RRP – £4.29

Oomph My Locks XXL Plumping Powder Pump up the volume with this weightless volumising powder – the ultimate root boost. This ultra-light powder instantly lifts flat, limp hair and will keep your locks plumped to perfection. A small sprinkle builds in texture and body for all day volume that won’t let you down. HOW TO USE Use on dry styled hair. Simply sprinkle a little of the styling dust onto the roots and work into the hair, adding more gradually to build up the volume. Jzush with your fingertips for a backcombed effect without the headache. RRP – £3.99

Fellow session stylist Leigh Keates is the ambassador and he says “This range is effective, easy to use and incredibly versatile. I’ve been really excited about sharing the range with my colleagues and clients and to finally get these products in the public domain…”

So to get your hands on this cool prize head to my Bridal Facebook Page.

An image of session stylist Vicki Lord

Why blog?

I just realised that I have had this blog up and running now for years – I posted my first ever blog in May 2012 – with the above photo of me…  and it was all because a few clients and brides and friends, and the list goes on were asking me if I had a blob, or why I didn’t blog… and now I do have a blog and I have been posing for a few years, I would like to suggest for you to have a blog…

FOR BRIDES: It is great to set up a blog about how you are planning your wedding and what services you have booked and how you felt throughout the time, and just to share with everybody involved… you can even give family members your log-in and make them admins so that they can blog about your day and upload photos too. A lot of brides look to the Internet for advice so you could inspire or help others too.

FOR OTHER CREATIVES: So you could be another hairstylist, or maybe a makeup artist, or a photographer or a nail tech, models, or beautician, or a creative director, or a fashion stylist… you get the picture right? Well, by having a platform to share your skills, tips, advice and knowledge you are strengthen the industry and adding connections between professionals… yes social networking is great – but with a blog you don’t have to limit what you put and you can link all of your posts to Twitter or Facebook anyway – just like i do, so I can give my clients that bit extra that they are always hoping for, as well as connecting with other people in the business of hair and beauty!


Vicki x

Check out Kerry’s and Lucy’s blog… very vibrant, bright and useful!

babyliss wand wave

Waving My Magic Wand

hair wand

I am a Hairy Godmother, so of course I need a magic wand… And I used the Babyliss Diamond Wave Wand on one of my lovely brides… It was fab, as you can see from the photo… It gives soft glamorous waves! Or with a bit of surf spray at the roots it can also give fabulous beachy waves, perfect for the summer!

The wand was easy to handle, so you don’t have to be a hairstylist to use it. 



katy perry hair

8 Steps to Katy Perry Hair

It was 40th earlier in the year – and I had a birthday week… well if you can’t do it on a special day like that when can you? I had a party and of course it was fancy dress-up, and of course I had to go as Katy Perry! Now I have had a few requests to share how I got the Katy Perry hair, so here is the look in just eight simple steps…

KatyPerryHiarMy hair is bobbed so I obviously had to use a clip-in extension! Balmain products as always – and I totally recommend! So here’s how to use my favourite extension… the 40cm complete memory hair from… ‘Balmain’

1) Wash and blow-dry hair using volume mousse like ‘Balmain Volume mousse’.
2) Curl hair with large tong to add lots of volume!
3) Spray root area with Batsise dry shampoo.
4) Section a off hair from top of ear to the other ear to create one horizontal line.
5) Backcomb this section slightly at the root area.
6) Now clip in the Balmain 40cm complete extension onto the backcombed section and secure into place.
7) Drop down the rest of the hair and blend with your fingers
8) Now spray with hairspray to keep in place.