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British Soap Awards 2014: Get Shona’s Marcel Wave

Around this time last week I was preparing to work with Shona McGarty again for her night with the other UK TV stars at the BRITISH SOAP AWARDS 2014. Her make-up (by Emily Rose) was elegant and sexy, which added even more glamour to that berry-red dress (styled by Kelvin Barron) – the backless number was stunning, and the block colour elongated her curvy frame. When it came to the hair, Shona and I opted for one of my all-time fav styles… The Marcel Wave. This classic, feminine and elegant vintage wave oozes Hollywood glamour. Why not try opting for this stunning look for your wedding day? Or even for a special date or event?

How to create this hair look by me Vicki Lord:

Tools needed: Hair wand or tong, soft bristle brush, sectioning clips, heat protector spray and hair spray.

Hair length required: Medium to Long

  1. Spray blow-dried hair with heat Protector spray evenly throughout.
  2. Create a deep side parting best suited to your face shape. 
  3. Starting from the nape of your neck, work in horseshoe sections around the head, take large sections of hair and wrap hair around wand/curling tong, keeping the wand vertical as you go. Start by curling hair in one direction, then curl hair in the opposite direction at the next horse shoe section. This will help create an ‘S’-shape wave. TOP TIP Make sure you pin the curls in place with sectioning clips and allow to cool, this will create a stronger and lasting curl.
  4. Once you have curled all of your hair, remove pins then gently brush hair through to create a soft wave.
  5. Keep brushing through the hair to sculpt the wave. Once you have created your desired wave apply sectioning clips in the deepest part of the wave closest to your scalp. This helps create a nice deep Marcel wave. 
  6. Spray with hair spray to secure wave, leave clips in as long as you can to set the look.
  7. Remove clips and there you have a stunning Marcel wave! 

Try adorning your stunning vintage hairstyle with a bridal head dress to add that bridal sparkle, or for other events keep simple and pair with dazzling earrings like Shona’s.

Pippa’s real column inches

Get Pippa Middleton’s easy Sunday look with my step-by-step tutorial

Okay so last week Pippa Middleton lost her column inches in the Telegraph, because her writing was apparently too dull! And some people may also think that her hair is pretty dull too – not really much to her locks, but I quite like her natural boo hoo look, as it is such a natural style and so easy to create. She has to worry about the paps constantly photographing her and so a simple stylish look for her natural inches of brunette hair is ideal… and I do love how her dark hair compliments her skin tone and eye colour!

So want to achieve this royal look? Here’s how:

1) Wash and condition hair using a volumizing shampoo and conditioner try Aveda’s volumizing pure Abundance range. My fav at the moment for volume:

2) After washing hair, towel dry and then prep hair with a volumizing tonic (try Avedas volumizing tonic , its one of my favourite products!) Spray liberally through the root area.

3) Tip your head upside down and dry the root area first.

4) Once your roots are dry, tip your head back to an upright position and dry the rest of your hair using your fingers.

5) Now use a a large barrel tong and curl your hair, pinning each section as you go along.

bottle of spray6)Once finished allow hair to cool. Remove clips and then shake your hair loose. Create a parting just off center. If you really want a more boo hoo/ beach wave look try adding Bumble and Bumbles Surf spray to the root area and then use a diffuser to give your hair a quick blast to create a sexy beach babe look!

There you have it! Simple, sexy and stylish – perfect for a princess – or a princess’s sister ;o)

Vicki Lord

copperhead lucy

The life of a session stylist

I am a mum and wife as well as a session stylist – and balancing all my loves is challenging – but a challenge I welcome… Why? Well, because I love my family naturally – AND I just love hair baby! So after a short family break – in which for the record it rained for two of the days! I came back to a zillion emails, and a full-on schedule. And already this week I have beautified brides aplenty – wedding season! And I have worked with the gorgeous and super talented band Copperhead Lucy. I reckon this young band are going to be super successful… and I love working with clients that are on the brink of achieving their dream… You’ve gotta love what you do right? And with a few other fun things in my super busy schedule this week – I am working on a gorgeous TV actress’ hair for the Soap Awards this weekend – It is easy making her look red carpet stunning…. more on that next week. Until then…  enjoy my posts, enjoy the sunshine… and play with your hair ;o)

Vicki Lord

Nicole demonstrates Grace in Cannes

Get Nicole Kidman’s graceful twisted side ponytail from Grace of Monaco premiere in Cannes.

