Cody’s hair raising performance on #TheVoice

mohawkIt was pretty obvious that Cody would go all of the way to the finals on the BBC’s talent show, The Voice… she has a fab singing voice and a unique style, not to mention a connection with her mentor Boy George.

All of this aside, for me, I just want to get my hands on that girl’s hair… And the style I would do is my style of the moment… my iconic, show-stopping mohawk… I would adapt it for her, as the style is super versatile.

It would be fab to either have a striking black mohawk, complimenting the young singer’s trademark rainbow fringe, or I would maybe flip it up a little with a multi-coloured mohawk, with a block colour fringe. Although she would also look great with a blonde Gladiator Queen Mohawk… the possibilities are endless, and I’d create the hairstyle with the help of Balmain extensions.

… But what will Boy George’s team of stylists do this week with Cody’s hairstyle? I’m pretty excited to see, and of course to hear her sing too!

Find out more from Cody on Twitter @codyfrostmusic.

Here is a reminder of her blind audience…

Vicki x

Fresh 2o

Challenges of Underwater Shoots

So all shoots are different and that is why my job is so much fun, one second I am working with beautiful brides and the next with celebrities… and sometimes for underwater shoots…luckily I don’t have take the plunge to do the styling.

A while back I did the hair for celebs including Linda Lusardi and Matthew Letley, for a photo-shoot with Candice for Fresh2O, plus a shoot I did with Elen Rivas for a front cover with a London based photographer Robin Conway… also underwater…

It involves real skill to fashion style, hairstyle, do makeup, model and obviously photograph an underwater shoot. Photographers have to dive, and then there is all of that insurance and safety to consider, and as for the makeup, well that has to be stronger than if the shoot were to be out of water, and water resistant too – or there would be a right old mess! And as far as the models well, like the photographers they have to be patient, good at swimming, and be able to take direction well. But I only really know about the hair…

Robin Conway

Elen Rivas by Robin Conway


Matthew Letley by Candice

And so when it comes to styling hair for underwater images here are some tips.

– Create hairstyles that will be noticed, but not overpower the image.
– Use bright accessories, and they don’t always have to be hair accessories… for drummer Matthew Letley I attached drumsticks to give the illusion that they were floating in the images.
– Keep hair away from the face, braids work very well as they keep a style in place allowing the hair to flow natural away.
– Be careful of the products you use, obviously they have to be super firm holding and water resistant, but ensure they dry or if they do run that they will not sting the models’ eyes. So keeping as much of the main styling away from the eyes can help.
– Still maintain as much of your creativity as possible, don’t be scared to still give it your all, and to have fun.

Vicki x

jodie kidd

Jodie Kidd

I worked with Jodie Kidd last week, and she is absolutely lovely 😉 and so was her agent Clare! I was booked to style the supermodel/personality’s hair for a techno event about a drone… So I decided to keep it all very clean and casual, which suits the celebrity mum’s striking features. I opted for a simple pony, but added a Balmain Monaco hair piece, to ensure even more bounce.

Balmain actually sent me hair pieces especially  to gift her… Which she was thrilled with – I don’t blame her… she obviously knows a good product when she sees one. Oh And talking of great products, I also gifted her one of my Batiste dry shampoos.

Check out a previous blog on how to get a gorgeous ponytail similar to what I styled for Jodie Kidd.

This image was taken by the lovely makeup artist – Anne Marie Simak.

Celebrity Mums – best hair!

Here are my top three of celebrity mums who have gorgeous hair, and reasons why their style suits them! I have no knowledge of what they are like as mums… but I do know they have great hair! (No particular order)…

  1. Kim Kardashian: Whilst she may change her colour slightly, or have her style altered a little – she sticks to a formula that works for her… long, dark luscious locks (even her blonde choices are warm, and keep dark running through). She can go full or sleek, and mostly wears it centre parting and this works for her as it balances out her full, curvy figure. Her hair is ultra feminine just like her overall look. Her layers shape her face, but are kept long, so she can still tie it back, and she suits it pulled back too, but only because she has a nice long ponytail swinging behind her to keep it all very feminine. Whilst she probably has a stylist on speed dial, her style is well cut, so she could wash and dry and style a little then go.
  2. Gwen Stefani: She really is cool… and many have copied her iconic platinum blonde hair including Rita Ora… Gwen is retro but modern if that makes sense and even back during her No Doubt days she rocked it and still does, especially as she includes her poppy red lipstick with her look – bringing that touch of vintage to her makeup too. If you are going for a similar look remember that this one is super high maintenance, but punches an impact in the school playground at your kids’ pick up time.
  3. Emma Willis: Currently presenting The Voice on BBC, this little lady clearly looks after herself – what a figure for being a mum! She looks great! Plus love her hair – she proves that short can be super sexy and versatile… mostly choosing to wear it sleek, but on last weekend’s show she went with a slicked back, wet look with height – it suits her chiselled features and the dark colour makes her blue eyes really sparkle.

