Month: November 2014

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What makes a hair style festive for Christmas?

Chrimbo is fast approaching – less than a month … do you have your advent calendars ready? Do you have your festive hair-do ideas ready – for any Xmas party or celebration planned in the diary for next month?

Well here is something to consider when thinking of Christmas hair: Most of my clients want to outshine their work colleagues at a Christmas work party… in a good way – especially if they are single! Or they want to make an impression in front of relatives that they’ve not seen for a while at a family Xmas get-together! So my quick snappy advise for the perfect Christmas hair-do is alway adorn your hair with some sparkle or gorgeous accessory… so even if you opt for your average style, or a simple do, such as a ponytail or braid then it will still look special… You could always go super festive and a little eccentric – more ascot than Christmas perhaps – by sticking a turkey on just like a hat… hee hee hee, ho ho ho. I’m pulling your Christmas cracker of course… but I couldn’t resist! 

I recommend accessories by Gillian Million: Click here: A lovely piece photographed above.


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What would you like to know?

Okay so it is nearly Christmas and New Year – a time when you’ve got lots to celebrate and lots of reasons to dress up and make your hair stand out – in a good way… so what is it you want tips and advice on? Maybe you are thinking ahead for the New Year – not long until 2015 now!  So anything you wish for me to answer you can email me directly: or my PR, Jordan, – OR… you can connect with me via Facebook or Twitter… and we’ll get a blog post up answering your questions and providing you with more hair tutorials and general hair-inspiration… CHAT SOON and looking forward to hearing from you!

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Silver Linings: More on grey hair…

We dread getting grey hair (check out my other posts: tips for colouring hair, and grey or not to grey), often believing that it makes us look older, unrefined, or like we have let ourselves go, but the grey-hair stigma is really just in our own minds. After all, look at Kate Moss, Nicole Kidman, George Clooney and Helen Mirren, to name a few… they are growing grey with pride. Yes, they may have heaps of cash, and a hair stylist on speed dial… but even with vanity at the forefront of their decisions, allowing your hair to take the natural course of transparency is more convenient and much healthier than reaching for the bottle of dye.

I can understand why some people would rather not use hair products containing chemicals, including para-Phenylenediamine and hydrogen peroxide – these two used together can be carcinogenic – It is personal choice… Grey creeps through in different ways, it may be that you just get the odd silver strand, or it could be a case of growing grey from the roots, or even random clumps of the non-colour… whatever shade of grey you are, try these five tips to help you go grow it naturally if that’s what you choose to do:

  1. Have a re-style so that you feel well presented. Having slightly shorter hair will also mean your normal colour will grow out quicker, allowing the grey to takeover more naturally.
  2. If you have your hair dyed, you can go from block colour to highlights, allowing some of the grey to shine through subtly, so the process is more gradual. Grey hair has a different textured to ‘normal’ or coloured hair, and so it is a great idea to use a hair serum to avoid wire-locks.
  3. If you just cannot resist re-colour than opt maybe use Henna. You can also get some shampoos that reduce the yellow tinge that sometimes shows through during the growing out period.
  4. If you really struggle with the several tones of hair growing through, then you can invest in some stylish headscarves, and cute hats. You can also experiment with up-dos, like French pleats and fishtail plaits.
  5. The single most important tip when opting to grow grey is to be confident… this is your choice and you will be all the more naturally beautiful for it.
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Thoughts on Afro Hair: Plus Tyra Banks video

Love this video… of the Tyra Banks show… (just Part 1 of 5 parts)it gives opinions on ‘good hair’… It is an eye opener of what people think of Afro-Caribbean hair – ‘afro hair’. Like an artist using different materials to create a masterpiece, I see the products and equipment as that and the hair type of my client, customer, celeb – whoever, as the canvas in a way… an artist may use a canvas, paper, wood etc, and I work with the hair type… I love all hair types – they are challenging for difference reasons, and I have worked with many clients who have afro-caribbean textured hair, including Macy Gray, and Tolula Adeyemi … Enjoy the video, Vicki x

vicki lord

Advice from Vicki Lord for Other Creatives

I was approached by Professional Hair and Beauty Magazine, alongside other experts to offer some valuable advice for self-employed creatives… here’s what I said… because even with heaps of experience and years of training, you always have to improve your skills, and stay up-to-date, offering your clients the best possible service.

Make time for CPD:“Continuing Professional Development is paramount for mobiles,” says top session hairstylist Vicki Lord. “For a business to thrive you need to be abreast of industry news and the latest trends. Be an expert in your field, and clients will come flocking.”

vicki lord

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Striking style from catwalk: How to…

As a session hair stylist some styles just stick in my mind, and this style is suer striking. It is a hairstyle that designer Veronica Etro chose for her models last Autumn; a designer who was exploring the idea of bringing together the heritage and traditions of a woman’s culture with the modern age of digital design.

