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Happy Chinese New Year Hair

Not everybody celebrates Chinese New Year… I don’t really, but I have seen a lot of posts on social media since last week and thought I’d jump on the horse too… or the Goat in this case… as it is the year of the Goat/Sheep/Ram… Bah Bah… that was my impression of a sheep – good eh? Anyway here are some nice hair ideas for Chinese New Year…

  • Put a simple bun in your hair, and cross a pair of chopsticks through it to add an oriental touch to your look. It is also a great way of holding the bun in place. Wear it with a simple line of black kohl under your eyes or a little bit of red lippy. Keep it subtle though, you don’t want to go over the top geisha girl. Also choose pretty chopsticks not the plain brown or wooden ones you eat your sushi with ( yes, I know sushi is Japanese! but you know what I mean). I quite love the red Star Wars chopsticks available at Amazon. May the force be with you!
  • Oriental hair is great to work with, often very straight and very shiny, so to achieve this look, use a good shampoo and conditioner for your hair type, apply protective heat spray, and use a good straightener like GHD or Yogi all over, and give your hair a sleek finish with a shine serum.
  • Red is a lucky colour at Chinese New Year, so you may want to head to your salon for some highlights, lowlights or a full crimson look for extra luck!
  • Considering it is still chilly weather, you could go with the whole year of the Sheep thing, and wear a really cute woolly hat… They have a great selection at . Wear your hair loose beneath the hat, to create a feminine look, or with a side braid like the Disney characters in Frozen.
  • Chinese New Year traditionally is a time to get rid of the old and bring in the new… so any fun, funky hair style you have always fancied having – now is the time to try it.

Styling Shona’s and Lorna’s hair

I love Eastenders don’t you? And how exciting were the Eastenders Live shows last week?… I know! I was on the edge of my seat… then I got a dose of reality because obviously we are dealing with soap opera here! Actors and actresses… but really good ones, so it all seems so real… Anyway, back to hair… I got to style the always stunning Shona McGarty’s hair (Shona plays Whitney), and lovely Lorna Fitzgerald’s hair (Lorna plays Abi)… They looked amazing… very sexy sixties – you know I love my retro! And Shona’s hair was inspired by a Cheryl look – see the photos below.

eastenders LornaShona  photo[4]

Marc Jacob’s choice of Hair for his Spring/Summer 2015 Collection NYFW

Marc Jacobs went for some strong, boxy cuts and some muted colours, big collars, big pockets, big buttons, and a strong of military… I think a lot of it looked purposely oversized and almost like young girls were wearing their dad’s uniforms… very cool! The other really cool thing about the Marc Jacob’s Spring Summer 2015 collection was the choice of hair.

At a glance the models look like clones… but this is all an illusion perfectly achieved through strong, but simple identical hair… as all the models have a variety of skin tones and features. This just proves how important the whole image is for a style to be carried off, and for a designer to always consider the hair for his/her shows.

This blunt fringed black bob can look a little harsh, but I think this was Marc Jacob’s intention, almost like they are haphazardly cut too, a little jagged and blocked dyed. I think it was a very powerful choice – because not only does it add to the whole theme, but it also really makes you concentrate on the clothes. The fringe is super long, even going over some of the model’s eyes, almost like they don’t have an identity at all! One thing is for sure if you were to sport a bold cut like the one chosen by Marc Jacobs for his models of the Spring/Summer collection 2015 New York Fashion Week, then you will certainly be noticed.


  • If you already have a bob cut, then you may opt for a black colour – but remember this can wash you out – so get advice from your colourist. You can still enjoy this cut without the colour.
  • If you have bob, and want the long, striking fringe that covers the eyes a little, but don’t want to commit to having one cut in, try a clip in one from Balmain – I use them for shoots and brides and swear by the brand!
  • Keep it a little messy by adding a tiny bit of wax, and scrunching the top layer, leaving the rest smooth, or you can just not brush the top layer properly in the morning after sleeping on it and just go over the fringe and under layer with the GHDs.
  • The cut looks roughly done, and a little bit Lego hair’ish, but I wouldn’t recommend you do this at home, often the messiest or roughest dos are the hardest to achieve, so ask your hairstylist and they will find it super easy, because it is what they are good at. Leave the scissors out of arm’s and harm’s reach and concentrate on getting a cool Marc Jacob-esque outfit to rock with it.
vicki lord hair stylist to the stars

Well ahead of NYFW with my black bob ;o)

I’m all for the strong looking bob myself, and here is me celebrating my 40th late last month with my gorgeous hubby, who spoilt me with a holiday away.