Which celeb mums do you love the hair of?

Vicki x


macy gray vicki lord hair

Thoughts on Afro Hair: Plus Tyra Banks video

Love this video… of the Tyra Banks show… (just Part 1 of 5 parts)it gives opinions on ‘good hair’… It is an eye opener of what people think of Afro-Caribbean hair – ‘afro hair’. Like an artist using different materials to create a masterpiece, I see the products and equipment as that and the hair type of my client, customer, celeb – whoever, as the canvas in a way… an artist may use a canvas, paper, wood etc, and I work with the hair type… I love all hair types – they are challenging for difference reasons, and I have worked with many clients who have afro-caribbean textured hair, including Macy Gray, and Tolula Adeyemi … Enjoy the video, Vicki x

Anna williamson

The glamour of getting the right photo…

I almost forgot about this video from two years ago – when we were nearing the end of a shoot – and I came up with an idea – it can sometimes lead to nearly falling on your arse – luckily it wasn’t me! This is from the cover shoot with Anna Williamson  for Holistic Therapist Magazine… proving that this industry isn’t always glamourous and sometimes you have to stand on chairs – and fall off them too!

I will be sharing how I achieved Anna’s gorgeous hair look on a future blog post – but until then – here is a giggle for you!

bluecoat launch

Launch of the Bluecoat store, Victoria

At the end of last month, I got invited to an Ian Stuart event – another reason why I love my job. I really love Ian Stuart’s designs, and was excited about attending the launch of the Bluecoat store in Victoria, London. 

ian stuart launch

Me and Tilly

What can I say, I grabbed a buddy, we dressed effortlessly cool, and we enjoyed the night of networking and socializing. When I attend events like these, I know the importance of giving my card to other creative people, as well as taking theirs too. It has happened in the past, when I have been at a shoot or a wedding and the make-up artist has not turned up or the photographer is stuck in traffic and has had to turn back… these things happen and the show must go on… so to have the contact details of other industry people, is super important. It is also fun to be able to chat to like-minded people, and work with them on future planned projects. I particularly hit it off with a fabulous wedding planner, and a choreographer who does Ian Stuart’s shows. And I found out that he is possibly doing a job that I am pencilled for, working with a great sports brand – so it is a small world, and an even smaller industry. After a couple of hours of sipping champers, and some very strong, pretty blue coloured cocktails, myself and my friend Tilly decided to leave the stunning people chatting to even more stunning, very tall models dressed beautifully in Ian Stuart’s flamboyant pieces, and head off home. We had a fab time, and I am looking forward to hopefully using some of Ian Stuart’s pieces in future shoots, so that I can design amazing hairstyles to compliment his amazing dresses. http://www.ianstuart-blewcoat.com/


A hair cut is your Friend!

A hairstyle can change your entire image, and literally transform you from one person (visually) to the next. But you still have to choose the style that is right for you. One that suits your personality, dress sense, skin tone, face shape and hair type and colour. During the decade that the American sitcom Friends was running jennifer Aniston was the envy of so many people – everyone wanted a Jen cut… but just like everybody else in the world, Jennifer suited some of her styles better than others. 

This photo is my favorite of all of her styles. It suits her better than when she has her hair up, or chin length. Jennifer has a square face with a pointed chin, and so the soft long layers cut around her face softens her face shape. Adding too much volume at the sides of her hair will widen her face, so like this image it is kept very natural, therefore really compliments her face shape and strong jawline. The side parting also breaks up the squareness of her fore head, and the soft caramel tones in her hair suits her sun-kissed complexion.

I personally love Jennifer Anniston looking as natural as possible!