This week Nicole Kidman has been the brunt of some critical comments on her movie – and well, I guess that is the world of show biz and Hollywood – which she was also reported this week on saying that she would quit for her husband!

I’m no film critic though, and Nicole has always been my favorite copperhead. I could NEVER imagine her being any other colour!

I’m loving the twisted side pony, she wore at Grace of Monaco – Such a simple but elegant look.

Whether you’re going out for a meal and need a simple quick up-do or you are being a bridesmaid and want to look stunning but not out do the bride of course, then this look is perfect!

How to create this style:

What you will need… soft bristle brush, large barrelled tong or large rollers, hair band, hair pins, sectioning clips.

Products: mousse and hairspray.

get nicole kidman's ponytail

1) Prep damp hair with a volumizing mouse try bumble and bumbles full form mousse from roots to ends and dry with hair dryer tipping your head upside down starting with root are to dry hair.

2) Once hair is dry, either roll hair in rollers and leave for and hour or so, but if you can’t wait that long use a large barrel tong and clip each curl as you curl the hair. Allow to cool.

3) Remove clips or rollers and back-comb the root area with your soft bristle brush to create as much volume height as you like.

4) Smooth hair with a soft bristle brush, section off the front area that you would like to create the twist at the side and isolate this area away from the hair that is to go into the pony tail.

5) Bring the rest of the hair round to the opposite side and secure into a ponytail just behind the ear.

6) Now twist the isolated hair and bring round the back if the head and pin into the base of the pony tail with the remainder of the twisted hair, wrap it round the base of the ponytail to disguise the hair band. (If you do not have enough of the twisted hair to go around the base of the pony tail, take a section of hair from the ponytail and wrap this hair around to disguise the hair band.

Balmain hair for Nicole Kidman look



TOP TIP: If your pony tail is not long enough try adding a hairpiece pony tail clip in for that extra length. Balmain have a great one: The Toulouse Monaco create a gorgeous and voluminous ponytail!

Vicki Lord

downton abbey

Back in time with style

When you look at certain eras it is no surprise that even today that the world of fashion, hair and make-up are constantly inspired by these past decades. This is so true too, with many brides’ choice of image for their big day. The idea of transforming into a glamorous bride with the hair and fashion of another era is really exciting because it is something that most of us do not have the opportunity to do, unlike the Hollywood actresses such as Angelina Jolie or Julia Roberts, Sarah Jessica Parker and the likes of Judi Dench – all have the regular pleasure to dress up in acting roles and on the red carpet. So when it comes to your wedding day, you can literally be as glamorous as you want.

I love the photo attached to this post – of a recent bride of mine… as soon as I saw her Downton Abbey crossed with 1930’s show style dress, I instantly knew the best hair style to top her special look on her special day – creating a very glamourous, aristocratic image. So one of my top tips for your wedding theme or style – make sure if you choose a vintage dress that you match your hair style to that same era – you don’t have to go over the top with a theme – but it is really nice to have some continuity. 

curls vicki lord

Enjoy being a woman

I love creating amazing hair on every type of woman… As I gradually build on their style, I watch them grow in confidence. It is such an amazing feeling when I see the expression on my clients’ and brides’ faces when I reveal their final look in the mirror. I was reminded of how wonderful it is to be a woman when I saw this quote by icon Marilyn Monroe…

“I’m very definitely a woman and I enjoy it.”
Marilyn Monroe

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Alice Christen


I just love the Hollywood stars of this era – and I actually got to re-create some of these looks a few years back for a Breast Cancer Calendar shot by Marcello Pozzetti… I love working on worthwhile projects like these… here is a glimpse of one of the transformations of model Alice Christen as Sophia Loren (make-up Emily-Rose), hair by me.

Marcello Pozzetti