Red on your Wedding Day

When you have been doing bridal hair as long as I have, you get to know about weddings, and one of the things that comes up over and again with my brides is how they can include colour into their day… Red is a fav colour of lots of ladies, but it can be over done, but carefully integrated soft reds paired with deeper shades can add the perfect colour injection to your modern wedding, without making it look too garish with red of course!

  1. Roses: Sprinkle petals on the tables, use petals as confetti, and have edible rose petals as part of your romantic menu.
  2. Ribbons: Tie ribbon in bows to add love and excitement to your invites and favours. Carry the ribbon theme through to chair covers, bouquets, and decor. Using a contrasting shade to the main accent colour avoids the theme looking dated.
  3. Flowers: Deep pink coloured bouquets may work better than full-on red with some themes… carry the colour through to the groom pins, hair accessories, and centrepieces – they will lift classic ivories and creams. Have deeper shades complimenting lighter hues to create depth.
  4. Make-up: Brides can opt for a flawless finish, with high beam shimmer; make the look pop with bright fuchsia kissable lips or a ruby red Hollywood pout to create contrast with softer eye-shadows.
  5. Attire: It is a statement to wear a coloured wedding dress, and many brides still opt for more traditional shades, preferring the theme colour to be worn by bridesmaids, often matching the groom’s cumberband or cravat… but red embroidered detail is popular, or wear a pair of nude Louboutins’ shoes with red soles for a luxury choice that you can wear again.


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