This Etro look is quite harsh but very striking… I love the way the hair is scrapped back but then letting the hair tumble down the back. This look is best suited to a round or oval shape face shape, as it is quite a square look – great for Halloween.

Here are my ‘Vicki Lord’s’ How-to tips:

You will need: soft bristle, round brush, hair dryer, straighteners, back brush, volumising spray, hair gel, hairspray, high shine spray and dry shampoo.

  1. Wash your hair with a volumising shampoo and conditioner then apply volumising spray all over your hair.
  2. Blow-dry using a large round brush to create as much volume as possible.
  3. Once dry straighten hair to smooth down cuticles.
  4. Back-comb hair at the top of your head to create height.
  5. Now very gently brush the top of the hair shaft using soft bristle brush right back away from your face towards the back if your head (note don’t brush too hard as you will brush out any back combed volume created).
  6. Now apply a small amount gel to the sides of your head and then brush these sides back tightly against the scalp.
  7. Spray with plenty of hairspray to secure in place then spray with shine spray to create high shine.
  8. To make this look more daring try scraping the top and sides back with gel and wearing the hair more slick to the head giving a very dramatic look.

Image from:

bun hairstyle

Fab hair style for all seasons: How to…

Models on the catwalk often ooze an elegance and femininity that I certainly admire, and I’m always on the search for new hairstyles to be inspired by, so that my clients know that I’m abreast of trends.. but more importantly that I know what they want from their hairstyle… and often it is to look elegant and feminine, trendy, yet still in touch with their style and traditions of what really makes our hair look good and stand out.. in a positive way!

This hair style is a fab casual look that is so versatile and that will suits all seasons…   This style works best on round face shapes without fringes. The height of the bun will help elongate the face shape, the hair swept off the face looks fresh and focuses on the headband!

How to get the look: This look requires long hair, but you can try using a bun hairpiece to create this look too, if you have short hair.

What you will need: Soft bristle brush, kirby grips and pins, hair band, hairspray and serum.

Here are my ‘Vicki Lord’s’ How-to tips:

  1. Brush hair through with soft bristle brush then tip your head upside down and grab hair into a high ponytail at the crown of your head, now secure with hair band.
  2. Back-comb ponytail slightly by using your soft brush brushing the hair from ends to roots (this gives the bun great texture for a more modern and undone look).
  3. Now wrap the back-combed ponytail around the base if hair band and secure with kirby grips, once hair is in bun shape use pins to secure the bun in more visual areas, the hair pins are less visible than the kirby grips.
  4. Spray hairstyle with hairspray to get rid of any flyaways strands of hair using serum – then put on your headband. For a more daring look try colour blocking and use two different headbands at the same time. You can also make more of a statement by making the bun bigger.
regional finalist

Regional Finalist…

wedding awardsI am super honoured, and happy, and everything to be through to the regional finals for Best Hair Stylist at the 2015 Wedding Industry Awards.

So voting is now closed and it’s all about the waiting now!

I’ll keep you posted… and here’s hoping I get through to the next stage…. fingers crossed, toes crossed, and strands of luscious locks crossed too… ;o)

Get Katy Perry’s firework hair

Katy Perry has always been a favourite celeb of mine! And I know how much other people love her too – her fan base stretches across all age groups, and I think she is the most followed person on Twitter… I best check if I follow the lovely lady too! Ms Perry always pushes the boundaries when it comes to her hair – Oh and not to mention the number of times I have been told that she looks like me -perhaps she is a little bit of a prettier and younger version though hee hee! – But I still take it as a massive compliment each time I am told.

Look it is November – a time for fireworks right? And you know what some times I hear fireworks go off randomly from late October all the way through to New Year – any excuse for a celebration, and to light up the sky… But what about lighting-up your hair like Katy herself? She has transformed a once-simple curled hairdo into a firecracker of a style by just adding flashes of bold colours… And whilst hse is not afraid to go all out with the hair dye… this particular hairstyle is achieved by simply adding clip-in hair extension… Pretty COOL!

How to recreate this colourful simple hairstyle:

You will need: Fat barreled curling wand, comb, heat protector spray, soft bristle brush, and hairspray.
Hair length required: shoulder length hair to long.

  • On clean blow-dried hair, apply a good heat protector spray evenly throughout to protect the hair from the heat of wand.
  • Create a deep side parting best suited to your face shape.
  • Starting from the nape of the neck, take large sections of hair and wrap around the curling wand, keeping the wand vertical as you go… TOP TIP: Make sure you pin the curls in place with sectioning clips and allow it to cool; this will create a stronger and lasting curl.
  • Once all the hair is curled and cooled, remove pins then gently run your fingers through hair to create a soft wave.
  • Add clip-in extensions through the fringe area and clip in an additional clip-in at the opposite side.
  • Curl the extensions and then using your fingers blend the coloured extensions into the rest of your hair.
  • Spray with hair spray to secure in place.

Perfect… now Baby you really ARE a Firework!