bun hairstyle

Fab hair style for all seasons: How to…

Models on the catwalk often ooze an elegance and femininity that I certainly admire, and I’m always on the search for new hairstyles to be inspired by, so that my clients know that I’m abreast of trends.. but more importantly that I know what they want from their hairstyle… and often it is to look elegant and feminine, trendy, yet still in touch with their style and traditions of what really makes our hair look good and stand out.. in a positive way!

This hair style is a fab casual look that is so versatile and that will suits all seasons…   This style works best on round face shapes without fringes. The height of the bun will help elongate the face shape, the hair swept off the face looks fresh and focuses on the headband!

How to get the look: This look requires long hair, but you can try using a bun hairpiece to create this look too, if you have short hair.

What you will need: Soft bristle brush, kirby grips and pins, hair band, hairspray and serum.

Here are my ‘Vicki Lord’s’ How-to tips:

  1. Brush hair through with soft bristle brush then tip your head upside down and grab hair into a high ponytail at the crown of your head, now secure with hair band.
  2. Back-comb ponytail slightly by using your soft brush brushing the hair from ends to roots (this gives the bun great texture for a more modern and undone look).
  3. Now wrap the back-combed ponytail around the base if hair band and secure with kirby grips, once hair is in bun shape use pins to secure the bun in more visual areas, the hair pins are less visible than the kirby grips.
  4. Spray hairstyle with hairspray to get rid of any flyaways strands of hair using serum – then put on your headband. For a more daring look try colour blocking and use two different headbands at the same time. You can also make more of a statement by making the bun bigger.

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