Month: June 2015

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Summer Loving Hair

I love the summer – yes I know we don’t always get the best weather – and well unexpected rain is  a big NO NO for keeping your hair lovely and in its style, and the sunlight can cause damage – but rain or shine you can still have lovely hair this summer with these tips:

  1. Carry a cute hat just in case it rains. Or a think on-trend Alice band so that you can sleek you hair back neatly.
  2. Use a heat protector product on your hair so that it does not get sun damaged or look dry.
  3. Try a braided look, as this is tidy perfect for the pool on holiday and lasts well.
  4. Go a shade lighter if you are into colouring your hair – but get it done professionally or use a decent product – bleach and sunlight are not friends.
  5. If you find that your hair is very damaged this summer from the sea, wind, sun, swimming pool etc, and you don’t want to dry dreadlocks then ensure you brush gently and gradually, whilst holding the hair above the brush, and brushing from tips to scalp, not yanking from roots. Use a conditioning product – but also wash any sea or sand or chlorine out of your hair with a gentle shampoo. If you do end up staying in the shade or inside for a day or two then don’t wash, allow your hair some breathing space.
  6. To keep the hair looking as great as possible and in good condition get it trimmed regularly through the summer weeks.
  7. As it will be getting lots of sunlight avoid too much heat equipment unless you are heading off to a party or special occasion. Instead towel dry and comb through gently.
  8. Top knots and buns, as well as braids (as mentioned above – check out this Post on how to create an on-trend braid,) are great for keeping cool during the sunny days, and looking neat during the summer rain… make sure you tuck those tips in to avoid exposure to the sun – the tips of the hair get dry and damaged so easily.
  9. If your long hair is getting annoying and hot, then consider having a re-style – maybe shorter, or thinned out so the hair is lighter. I love how Katy Perry is always changing her hair and is not afraid to go short or dye it a colour colour… but don’t wear a wig unless you have to as these can be very hot and uncomfortable. Wig-wearers may instead opt for a very nice, floral or on-trend head scarf.
  10. Check out my Festival Hair Tips from last year!
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Blog on Hitched Website

As featured on hitched.ieLoved working with to create these funky vintage looks…

Retro is cool, and sassy, and if that matches your personality, it is likely you are going to want to add a splash of vintage to your wedding day… And what better way than to go for a hairstyle inspired by a past era! Here are three classic vintage looks with a modern edge…. Plus a tutorial for the most popular vintage style among modern brides – The marvelous Marcel wave:

eighties hairRocky Retro up-do: This adds a rocky, slightly Madonna-circa-nineteen-eighties edge; it shows off the elegant neck and shoulders area if worn with a strapless dress, and paired with a bit of lace and diamante, the look is perfected. You can add shimmer and sparkle to the makeup – but keep it subtle so the look remains elegant.

Marvelous Marcel Wave: An era that is very popular, probably because of television series such as Downton Abbey, is the thirties and forties, and this is an overall style that celebrities have been emulating on the red carpet for years, because it is super feminine, glamorous and elegant. Image above.

Retro beehive

Sructured Beehive: A sophisticated sixties style that adds height to the bride, and looks stunning with a vintage net hair accessory, or you could embellish this beehive with a sparkly band for a dramatic effect.


Vicki Lord Bridal Hair

Bridal Hair Inspiration

I justBeautiful bride hair had to share images of one of my recent beautiful brides… How much do you love the hair?! Thought so – me too… If you are a bride-to-be – Do you see yourself wearing your hair like this? Don’t worry if your hair is shorter – you may have time to grow it – also I always carry enough Balmain extensions.

This is so elegant and regal from the back, and the front is a little bit boho, with the braid detail and so this style is perfect for young, modern brides.

Check out more of my bridal styles on:

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QUICK MESSAGE: Change of NEXT Academy Dates

Hi all hair lovers, and hairstylists… Just to let you all know that the June dates for my 3-Day Classic Bridal Hair Course in Kent… BUT not to worry, as if you would like to book dates in October, there are spaces!  Head to the Academy page of my website for more information.  The October dates have changed slightly to 13th, 14th and 15th October 2015.