How do I achieve Amy Adams’ vintage hairstyle?

I love Amy Adams’ up-do that she wore at the Golden Globes in 2013…. combining an elegant side bun with a vintage Marcel wave.

There are many ways of achieving the Marcel wave, also called Finger wave i.e. wet/dry sets, clamps, tongs, two prong tongs, GHD’s to name a few. And there are all sorts of different interpretations of ths look! I’ve tried them all, and I would always opt for the original set method with clamping clips, although this does take time and patience, in my professional opinion it certainly gives the best results.

BUT the simplest  way to re create this look would be to get your hair stylist to use a waving tong recommend as this will achieve a nice wave quickly and without all the mess of gel and complications…

Equipment needed: soft brittle hair brush,  1 strong hair band, hair pins, Kirby grips, hair spray, sectioning clips, heat protector spray, tail comb, waving tongs

Recommended brands: Denman soft bristle brush , Elnett hairspray, Babyliss Wave Envy Styler, Aveda Brilliant Damage.

1) Make a nice clean straight parting in your hair to the side of your choice using your tail comb.
2) Section off both sides of your hair from the top of your crown area to the top of each ear.
3) With your remaining hair at the back just tie into a ponytail for the moment to keep it out of the way, whilst you work on the front of your hair.
5) Spray heat protector on the front of your hair to protect your hair from the heat of the tongs
4) Now using your waving tongs work on the front sections taking 2cm sliced horizontal sections of your hair clamping your tongs down from root to tips of your hair creating a stunning  wave.
5) Using your sectioning clips place a sectioning clip in each deepest point of the wave through the front section of hair (this will keep the Marcel wave in place whilst you work on the back of your hair, plus also helps create a deeper wave) spray with hairspray once secured in place.
6) Now you are going to work on your side bun, remove the hair and from the back of your hair.
7) Bring all of your hair over to the side making sure you leave some the front section of hair out (the side where your bun will sit).
8) Secure hair into a ponytail behind your ear with hairband.
9) Back brush the ponytail slightly to create texture (to back brush hair just use your soft brush and gently push your hair up from tip to root direction)
10) Now wrap the ponytail around and around the base in a clockwise direction and secure with hair pins as you go and then spray with hairspray to secure bun.
11) Now take out your sectioning clips and voila you have an Amy Adams Golden Globe hairstyle!

 Vicki Lord

British Soap Awards 2014: Get Shona’s Marcel Wave

Around this time last week I was preparing to work with Shona McGarty again for her night with the other UK TV stars at the BRITISH SOAP AWARDS 2014. Her make-up (by Emily Rose) was elegant and sexy, which added even more glamour to that berry-red dress (styled by Kelvin Barron) – the backless number was stunning, and the block colour elongated her curvy frame. When it came to the hair, Shona and I opted for one of my all-time fav styles… The Marcel Wave. This classic, feminine and elegant vintage wave oozes Hollywood glamour. Why not try opting for this stunning look for your wedding day? Or even for a special date or event?

How to create this hair look by me Vicki Lord:

Tools needed: Hair wand or tong, soft bristle brush, sectioning clips, heat protector spray and hair spray.

Hair length required: Medium to Long

  1. Spray blow-dried hair with heat Protector spray evenly throughout.
  2. Create a deep side parting best suited to your face shape. 
  3. Starting from the nape of your neck, work in horseshoe sections around the head, take large sections of hair and wrap hair around wand/curling tong, keeping the wand vertical as you go. Start by curling hair in one direction, then curl hair in the opposite direction at the next horse shoe section. This will help create an ‘S’-shape wave. TOP TIP Make sure you pin the curls in place with sectioning clips and allow to cool, this will create a stronger and lasting curl.
  4. Once you have curled all of your hair, remove pins then gently brush hair through to create a soft wave.
  5. Keep brushing through the hair to sculpt the wave. Once you have created your desired wave apply sectioning clips in the deepest part of the wave closest to your scalp. This helps create a nice deep Marcel wave. 
  6. Spray with hair spray to secure wave, leave clips in as long as you can to set the look.
  7. Remove clips and there you have a stunning Marcel wave! 

Try adorning your stunning vintage hairstyle with a bridal head dress to add that bridal sparkle, or for other events keep simple and pair with dazzling earrings like Shona’s.