Month: April 2015

vicki lord hair

Front Cover

The Kent Wedding Magazine celebrated its 60th Anniversary Issue and I feel honoured to have had one of my hair-dos on the cover… in fact one of my very favourite hairstyles to create and a very popular style with brides and celebrities… it is the Marcel wave…. modelled by Laura Elliot and shot by Benjamin Toms Photography. The cover image was included as a fellow creative of mine and makeup artist on the shoot Lucy Jayne wrote a featured beauty piece called Timeless Beauty, she talks readers through how they can perfect retro makeup for different eras! 

I will be sure to include some how-tos/tutorials of the same styles on future posts – but to get the makeup tutorials you can grab yourself a copy of The Kent Wedding Magazine or head to Lucy’s website.

Vicki x

babyliss wand wave

Waving My Magic Wand

hair wand

I am a Hairy Godmother, so of course I need a magic wand… And I used the Babyliss Diamond Wave Wand on one of my lovely brides… It was fab, as you can see from the photo… It gives soft glamorous waves! Or with a bit of surf spray at the roots it can also give fabulous beachy waves, perfect for the summer!

The wand was easy to handle, so you don’t have to be a hairstylist to use it. 



Funky photographers

1930s Period Wedding: Featured in Love My Dress

vicki lord bridal hairOne of my brides Danyel recently got married at a Grade 2 listed mansion in Richmond Surrey,.. And it was right up my street.. well, not literally I don’t live there… the style of the wedding was up my street so to speak… it was retro – 1930’s vibe, and so subtly and elegantly done, and we chose the apt Marcel Wave for the hairstyle, which complimented the bride’s dress perfectly… well, I don’t have to go on and on, because you can see for yourself, as the wedding and all the info is published on Love My Dress… ENJOY!

Photographer – Funky Photographers

jodie kidd

Jodie Kidd

I worked with Jodie Kidd last week, and she is absolutely lovely 😉 and so was her agent Clare! I was booked to style the supermodel/personality’s hair for a techno event about a drone… So I decided to keep it all very clean and casual, which suits the celebrity mum’s striking features. I opted for a simple pony, but added a Balmain Monaco hair piece, to ensure even more bounce.

Balmain actually sent me hair pieces especially  to gift her… Which she was thrilled with – I don’t blame her… she obviously knows a good product when she sees one. Oh And talking of great products, I also gifted her one of my Batiste dry shampoos.

Check out a previous blog on how to get a gorgeous ponytail similar to what I styled for Jodie Kidd.

This image was taken by the lovely makeup artist – Anne Marie Simak.

Practical Hair for Mums: tutorial!

Not only am I your Hairy Godmother, but I am also a real mother of two gorgeous girls, and up until recently I had my lovely Nana around (she sadly passed away on my birthday in January of this year), and so there was four generations of us… My mother always experiments with her hair, and I love the fact that I get to play with my daughters’ hair – they are like my own little dolls to practice on. I wanted to post this up for Mother’s Day last month… but I was super busy sorting my academy, and doing shoots and brides, but I think Mum’s should be celebrated every day!!!

It is important that all mums feel special, and well, you may have heard me say it, or you may have read me write it (you know what I mean), a million times (maybe not that many), but if your hair looks good then you feel great! It is one of the secrets of the universe… It may seem surface, but try it – it’s like magic. Being a busy working mum, it is not always easy to keep your hair looking like you have just stepped out of a salon, but here is a look that any mum can achieve super quick each morning before the school run or a day of grocery shopping… so give it a go… But make sure you also treat yourself to a pamper and re-style in a salon every so often – because you are worth it!

So the easiest most effective do for busy mums would have to be the pony with a quiff! This is a practical hairstyle that can be done so quickly and has instant impact! It’s great to be able to tie your hair up whilst you’re running about being super mum!!

How to:

  1. Section a triangle section from your temple area and take it back about 2-3 inches towards the crown area.
  2. Isolate this hair away from the back of hair.
  3. Secure the rest of the hair back into a ponytail at the back of head towards your crown area.
  4. Gently back brush the triangle section at the front  to create the quiff, use dry shampoo at root area to help create height and texture whilst back brushing, smooth the top layer of quiff tail using the back brush.
  5. Dress the quiff back towards the base of the ponytail creating as much height as you’d like and then secure with grips.
  6. Now with the ponytail down take a small section of the ponytail from underneath and wrap around to disguise grips and band.
  7. Secure with grips underneath base of ponytail.
  8. Spray with hairspray to secure in place.

Tip: For an extra sparkle try curling the ponytail! Or if your hair is not quite long enough try adding a clip-in pointy tail… Balmain have a great range!

Love from your Hairy God Mother x
Equipment needed:

Soft bridle brush, hair band and grips
Dry shampoo Batiste, hairspray Elnett loreal


katy perry hair

8 Steps to Katy Perry Hair

It was 40th earlier in the year – and I had a birthday week… well if you can’t do it on a special day like that when can you? I had a party and of course it was fancy dress-up, and of course I had to go as Katy Perry! Now I have had a few requests to share how I got the Katy Perry hair, so here is the look in just eight simple steps…

KatyPerryHiarMy hair is bobbed so I obviously had to use a clip-in extension! Balmain products as always – and I totally recommend! So here’s how to use my favourite extension… the 40cm complete memory hair from… ‘Balmain’

1) Wash and blow-dry hair using volume mousse like ‘Balmain Volume mousse’.
2) Curl hair with large tong to add lots of volume!
3) Spray root area with Batsise dry shampoo.
4) Section a off hair from top of ear to the other ear to create one horizontal line.
5) Backcomb this section slightly at the root area.
6) Now clip in the Balmain 40cm complete extension onto the backcombed section and secure into place.
7) Drop down the rest of the hair and blend with your fingers
8) Now spray with hairspray to keep in place.



Gorgeous Hair with Batiste Dry Shampoo…

I just wanted to share this hair do that is absolutrely stunning – more photos soon, as it was on the set of a creative bridal shoot… But the look was created with the use of lots of Batise dry shampoo. Check out their range:

Chat soon, Vicki x

vicki lord easter

Have a Smashing Easter with this YOLKY hair mask…

Well, Easter is approaching and it is an important time for many… And eggs-actly (sorry couldn’t resist hehehe) a year ago today, I had a my egg mask recipe published on the Holistic Therapist Magazine website

When it comes to hair – there is one person that knows pretty much everything there is to know about it – the care, the look, the styles, the colour and how to make a hair mask from raw eggs… Here is celebrity Session Stylist, Vicki Lord’s recipe for shiny locks, and all in time for Easter – what an egg-cellent idea!

“Okay let’s get cracking!…

This is such an easy way to add shine and lustre to your locks… And it is a recipe for your hair not to eat! ALL hair types can use this too… Use one to three eggs (depending on your hair length) – and crack them in a bowl. It is best that they are room temperature! Whisk, or stir and add the same number of spoonfuls of olive oil as eggs (so if you are using two eggs then two spoonfuls) – you can use coconut oil as well as or instead of olive oil – and then mix it all together. It is advised to stand in the shower or sit in the bath and apply to dry hair – as it can be a little messy! You want to leave the mixture on for ten to twenty minutes – maybe with a shower cap to keep the dripping to a minimum, and then rinse with cool water first, and then shampoo as usual.”

That is a great way to use raw eggs this Easter… but it is fun to eat eggs too… so why not treat yourself to a healthy, hearty breakfast of soldiers and dippy egg… YUM! Photo above…

Have a GOOD Friday and Smashing Easter… Okay I will stop with the hot cross puns! Vicki x