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nominated hair awards

I have been nominated

I am so honoured and excited at being nominated for another award, and am hopeful that I am successful… I really do love what I do, and feel grateful and humbled to be valued by my clients, including Lacey. Thanks so much! X

Vicki Lord has been nominated for The 2015 Wedding Industry Awards by Mrs Lacey Reeds.

“ Vicki is amazing. So creative, she knew exactly the right style and helped create a theme for my wedding. Truly talented and so much fun. Has now become a friend and hairdresser for life! ”

They think you are great! So great that they took the time to tell us about you by nominating you for The Wedding Industry Awards via our web site.


Vicki Lord

Mini Me

Both my daughters have had their share in front of the camera- and I guess they must get their love for this industry from me, and from my mum too. My little model daughter Ellie had a shoot last week – and she just loved every moment… I must say I was very proud of her… here are a few snaps I took:

kid's hairhair






Drama Magazine with Tamla Kari

When it comes to the world of fashion there is no shortage of drama, and so working on a shoot with the absolutely stunning actress Tamla Kari for Drama magazine was right up my street. Styled by the amazing Kelvin Barron, and shot my fantastic photographer Andrew Hiles, I knew the day would be filled with drama in a fabulous way!! I adored working with Tamla, her features are so dainty and classic – this vintage hairdo was perfect for her face, the styling and the set. Check out the images below… and other vintage looks on:

You can get your hands on a copy of the mag, by clicking here: Drama Magazine.


tamla karivintage drama fashion

hair tips for festivals

Tips for Festival Hair

Are you heading to a festival this weekend? Or maybe in August, perhaps September… these months in this country are supposed to be lovely and sunny right? But, you know as well as I do that relying on the British weather is not always the best option… and when it comes to hair sweety, well, I would say be super prepared for any eventuality… afterall you want to look hot at the festivals even if the weather is not!

So here are some tips:

  1. GOOD HAIR NO MATTER THE WEATHER: Depending on your hair type and of course the weather, whatever you do may just end in a bad hair day… I am talking frizz if it gets wet, or humid, and dry if it is really hot. And if it is windy your hair may go flyway or tangled. For those of you with thick or afro hair you may just want to opt for braids… get them done a week before the festival, so they are more comfortable, you can even get funky beads as part of the hairdo for a touch of festival fashion. Hats, headscarves and hair bands can help a little with windy weather, but keeping your hair back is a better option to avoid having to de-tangle your hair. Try a braided look, a neat bun, or ponytail. Also, remember that you can add cute hair accessories or even fresh flowers to your hair. And if you opt for a neat bun, then it will gradually get messy over the time you are at the festival, which can look on-trend – OR you can easily use a hair smoother to neaten it up, and maybe even add a clip-on hair extension to add variety to your look, I love Balmain’s selection. If you use Aveda smooth infusion style prep smoother before you head to the festival its organic tapioca defends against humidity for up to 12 hours.
  2. DIRTY LOCKS: No showers, potential mass of mud? What to do with your locks? Well, you could try dry shampoo – These brands are topped as some of the best: Dove, Garnier Ultimate Blends, and Mark Hill – Beach to Bar. If you have the type of hair that gets really greasy at the roots, then you can just take a cool cap, hairband or headscarf. If your hair goes greasy all over just have hair bands and bobby pins at the ready and scoop the lot up into a sleek ponytail or a cute side bun. You can get a friend to help you, or use a digital camera or your phone as a mirror if you don’t have one packed… Another good opportunity for a selfy. If you do happen to get in a muddy situation, then use some bottled water (if this is all you have) to wash out most of the dirt and then opt for a low side braid with a cute cap, and groovy sunglasses – a winning festival look.
  3. MESSY MOP: Depending on your hair type, you may actually look really cool with that messy look – you know sexy and festival chick… if you can hack having a wild mop for a few days – you could add some flower accessories to add to the festival look, perhaps braid the front, and leave the rest to go crazy away from your face. You may want to spray the messy look into place, and go deliberate with it, but remember whatever mess your hair is in at the festival, it will need some serious care when you get home… So when you get back to the comforts of your own bathroom, brush your hair gently from the tips and gradually work your way up, do not yank it from the roots, you may find this easier if you apply conditioner even before washing it. And then use a really nourishing shampoo and conditioner that is perfect for your hair type.

