Month: December 2013

Loreal tousled hair

Modern Tousled Look – Loreal

Here is another of the commercials I worked on with Loreal… This is one of the sexiest look a lady can sport… the modern tousled do, and here’s how you do the do … ;o)

Vicki Lord

British Mode Wedding cover

British Mode

I love that British Mode fuses fashion and bridal in one gorgeous magazine… A brides still wants to be fashionable right? And most fashionistas want their wedding day to be the best… almost like the aisle is the catwalk… and why not sweety! I love bridal, and I adore fashion… and when it comes to hair, well, the hair has to be perfect for both!!!Check out my article in the November issue…

british mode regal stylesVicki lord hair stylist

Loreal sarah Harding Blonde Quiff Look

Loreal Commercial

Have you seen me in the Loreal Adverts?

Well, just in case you haven’t, I thought I’d show you this one… A quirky bombshell up-do… a bit Sarah Harding, it was lots of fun, and for those of you who know me… well, you know how much I love the camera!

Vicki Lord