Month: January 2015

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Are you getting married this year?

I love weddings… being apart of the team that transforms brides into what they dream of for their special day really gives me a buzz… and bookings are already coming in thick and fast for this year… hectic, but fun!!!

So if you are getting married and need some hair advice then just drop me an email on or check out my website or the about/contact page of this blog for my social networking links.

If you are in the London, or Greater London area and are interesting in booking my team’s services then head to my bridal site for more information, I’d love to be apart of making your day even more special!!

Lots of love your Hairy Godmother ;o)

cassidy alopecia

Inspiring Videos on ALOPECIA

I came across these two inspiration videos of young girls who suffer from alopecia… One who lives with it, and another who has overcome it… and I wanted to share these, as I have worked with sufferers of this condition. This is why I love what I do, as I can create styles for people with and without hair, with the help of wigs. Watching these videos also makes me feel grateful, and commend these young girls for their bravery.

My alopecia story

I had alopecia and I got my hair back!

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Pro Hair Column

For those of you that like my blogs... firstly thank you for always checking out what I am up to and the tips I have to share, secondly, I am also offering some advice on Next Root Style as a professional hair stylist… it is great to work with a fresh site that is all about hair… here is my profile page: CLICK.


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Inject a new lease of life into your hair…

I love the New Year… who doesn’t? A fresh start and time to look ahead at all the exciting things to come… obviously a lot of my excitement is revolved around hair… of course it is!

Here are your hair tips from your Hairy Godmother Vicki Lord… that’s me ;o) on how to freshen your hair up for the new year…

  1. Go for a chop… even if it is a little trim.
  2. Inject colour… even if it is a wash-in, wash-out.
  3. Use a leave-in treatment, like a conditioner or hair oil.
  4. Get an Indian head massage, release the stress and stimulate the hair follicles.

If you have a good hair day then you have an amazing day ;o)

amazing hair

Hair Sculptures

Wigs, hair pieces, clip-ins… I love them all, they add so many possibilities to what a session stylist can do with hair. One of my favourite things to do is hair sculptures… these are a great challenge, but so dramatic and effective and well, the final pieces, I do feel is like a work of art, just like any other type of sculpture.

This is a funny clip from the film Mousetrap with Lee Evans in it… But I just get distracted by the hair sculptures… I’d love to work on a big movie like this. Above is one of my sculptures and you can see more from my recent avant garde shoot.. on a previous blog post.



vicki lord

What to do with leftover Hair Conditioner

Christmas is done, as is New Year – and when it comes to early January you may be thinking of all of that food you ate… YUM! Including those leftovers?

So the whole leftover thing got me thinking… you know when you have that bit of conditioner left in the base of the tube or bottle? And whilst I do all I can to use it up, I am just as guilty as the next person of moving on to a fresh bottle – maybe a new conditioner of my fav brand, or a Chrissy pressy that someone has given me… Sometimes there are two or three bottles lurking around… if you are often guilty of the same conditioner abandonment then you may want to use it for other stuff…  here are some ideas:

  1. Mix it with some raw, coarse sugar and use it as a body scrub.
  2. You can use on your legs as a shaving cream, but this can clog up the razor, so keep rinsing – leaves the legs smooth though, especially if you are not a waxing fan.
  3. It can be used to condition your nails, just dap on a little bit, and massage into the cuticles.
  4. Use small amounts on a leather handbag or shoes to add shine and nourishment to your accessories.
  5. After all of those parties over Christmas you may have a touch of hard skin on your heels, so use the conditioner to rub into these areas on your feet, and leave on with socks for a few hours before rinsing.

I love all stuff to do with hair – so no wasting those hair products – if you don’t want to use for any of the above, then you can opt to use your leftover conditioner as a leave-in conditioner, especially if you have had a wild party up-do, with lots of products and back-combing – this will give your hair the TLC it needs.

Thanks, Vicki x