Month: August 2014

claire harrison

Q: Long or Short?

Answer: In my opinion both short and long hair are always just as popular as each other. This is because people’s face shapes and hair texture vary greatly, as do people’s lifestyles – which always influence the hair length they choose and like.

Either way long hair adapts itself to the latest hair trends of the seasons, whether it is side fishtail plait, low bun or wide ponytail… you can achieve it! Short hair too can also be styled to suit the current trends, a bob for example can be worn with a deep parting, a middle parting, messy, sleek and voluminous! And there are so many clip-in options too, so you can have the best of both worlds even if your hair is short.

Thanks, Vicki x

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I’m No Alan Sugar

Well, you know it’s time to take the plunge in employing a trainee when you are having to turn away business left right and centre! And this is a great thing – it shows growth and it is exciting too…

Even though the client wants you, if you cannot possibly do the job, then offering her someone whom has been trained by you is the next best thing!! Bridal season can be full on, and I would hate to disappoint a bride on her wedding day!

So whilst I am no Alan Sugar by any means, (mainly ‘cos I’m much sweeter) there are certain things that I need to look for as a hair stylist or employer taking on an apprentice: Here are my top tips…

Number one and top of my list has to be: Personality! (Yes with a capital ‘P’). Your apprentice needs to be able to communicate with your clients and make them feel special, because they special! The key in hairdressing is learning to listen! We need to get from a client what it is they want, before we give our expert advice… to find out exactly what they expect from your hair service that you provide.

Many clients talk to you about their personal life, and even private problems, and so it is vital that you are understanding, that you can empathize – but most importantly, you must be discreet, non-judgmental, understanding, and treat everything they say as confidential!

So having a apprentice who can communicate and be discreet and professional at all times is a must!

I look for bubbly, confident and friendly people to work with, and most of all somebody who is reliable! Remember their reputation is your reputation and you cannot afford to have all of your hard work compromised. YOu want your apprentice to have an eagerness to learn and put themselves out there… so lots of enthusiasm.

Sometimes as creative people climbing the ladder to success, you have to select your work, as well as sometimes do some things for free, and so I would expect the same effort from my apprentice, and it wont be long before she too is an expert in her field, perhaps taking on a trainee of her own.

Thanks, Vicki x

Q: What hair colours have gradually been trending?

Answer: Pastel tones are still as popular as ever since Dame Helen Mirren continued the trend when she sported a fabulous cotton candy pink pixie cut at the BAFTAs last year in 2013. An dthis look has proved popular on all age groups, as has the pastel blues, and purples… It’s fun and different and will be sure to catch people’s eye. Try peach and apricots tones for a softer look too!

Ombré colours as seen on Alexandra Chung in the past, are still trendy however these have been more subtle in colour this year, especially in the summer for a more fresher look.

One colour I definitely see trending more and more is a glossy ink black on those ladies who are brave enough to take the plunge and want to revamp their locks and opt for dramatic and darker mysterious look. So a contrast with the pastels and the black… the choice is yours: Check out one of my previous posts on tips for dying or colouring your hair.

Thanks, Vicki x

bbc article

Hair news this week

Even though I have an immense busy schedule and a family life to balance, I do sometimes get the opportunity to check out the news – (I always have time for fashion and beauty – obviously), but sometimes the more serious articles catch my attention too!

And an article posted on the BBC website about reversing the effects of alopecia areata in suffers, caught my eye this week.

The article describes the hair loss condition and how scientists have managed to reverse these effects in three sufferers, which is amazing. I have work with ladies with alopecia, and it can really have bigger effects on their characters and confidence, and on their whole life.

The article reveals that ‘Alopecia areata affects around two in every 1,000 people in the UK and is thought to be caused by the immune system attacking hair follicles.’ And after just five months of these three patients taking the drug, saw significant re-growth.

Medication and breakthrough are just amazing, but also it can make you worry a little about the safety – the ‘Lead researcher Dr Raphael Clynes said: “We’ve only begun testing the drug in patients, but if the drug continues to be successful and safe, it will have a dramatic positive impact on the lives of people with the disease.”‘

You can get some fantastic hair pieces and wigs now, but of course most people would like the option of having a healthy head of hair! If you want to read this whole article go to the BBC website:

hair products

Q: Which products are most popular?

Answer: Due to the popular trend seen on the catwalks from 2013 through to this year 2014 – of stylish and sleek looks, my top products would be a good gel, shine spray and hairspray. I recommend Bumble and Bumble Bb Gel and Bumble and Bumble Shine On. To finish and set use L’Oreal Elnett hairspray.

With all the hair dye trends this season you will want to preserve your new look with decent shampoo and conditioner products. Hair colours can soon fade, so be sure to protect and enhance your hair colour by using products such as Aveda Color Conserve shampoo and Aveda Colour Conserve conditioner.

To create voluminously messy braids invest in a volumizing spray to give that 60’s Brigett Bardot feel. I recommend Aveda Pure-Abundance-Volumizing-Hair-Spray and then L’Oreal Elnett hairspray to finish off the look.

So the mentioned products are my recommendations, and are popular in my hair kit… so go on, give them a try.

Thanks, Vicki x

ontrend plaits

Create on-trend Plaits

What are your top tips for creating plaits or braids that are also on-trend?

When creating a sleek braid it’s best to work with the hair slightly damp and throughly combed through. Once braided you then need to spray with a shine enhancing spray for a beautiful and elegant look.

To create a messier braid, backcomb hair lightly before braiding the hair. Once you have finished and secured the braid, gently pull at the sides to create a messy undone texture for a different edgier look.

Braids are extremely versatile and easy to do. For a quick hair style changeover that takes you from a casual day look of having a pony braid to a glamourous evening look try wrapping the braid round the base of the pony tail then secure with pins and voila, a stylish side bun that will be sure to turn heads.

Remember braids are a great option for festivals or holidays, and they look gorgeous for an event or party if done neater. I also love the wave that is created in the hair, once the braid is undone… you may just need to tame it with some serum or spray.

Thanks, Vicki Lord x

Image: Photographer – Paul Archer

Anna williamson

The glamour of getting the right photo…

I almost forgot about this video from two years ago – when we were nearing the end of a shoot – and I came up with an idea – it can sometimes lead to nearly falling on your arse – luckily it wasn’t me! This is from the cover shoot with Anna Williamson  for Holistic Therapist Magazine… proving that this industry isn’t always glamourous and sometimes you have to stand on chairs – and fall off them too!

I will be sharing how I achieved Anna’s gorgeous hair look on a future blog post – but until then – here is a giggle for you!