Must have check list:

  • Mirror or camera phone
  • Dry shampoo
  • Leave-in de-tangler or smoothing serum
  • Bobby pins, or grips, plus hand bands
  • Flower hair accessories
  • Hat or cap or headscarf
  • Brush or comb
  • Clip-on or clip-in extensions



whimsical weddings


I have already blogged about this amazing vintage look and gorgeous bride Lacey… but just wanted to share the lovely link of images that appeared on Whimsical Wonderland Wedding – just LOVELY! Check it out: This is how a vintage wedding is done with class and subtlety… GLAMOROUS GOLD GATSBY INSPIRED WEDDING

Congratulations to Lacey and Mike, both embarking on their life together. If you want to see Lacey’s hair do closer up, check out the images on my bridal website:

vicki lord pony tail

5 Head Turning Hair Styles

Every year, every runway of every fashion show display an amazing array of striking hairstyles from avant garde and radical creations, to simplistic, clean styles, all of which really turn the heads of crowds… And for a session stylist like myself, well, these shows fill me with excitement at the sheer volume of some of the styles and the sleekness of others – and it solidifies in my mind that it is the hair that adds the flair to any outfit.

At the moment for me, I think the 5 top crowd stopping, head turning styles that will continue to set trends are:

1.   Glossy wet look and swept back from face: leaving the hair naturally trailing down the back. This style gives a bold and empowered look and has been sported on models for designers Balmain, Giambaltista, Gucci, Prada and Missoni.
2.   Deep side partings, which are great for showcasing your best side and giving an edgy look that is very much entrend. This has been a popular choice for designers Rochas, Chloe and Marni. This chic look has also been seen on startlets such as Jessica Chastain, Marion Cotillard, Amanda Seyfried and Kristen Stewart on the red carpet.
3.   Retro glamour waves inspired by a vintage era – but with that modern twist, by keeping the hair sleek on the top. This has been on Bottega Veneta models and is a staple but smart hairstyle that oozes elegance.
4.   The low chignon bun – it  always manages to make its way back on the catwalk, having been an option for Rag and Bone. This makes a refreshing change from the top-knot, and gives a glamorous equestrian look that is tidy, sleek and very polished.
5.   Pony tails: Many designers send their models down the catwalk sporting all kinds of pony tail variations from sleek and straight to messy and curled, edgy wide pony tail at the nape of the neck and tucked under ponytails. The great thing about this trend is that it can be adapted by the wearer to suit their mood – Whether you seek a look that is femme fatale, Bohemian babe or amazing androgyny – there is a pony for everyone!

holistic therapist magazine

Cover Girl for Holistic Therapist Magazine

I have written for this great industry magazine before, and done previous shoots for covers – which I will blog about the looks soon… but I just had to share their latest cover. It is stunning and so pretty for the Summer Issue. The image was taken by fantastic photographer Paul Archer, and the makeup was by the lovely Anne-Marie Simak, and of course I did the hair!

They wanted a fresh, summery image, which shows vibrancy and inner confidence from the model. I love the colours of this image.

To find out more about the magazine and what is in this issue go to their website.

vicki lord

Simply Beauty-Full

As you already probably know – I totally love my job… And one of the things I love the most is working to different briefs. Whether it is a wedding or a shoot or a commercial or campaign or a show or an event, the briefs are so different that not only does it really get you thinking about how you can fulfill the brief and please your client, but it also means you can get your creative juices flowing – and this is the thing that really excites me.

When I was booked to style the models’ hair on a beauty shoot recently with gorgeous photographer Claire Harrison, I was thrilled, because Claire’s work is crisp and stunning. Her beauty work is perfect and then you can really appreciate her skill and versatility when you look at her fashion portfolio or advertising work.

Within the same shoot I got to create sleek, precise dos to compliment vibrant strong makeup, as well as more effortlessly looking dos, to go with the au naturale makeup look.

Here are the images for you to look at… Just check you the contrast!

Oh and make sure you check out Claire’s other work on her site:

And more of my work on:

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bluecoat launch

Launch of the Bluecoat store, Victoria

At the end of last month, I got invited to an Ian Stuart event – another reason why I love my job. I really love Ian Stuart’s designs, and was excited about attending the launch of the Bluecoat store in Victoria, London. 

ian stuart launch

Me and Tilly

What can I say, I grabbed a buddy, we dressed effortlessly cool, and we enjoyed the night of networking and socializing. When I attend events like these, I know the importance of giving my card to other creative people, as well as taking theirs too. It has happened in the past, when I have been at a shoot or a wedding and the make-up artist has not turned up or the photographer is stuck in traffic and has had to turn back… these things happen and the show must go on… so to have the contact details of other industry people, is super important. It is also fun to be able to chat to like-minded people, and work with them on future planned projects. I particularly hit it off with a fabulous wedding planner, and a choreographer who does Ian Stuart’s shows. And I found out that he is possibly doing a job that I am pencilled for, working with a great sports brand – so it is a small world, and an even smaller industry. After a couple of hours of sipping champers, and some very strong, pretty blue coloured cocktails, myself and my friend Tilly decided to leave the stunning people chatting to even more stunning, very tall models dressed beautifully in Ian Stuart’s flamboyant pieces, and head off home. We had a fab time, and I am looking forward to hopefully using some of Ian Stuart’s pieces in future shoots, so that I can design amazing hairstyles to compliment his amazing dresses.