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Most Popular Hair 2014

It all depends what you are into hair wise, what you think is the best hair of 2014…

The most popular Hollywood hair style asked for from my clients in 2014 has to be the side wave, for curly looks. It is stunning and has been seen on the red carpet on stars including Jessica Alba again this year, after the Golden Globes 2013. It is such a sexy and glamorous look, and I’m not surprised it is up there with the most popular.

Somehow, even if it is not festival season, this year has encouraged festival hair styles, including braids, paired with accessories – to add a touch of glam, or precision to the natural, effortless look. It is a very feminine image which is modern, and can have a retro flower power feel – but in a subtle way… lots of brides have even opted for this hairstyle.

And taking this same festival look but adding an ethereal edge – with the hair up and in a low bun, with braids and beautiful, almost fairy-princess detail is the most requested from brides this year. It is so soft, yet elegant, and adds to a fairy-tale image that many brides opt for weddings. It works with all seasons, and can be adapted to face shapes too. The flowers are lovely as fresh season choices and I am betting this will also be a popular choice next year, for 2015 brides too.

Vicki Lord Marcel waveWhen it comes to my personal favourite hairstyle of 2014, well, it is a tough one, but it has to be hands down the Marcel wave? Why? Well, it is gorgeous, elegant, retro, sophisticated and sexy. i have given tutorials on this style, styled it for shoots, red carpet and for brides… so not only is it popular for me, but a favourite full stop. Check out how you can achieve this same look on my previous post: CLICK.

You Bleach

I have had a great year of working with celebs, VIPs, gorgeous brides, great brands, as well as writing for bridal and fashion mags, one including British Mode… And an article I had published in the summer for them seems relevant now… bleaching is a bold look, but still very much on trend, especially with the likes of Gwen Stefani having rocked it for years, and now Rita Ora, not to mention the connection with icon stunners such as Marilyn Monrow and Bridget Bardot… I reckon that a striking snow queen look is great for the festive season… so can you carry it off?

Firstly, remember that bleaching hair for that lighter look can be quite damaging if not applied correctly – Here are my tips on bleaching:

Be realistic to your expectations. NOT every one can go blonde!

– Your hair colourist will advise you on the best way to go lighter. It may mean that if you have dark hair and want to go peroxide blonde, this is likely not to be achievable in one go. You will most probably have to do this gradually to achieve your target shade and be kinder to your hair.

– The level of damage done also depends on the amount of the colour change. For instance, going from a dark to a light shade is the most hazardous, as the bleach maybe stronger and possibly left on for longer.

– Adding a few ‘lighter’ extension hair pieces, is a great way to add colour but without the commitment or damage to your hair. Balmain offer a great range of ‘fill-in extensions’ so check out their new Ombré range!

How to care for your bleached hair!

– Bleached hair is very porous – And just like a sponge, it soaks up water quickly and then rapidly loses it.

– Once your hair has been bleached, it becomes weaker and the cuticles are very open. It’s important that you use products that will help close the cuticles whilst retaining the moisture.

– Be sure to regularly give your hair some TLC- Yes tender, love and care for your hair works a treat, and deep conditioning treatments are a must once a week. There are plenty of good conditioning masks out there on the market. Everyone’s hair is different so it is a case of trial and error to find the right one for you.

– Protect hair from heat by using a good heat protection product. We constantly put our hair through rigorous daily routines of blow drying, straightening, and curling – to name but a few, to create our day and evening hairstyles!

I absolutely swear by ‘Khiels straightening cream’ it is my favourite heat protection product. This product does what it says on the pot literally! It protects, smoothes, straightens hair and smells wonderful. I use it on every client of mine and the results are amazing – I just can’t get enough of it!

vicki lord hair

Step by step guide on how to achieve a vintage faux bob…

The Vintage waved bob is one of my most favourite looks of all times… it looks amazing for a wedding or a special occasion, and can be dressed down without accessories for day-to-day. This classic retro hairstyle look is romantic, elegant, and oozes femininity. Hollywood beauty legends Veronica Lake, Rita Hayworth, Grace Kelly, and Wanda Hendrix all sported this amazing look effortlessly. It’s even adopted by current Hollywood stars like Dita Von Teese, Charlize Theron and Drew Barrymore.

The side parting paired with short elegant face-framing curled vintage hair is extremely flattering and can be styled to suit various face shapes and hair textures.

Tools needed: fat barrelled wand, comb,, soft bristle brush, hair band, hair grips, hair pins, heat protector spray and hairspray.

Hair length required; shoulder length hair.

  • On clean blow dried hair, spray a good heat protector spray evenly throughout to protect the hair from the heat of wand.
  • Create a deep side parting best suited to your face shape.
  • Starting from the nape of the neck take large sections of hair and wrap around the curling wand, keeping the wand vertical as you go. Top Tip: Make sure you pin the curls in place with sectioning clips and allow to cool, this will create a stronger and lasting curl.
  • Once all the hair is curled and cooled, remove pins then gently brush hair through to create a soft wave.
  • Secure a band towards the end of your hair. Now tuck the band up and under your hair at the nape of your neck and secure with hair grips or pins to create a faux curly bob.
  • Smooth out the crown area of your hair and then gently tease out hair at the mid lengths of hairstyle to create fullness around the back and behind the ears.
  • Tuck one side of hair behind the ear then spray with hair spray to secure in place.
  • Try adorning your hair with a pretty slide for that extra special vintage dazzle!