You can see my hair is not as messy and my fringe isn’t as long, but I’m well ahead of New York Fashion Week with my black bob, even at forty ;o).

Wear your hair to suit your clothes

I want to share this (“BURBERRY PRORSUM” London Fashion Week Fall Winter 2014 2015 by Fashion Channel), video because it is a great example of how a designer uses hair to compliment their collection. The hair is super simple, almost a little sixties and seventies retro feel – think Alexa Chung… with the purposeful messy look and obvious parting, not worrying so much about revealing roots, falling haphazardly on the shoulders of the models, and merging softly into the flow of the printed fabrics, that equally look haphazardly worn, but are clearly very much styled with the belts and scarves.

So wear your hair loose and parted, adding a tad of dry shampoo or spray at the roots.

romantic wedding photo

Romantic hair for Romantic Brides

Are you planning your wedding? Maybe your beloved is planning to pop that all important question tomorrow on Valentine’s Day?  Well, the romance is certainly in the air, so you never know. And you may want to start thinking about what kind of wedding you want, maybe you’ve even been planning your special day since you were a young girl… well, if you love romance and then you will love these hairstyles from some of my previous brides… be inspired for your romantic wedding and check out more on my website:

bridal hair london

vicki lord bridal session stylistvicki lord hair

bridal hair

event the century club

Sex Tape and Bed Hair

Not many of us can climb out of bed in the morning and look at our reflection in the mirror without being a little scared – even if you have the best hairstyle, your locks need a little TLC before heading out to face the world right? Especially if there has been a night of action.. say no more… So when I was booked on an event on January 8th 2015 to make people’s hair look exactly that… well I was excited and intrigued – and then it all made sense… as I was working with DNA PR, and Sony Pictures on the Blu-ray & DVD release of the comedy Sex Tape, starring Cameron Diaz and Jason Segal… It was released on boxing day and I reckon a must for the DVD collection! Diaz and Segal play a couple who try and ignite the spark in their relationship by trying out all the positions in ‘The Joy of Sex’ and filming it…

sex tape BatisteSo I was booked  to set up a styling stand, at The Century Club. The event also involved Ann Summers  –  and it was sexy and fun to create ‘bed head hair’ for the attendees. Here’s a pic – got to use my fab Batiste dry shampoo to give extra volume to those shaggy dos, and I loved every second!

eighties hair

Eighties Hair inspired by The Wedding Singer

There are lots of aspects of your wedding to consider when planning, including what type of music you are going to choose – will you go for a band? A DJ? Karaoke? Or why not a wedding singer? Maybe you can decide by watching Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore in the romantic comedy set in the eighties called The Wedding Singer – you may have seen it, but it is a fun one to watch on  a girls’ night in – so get your bridesmaids over and be inspired…

Now, I’m all about hair, as you know, so when I watch any movie or TV, I am still always looking at the hair and thinking about the hair… and this particular movie made me think of the style above. It is perfect for anyone who still loves the eighties vibe, the attire and the hair and makeup – but it is not overkill, because going for any retro look, particularly eighties, it has to be done the right way – with subtly or it can look dated… This rocky retro up-do is slightly Madonna-circa-nineteen-eighties edge; it shows off the elegant neck and shoulders area if worn with a strapless dress, and paired with a bit of lace and diamante, the look is perfected. I’d recommend makeup that is in-keeping with the look, but again don’t go over the top – maybe add a bit of sheen, high cheek bones, glitter, or colour. This is a great style for anybody who loved the eighties the first time round, or loves the injection of eighties styles in the noughties… it adds a funky edge to the bride and is perfect if you have a groovy reception planned.


great dry shampoo

Loving Batiste Dry Shampoo!

I love working with dry shampoo! It helps create so much volume and thickness to the hair! Batiste is a fab brand, because it doesn’t just do dry shampoo, but it really does dry shampoo – and for different needs: brunette hair, blonde hair, dark hair, light hair, for refreshing hair and for extra volume – so you can go serious bouffant.

The bottles are funky, somehow a futuristic mixed with retro feel – and easy to hold and apply too!

Much of my work involves styling hair into up dos… and I do tend to spray dry shampoo at the root area to give the hair extra height and staying power! And as mentioned above, I so love the fact that the Batiste range is available in different colours, so I can really cater for all of my clients.

Recently, one of my clients was considering buying and regularly wearing a wig as her hair is so fine and limp, but now that I’ve introduced her to Batiste dry shampoo, the wig is just a distant memory!

Batiste is a permanent part of my hair kit ;o)

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