Month: July 2015

Fresh 2o

Challenges of Underwater Shoots

So all shoots are different and that is why my job is so much fun, one second I am working with beautiful brides and the next with celebrities… and sometimes for underwater shoots…luckily I don’t have take the plunge to do the styling.

A while back I did the hair for celebs including Linda Lusardi and Matthew Letley, for a photo-shoot with Candice for Fresh2O, plus a shoot I did with Elen Rivas for a front cover with a London based photographer Robin Conway… also underwater…

It involves real skill to fashion style, hairstyle, do makeup, model and obviously photograph an underwater shoot. Photographers have to dive, and then there is all of that insurance and safety to consider, and as for the makeup, well that has to be stronger than if the shoot were to be out of water, and water resistant too – or there would be a right old mess! And as far as the models well, like the photographers they have to be patient, good at swimming, and be able to take direction well. But I only really know about the hair…

Robin Conway

Elen Rivas by Robin Conway


Matthew Letley by Candice

And so when it comes to styling hair for underwater images here are some tips.

– Create hairstyles that will be noticed, but not overpower the image.
– Use bright accessories, and they don’t always have to be hair accessories… for drummer Matthew Letley I attached drumsticks to give the illusion that they were floating in the images.
– Keep hair away from the face, braids work very well as they keep a style in place allowing the hair to flow natural away.
– Be careful of the products you use, obviously they have to be super firm holding and water resistant, but ensure they dry or if they do run that they will not sting the models’ eyes. So keeping as much of the main styling away from the eyes can help.
– Still maintain as much of your creativity as possible, don’t be scared to still give it your all, and to have fun.

Vicki x

vicki lord studio

Setting up your own Studio

Hairdresser’s Journal published my tips for setting up a home salon… Read them here: CLICK, or below…

Ten Top Tips on Launching a Home Studio

Vicki Lord has nearly thirty years of experience as a session and bridal hairstylist and this year she has set up her own home-based studio…. Here are ten tips on how you could do the same:

  1. Plan

Just like you book in trials for your clients, or sketch out ideas before a VIP session booking, your home studio needs this same type of TLC… because planning is everything! Planning can include writing the pros and cons for having a home studio, as well as listing the equipment you think you will need, and how you want the studio to look. What is it that you need the studio for? Who will visit? Existing clients? Brides? I use my studio for bridal trials, session styling, shoots, training my staff, and providing small group Habia-approved courses via my academy. Discuss your plans with your family and partner, because remember it is their home too, so you all need to be happy.

  1. Funds

A big part of the planning is budgeting. Ensure that you can allocate some funds to setting it up – yes, there will be some outlay, but with your home studio you can offer your clients more and it will cut down your travel and hire costs too, plus as it is work related, much of what you do and set up for operating your business will be tax deductable. Your accountant will be able to tell you more about that part. Try to be realistic with your budget, making it clear what is essential to your home studio, and what can hold back on until you look at your numbers at the end of the project.

  1. Place

My home studio is based in my garden, which is perfect – because it gives me that physical separation from my home life and work life. It did mean that my husband and I had to change our outdoor space to accommodate the studio. The other benefit is that there is a separate entrance for my clients. You need to think carefully about where in your home is best suited to a studio space, a place that is big enough, and that is ventilated… (Especially if you use a lot of hairspray!) Maybe you have a garage that you can convert, or an outbuilding that can be converted. You may need to apply for some conversion or planning permission, and whilst this all may feel a little daunting initial, if you plan properly you will have your home studio up and running before you can say ‘snip.’

  1. Warm

As soon as you decide where your studio will be, before you get to the fun part of decorating and kitting it out with all of your equipment, you have to think about the shell of it! Is it going to be warm enough for you to work in and for your clients to feel comfortable? Ensure that your studio is well insulated and double-glazed – you want your clients to have the best experience under your care and with your services as possible.

  1. Brand

Is your studio going to reflect you, or are you going to re-brand? Think about your business as a whole, if you have new business cards and a new website, then make sure that your potential clients and existing customers know that it is still the same ‘you’. The brand needs to also show in the décor of the studio – whilst this is at your home, it is important that the taste is neutral, so that it caters for all clients’ tastes. You will need to ensure that you have the necessary equipment i.e. the big mirrors, bright and mood light options, swivel chairs, comfortable waiting chairs and plenty of plug sockets.

  1. Share

Okay so now that you have a fabulous home studio, what comes next? Well, you have to tell people about it. Share the news on social networks, and ask your friends to share it too. You can get some discount or offer leaflets printed and post them in the letterboxes of your neighborhood to encourage new bookings.

  1. Safe

Is your new studio secure? Even if it is attached to the house, you want to make sure that you have either a security camera or automatic sensor light, and definitely adequate locks on your doors and equipment and data. Treat it as you would if it were a high-street salon. Make sure that your insurance gives you the correct cover; both for the contents, the building and the fact you are working with people from your home.

  1. Clean

Word of mouth is the biggest form of publicity for small local businesses, and you want people to say nice things about you and your new studio… so hygiene is a must, for obvious reasons, as well as wanting to maintain a good reputation. Always have cleaning products, as well as a floor brush and regularly clean dustbins and keep the windows and mirrors polished too. It is vital that at the planning stages that you get good, reliable plumbing installed by a registered plumber, for washing hands as well as hair. You may also opt for toilet facilities or clients can use a downstairs cloakroom in your home.

  1. Chill

It is a big decision and business move, and a great one too, but there were times that I felt stressed when setting everything up, and juggling it with bookings, photo-shoots and mumhood… so I would advise taking a breather if you need to, try not to let it get you down, and try to remain positive and patient. Remember if you set out a thorough plan and try your hardest to stick to that, as well as to the budget then even the more challenging times won’t be that bad!

  1. Launch

Don’t get so caught up in all the business side of things that you forget to celebrate your achievement. Make sure you take photos, invite a few friends and family over for nibbles and drinks and even cut the ribbon before you let anyone get a glimpse of your brand new studio.

Congratulations and good luck with your new venture of working from home!

hair growth

Early Bird Reminder

Hi all… Just to remind you that the early bird offer for my Habia approved three day classic bridal hair course in Kent is still available…

Course Price: £799
Early Bird Price: £699
(Please note that full payment must be received four weeks prior to the course date to secure Early Bird booking.)
Course Credits: 21 CPD hours, approved by Habia, and SkillsActive: The Authority for Hair, Beauty, Nails and Spa.
Course Prerequisites: Students must have a relevant Level 2 or equivalent qualifications, and email proof of this to Vicki at the time of booking the course.
(Please note that other CPD approved courses will be available soon, and Vicki is also available to provide workshops and private non-accredited courses with a certificate of completion for unqualified students interested in hair. Please keep checking back on the website or contact Vicki directly to find out more.)

Make a smart business move and book on this Classic Bridal Hair Course with award-winning bridal hairstylist Vicki Lord, and you can charge clients more for your services, because you will be able to offer them more…
More experience! More expertise! And EXTRA TLC!

Head over to the academy page of my website for more information.