Big Hair is always beautiful

Trends vary from one season to the next, from sleek dos, to intricate, to sharp, to messy to edgy… I could go on… the BIG hair trend also goes in waves (excuse the pun)… but to me big hair is always in… that is coming from somebody who has a sleek bob… but I love styling hair into massive hair… in fact sometimes only BIG will do… the bigger the better. It is super retro and can look ultra glam… and big hair is actually surprisingly versatile. You can getaway with wearing your hair full of volume during the day and then carrying it on to the evening, perhaps scooping it up on one side to create a more elegant look. Big hair can be very funky, but it can also look sexy… Angelina Jolie has done big hair in the past and I love it on her, as has Jennifer Lopez, Charlie’s Angels and even Beyonce… And I love Batiste dry shampoo to create added volume to hair.

big hair

Check out these photos from a shoot I did with Chris Yates.

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