katy perry hair

8 Steps to Katy Perry Hair

It was 40th earlier in the year – and I had a birthday week… well if you can’t do it on a special day like that when can you? I had a party and of course it was fancy dress-up, and of course I had to go as Katy Perry! Now I have had a few requests to share how I got the Katy Perry hair, so here is the look in just eight simple steps…

KatyPerryHiarMy hair is bobbed so I obviously had to use a clip-in extension! Balmain products as always – and I totally recommend! So here’s how to use my favourite extension… the 40cm complete memory hair from… ‘Balmain’

1) Wash and blow-dry hair using volume mousse like ‘Balmain Volume mousse’.
2) Curl hair with large tong to add lots of volume!
3) Spray root area with Batsise dry shampoo.
4) Section a off hair from top of ear to the other ear to create one horizontal line.
5) Backcomb this section slightly at the root area.
6) Now clip in the Balmain 40cm complete extension onto the backcombed section and secure into place.
7) Drop down the rest of the hair and blend with your fingers
8) Now spray with hairspray to keep in place.



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