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Products I can’t live without!


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Like every hair stylist, I have my favourite products, and I’m always looking for new ones to give some Vicki Lord love to – at the moment for myself, and fashion shoots I do adore Batiste Dry Shampoo. And as far as my essential basic kit for brides, check out the photos – it gives you some idea of what goes into making a bride’s hair perfect for her special day.


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Create your 1960’s Beachy Waves by L’Oréal Préférence Platinum’s

I loved working on the L’oreal commercials, creating different styles with the platinum hair… here is another I did for creating a 1960’s Beachy Waves  – it is fab easy look for everyday – or paired with a glam accessory – you could rock this hairstyle on a night out at a party, club or concert.

Here is the quick and easy tutorial by myself, Vicki Lord:


Winner kent weddings award

Can’t believe a year has passed since I won!

So last year has whizzed by hasn’t it? – and it was around about this time I entered the Kent Awards… And I’ve gone and done it again! I really want to win again, not because I’m competitive – because I’m not really  – But I am a perfectionist when it comes to hair… and for my brides especially, because I know how important it is that feel and look great on the most wonderful day of their lives. So wish me luck! And of course I’ll keep you updated with the competition.

Friends Premiered 20 Years Ago Today! See the Cast Then and Now

Who doesn’t like a dose of Friends… retro maybe, but funny! And the ever changing hairstyles, well, that is enough reason for me to watch! Check out my post on Jennifer’s hair too.

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Back to School HAIR for kids

I am so glad you loved my tips on Back to School Hair for Mums, and I am writing this post, for those mums that have asked me to give them tips for their kids’ hair in the morning too! So now that the holidays are over – here are tips for mums and dads who need to do their children’s hair.

  1. Mostly boys are easy – I don’t have sons – but if I did I would probably keep a nice neat short hair cut that just needs a quick comb each morning. By the time boys get older – mainly into their teens – they will want to take more time on their hair – but when they are younger it is often left to the parents to make sure the child looks tidy. So simply keep to a nice short cut. If your son does want to be a little cooler, or on trend, then you could have the style slightly longer on top and use a mild mouse, or wax to style it. Short hair with a little product can also avoid the dreaded head-lice/nits that are common at school.
  2. With girls, again it will depend on hair type, I would choose a ponytail, bun or braids with long hair that can easily tangle throughout the day. French plaits and braiding across the front of the hair are a great way to keep hair away from the eyes. With buns, secure with a net or cage. The ponytails are probably best placed at the back, centre of the head, this way they don’t get in the way. Ponytails can fall out if they are lower on the neck, unless really secured, and they can hurt on the top of the head, especially if worn for a whole day. Also hair worn loose, can be a problem if they have sports as it can get in the way, and lots of girls have accidents with scissors or chewing gum too…. (well such don’t give them scissors or gum right?)
  3. Afro caribbean hair is best braided – obviously this takes a long time, so do it at a weekend, and it will last a while. Most children’s hair does not need product, but if your child’s hair is really curly, you may want to add a smoothing spray or product when the hair is wet.
  4. You probably only need to wash your child’s hair a couple of times a week too – and keep in mind that head lice is common at school, and so ensure you check your child’s hair regularly. YOu can get preventive spray too – your chemist can help with options.
  5. Avoid putting lots of clips and accessories in your daughter’s hair – whilst this looks pretty – it is likely they will get lost, broken or fall out – and the hair will come loose from its up-do. A good hand tie and a few plain bobby clips – ones crossed over the other will secure the hair. If you child has a fringe that gets in their eyes – think about cutting it shorter, or giving them a band to wear. Choose the hair band according to their hair type, as some can slide off sleek hair.
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My Marcel Wave in Dotty Vintage Weddings

Everybody knows how much I love the marcel wave, particularly for brides – it oozes elegance, and glamour – and it always looks pretty perfect…. So I was delighted when Dotty Vintage Wedding wanted a tutorial from me. This beautiful online and print magazine is a great place to head for all things weddings, so have a look around the site – after of course you have read my article ;o) CLICK.


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More Bridal Trends

Current trends range from chic buns, low-slung ponies, rock ‘n’ roll waves and sixties beehives.

The 1960’s messy beehive has always been a favourite of mine and many of my brides have opted for this fabulous look. Beehives ooze style and elegance that creates extra volume on top giving the illusion of height. Beehives can be adapted to suit lots of different hair textures and face shapes.

Points to watch when choosing your beehive bridal hairstyle;

  1. A round face may better suit more height with foreheads showing to elongate the face.
  2. An oval face may better suit a slightly lower beehive but be sure to wear a fringe whether its a full one or sweeping.
  3. A square face may better suit a more undone beehive with strands of hair gently falling out to soften features.
  4. A heart shaped face would suit most heights and textured beehives but is best suited with a sweeping fringe.

If beehives aren’t your thing then try wearing a low bun adorned with a intricately jewelled skull cap that sits asymmetrically on the side of the head. Check out the amazing Gillion Millions collection.

High shine low slung ponytails with deep side partings look great for a simple but fresh bridal look too. Add a lace or pearl forehead wrap to compliment the look.

If you feel more comfortable with your hair down, try rock and roll waves with a centre parting this look is effortless and soft, try adding a romantic Juliet cap veil to really set this hairstyle off.