Whose hair for Christmas?

If you could have any hair this Christmas, whose would it be?

Statement Snow Queen: Rita Ora and Gwen Stefani prove that you can go icy blonde, almost white, and look glamorous, rocking, as well as retro. BUT remember bleaching is not just for Christmas – this is a high maintenance do. This colour looks great if styled in rollers, matched with a bright shade of red lippy!

Relaxed Two-tone tousled hair: Alexa Chung does this style in a retro, yet-modern way… she really suits the fringe – but if you do not want to commit to cutting one in, just for the festivities you can get yourself a clip-on bang from Balmain. But that lighter shade at the base of her hair (see above) adds the perfect uplift to the dark days during winter.

Natural long locks: Okay so you can style out some good extensions and still look natural with it – but I am talking about Kim Kardashian’s long do. It is a nice style that frames her face and can be tied back for a day out Christmas shopping, and then left loose and sexy for a party or dinner.

Whatever style you choose for Christmas, make sure you are happy with it for New Year too… lots of photos at this time of year and so make sure you discuss any major changes with your hairdresser or session stylist.

Vicki x

hair tips

12 Hair Tips for 12 Days of Christmas

Here are twelve hair care tips for you on the lead up to Christmas:

  1. It is coming up to party time and indulgent festive food eating, but try and ensure you have vitamin C and E to keep your hair in good condition from the inside out.
  2. It is the magic stuff – water of course, stay hydrated for great skin and hair.
  3. Use a protective spray on your hair before styling it with any heated appliances like straighteners or tongs.
  4. Use good quality combs and brushes and avoid yanking your hair, especially after back combing it.
  5. Try and allow your hair some breathing space from products and heat – so if you are not heading out to see friends or to socialise then wash your locks, but let them air dry.
  6. Avoid washing your hair every day, every two-three days is good, and then you are not stripping natural nutrients and oils.
  7. When you do wash your hair, use a really nourishing shampoo and massage it through thoroughly, and rinse well too in warm, not hot water.
  8. Try a home made hair mask, like this one: CLICK.
  9. Try a home made conditioner, like this one: CLICK.
  10. Use no-snag hair ties to avoid ripping at your hair.
  11. When going out in the winter sun, or even on holiday, protect your hair from the heat by wearing a stylish hat.
  12. Avoid stress, some studies suggest that certain hair loss conditions are caused by high levels of stress – so RE-LAX!
behind scenes bow bunker

Avant Garde Shoot Behind Scenes

ornate hair pieceLoved working with a fabulous team last week on an amazing Avant Garde shoot with photographers Dawn and Stan, at Bow Bunker Studios, Makeup by Jo Freeman, Nails by Kelli Waldock, Dresses by Korlekie, and the models, Satu Suominen & Rosie Williams, were great and carried my sculptured masterpieces with elegance and sass… emulating the strong queens that I had based my designs on… these behind the scenes shots show hair, makeup, and clothes on the gorge models, but hold out for the final actual images – as they will be A-MAZE-BALLS! I’ll get some on soon… until then, check out these: (A special thank you to my lovely team Amy and Jacey, who both assisted me on the day too).



vicki lordvicki lord avant garde hair


viking hairamazing hair

model with mohawk sculpture

vicki lord hair stylist

I won… again… Thank You!

I am thrilled to have won The Kent Wedding Awards again this year for Wedding Hair Styling! And not only is it such an honour, it proves that I am doing exactly what I set out to do when working with my brides… oh and they do throw a rather good party… here are some photos… For my bridal work head to

the kent wedding awards

award winning hair stylist

best hair









Balmain hair for Nicole Kidman look

A Hairy Advent Calendar

Okay, so I don’t want an advent calendar that is covered in hair – as much as I love hair, that would be a bit weird… And of course I love the chocolate calendars too… But I was thinking how cool would it be to get a hair-related item for every day… very hairy useful… Here are my suggestions… and a hint to my husband hehehe ;o) With this list though, not sure what I could ask for when it comes to actual Chrissy gifts…

Dec 1st:  No-snag hand bands, perfect for ponytails.

Dec 2nd: Kirby grips, a hair essential.

Dec 3rd: Clip-in pony, to add some length to short styles.

Dec 4th: Dry Shampoo, hair kit must-have.

Dec 5th: A sparkly hair band, to add some glamour.

Dec 6th: Clip-on fringe, for style variation.

Dec 7th: A super-duper shampoo.

Dec 8th: A nourishing conditioner.

Dec 9th: A sparkly hairspray, to keep in your handbag for unexpected parties.

Dec 10th: Comb to keep those locks looking lovely.

Dec 11th: Hairbrush.

Dec 12th: Mirror.

Dec 13th: Shine spray.

Dec 14th: Protective spray.

Dec 15h: Hair mask to give your hair some tender love and care.

Dec 16th: Vitamin C, it’s good for hair.

Dec 17th: Bun ring, for a quick top-knot

Dec 18th: Butterfly clips.

Dec 19th: Turban with a broach.

Dec 20th: Hair slides.

Dec 21st: Floral Garland.

Dec 22nd: Tiara.

Dec 23rd: Hair gems.

Dec 24th: A selfie stick so you can take lots of photos of your fabulous hair.

ENJOY! ;o) Vicki x